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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Worth the trip outside.

Yesterday ended up being COLD and rainy.  I wanted to start working on getting the potting bench ready to stain, but it was too cold to stay out for very long.  I've heard the word snow mentioned again in our forecast, although they say it will be mixed with rain.
I wanted to check on my Hellebore 'Blue Lady' because I knew she was very close to blooming.  Here she is, and I think she's beautiful.  There are a couple more buds and they look as if it will be another week or so before they open.
I found a little surprise here.  It seems as though the larkspur that barely grew last year reseeded anyway.  I found a few of these around, so between these and my wintersown ones I should have lots!
The ligularia dentata 'Othello' is just coming up too.  I think the leaves and stems have such a pretty maroon color to them.  The leaves get quite big and round, the flowers are tall spikes of an orangish/yellow color.  This is one I grow for its foliage.
This clematis is a very fast growing one.  If I remember correctly it's called 'Ville de Lyon'.  It grows up a post that has a birdhouse on it and gets to be at least 10 to 12 feet tall and just covered with maroon flowers.  This and my clematis jackmanii are probably the most prolific bloomers of all the clematis in my yard.  I'd say next to hydrangeas, clematis is my other "signature plant."  
The peony 'Sorbet' that I bought at the Northwest Flower and Garden show has made its way up, I wonder if I will be lucky and get a bloom or two this year...
This was a real surprise to me, although I'm not sure why since it's usually a spring bloomer.  This is deutzia 'Chardonnay Pearls'.  I've had it for about 4 years and it hasn't grown much in size.  It's only about 2 feet high, but it gets absolutely covered in white flower buds that do look like pearls.  Once they open it's covered in beautiful white flowers.
Seeing this new growth made trying to take pictures with numb fingers worth it!  
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  1. I feel for you with the weather. But if the ground is still warm, all these wonderful plants should be fine. Hang in there.

  2. Catherine, your hellebore is so pretty and your sorbet peony is certainly growing very well. You will love it.

  3. Mornin' Catherine, Look at all your flowers going crazy! Love your Hellebore - I'm starting to like that flower like everyone else now. I went out and looked at mine and it's even prettier with age. LOL We did get a bit of snow in the horrible rain yesterday! Looking good for you!

  4. I love the color on that Hellebore! I've been seeing such wonderful pictures of Hellebores this year; I may have to keep an eye out for a spot in my garden!

  5. It was cold yesterday wasn't it! And today isn't promising to be any better but out we go anyway, well right after coffee and oatmeal. MMM maybe I'll work on pictures a bit then go out. Maybe my sock drawer needs organizing. It really is wet and cold but the work piles up.

  6. That first picture is gorgeous! We were at 75 degrees yesterday. Looks like rain is in our forecast now.

  7. I'm so glad you braved the cold to share all of this glorious growth with us. Just beautiful! Now, go wrap your fingers around a mug of your favorite hot drink!!

  8. Wonderful photo of that flower... breath taking! I would say it was worth the trip to the outdoors. I hope spring arrives in your garden soon dear friend.

    Happy Bloom Tuesday

  9. Lots of great stuff greeting you in your garden! This weather has been a bummer but I hope to do some direct seeding if the rain holds off. Are your hellebore turning face up. Quite a few of mine are. The Corsican you gave me looks lovely in the garden. Thank you thank you! I have a clematis that was here when we moved in. No idea what it is and it hasn't bloomed since I took over. Sad.

  10. Sorry your weather is not so good. Hopefully everyone will be having warmer weather. Pretty pic of the hellebore.

  11. Really hope you don't get snow! Love your hellebore!!! it's gorg!!!! The angle you got it looks like a professionals picture!!!

    Your garden is so alive, its so inspiring to see all these little delicate shoots appearing when your so sure the harsh winter had killed them!!!

    Hope you get the weather to paint that potting bench soon!! Bet your just dying to play out!!!!

    Linzi x x x

  12. Lots of exciting things happening in your garden! Sorbet looks yummy even at this stage. She's going to be spectacular one of these days. I have a dwarf 'Nikko' Deutzia that hasn't grown much either. I'm hoping this will be the year... Pretty buds on yours.

  13. PS--your hellebores look lovely--both in your garden and in Gardeness's! :)

  14. Tina - A little warmer today, I know spring weather is coming especially after seeing all the new growth out there :) Hope it's warm there!

    Lona - I hope I get a bloom this year, I remember seeing it on your blog!

    Rain Gardener - Today seems a little better, windy though. Those hellebores are easy to get hooked on since they look so good in the winter.

    Laura - I hope you can find a spot for the hellebore. It's worth the space.

    Lanny - Did you make it out? I know it's hard to when it's so cold and windy!

    Mildred - 75 degrees....that sounds great! Hope you don't get too much rain!

    Darla - Had a nice big cup of coffee :)

    Bren - It was worth it to see all these pretty sights!

    Melanthia - Did you get out? It's been windy here, but not really rainy today. My hellebores seem to face up when it's warmer and droop when it's cold. Today they are about half way :)

    Becca - Thanks!

    Linzi - It is pretty amazing to think that these plants can survive the winter isn't it? I hope I can start on the potting bench this weekend, but I'll have to check the weather.

    Donna - Thanks! I wonder if all deutzias are slow growers?

  15. Catherine,

    You have so much coming up- just beautiful. I can't wait to see that potting bench you're going to stain- that will be a treat!

  16. Clematis is a great and reliable plant. I've been thinking about getting one to put on my arbor when my sugar snap peas bite the dust.

  17. Yeah for the larkspur. Always nice when you thought it was a lost cause and it worked out in the end. I have the worst luck growing clematis. I would love a post on the secret. Mine never grows well and never comes back a second year:(

  18. Catherine, I hope you keep us posted on your blossoms! You have some wonderful Spring happenings over there!! :-)

  19. we still have a foot of fresh snow...not to mention the two feet of old hard dirty snow...I feel for you...but envy you the signs of spring you are seeing!

  20. Tessa- I hope it stops raining so it can dry back out and then I can paint it!

    Susie - I love clematis on arbors. I think it sounds like a great idea!

    Heather - I don't do a lot special for my clematis. The main thing is to find one that's hardy enough for you. Maybe when they bloom I'll do a whole post just on them.

    Shady Gardener - I have so many buds here, I can't wait to see the flowers next.

    Tootsie - Wow, that's a lot of snow. I hope it melts really quick so you can see spring in your yard!

  21. That four letter word "snow" is back in our forecast too. I'd much rather replace it with rain, thank you very much! ha. Thanks for braving the cold and numbing your fingers to share all your great garden photos with us. I can't believe how much new growth is already on your clematis. Wow. Mine haven't even surfaced yet. Blue lady is gorgeous. I love finding self sown seedlings in the garden. I just discovered sweet little violas coming up along my north walk. I'm excited about those like you are your larkspur. Hopefully it will warm up so you can get stain on your bench.

  22. Love the purple hellebore and thanks for all the great stuff! Meant to ask - should I keep the seedlings in their pot until they're bigger, or plant out now in the garden? I used to grow that ligularia but the slugs always got it. Tried copper, Sluggo, everything, they just made huge holes in it and then when the leaves got bigger it looked horrendous. Maybe I should try it again in a pot or something, I did love those leaves (what was left of them!)

  23. Kathleen - Oh, I hope the snow passes you by. We ended up not getting any but areas south of us did. Most of my established clematis are pretty far up,but the newer ones are just emerging. I'm glad your violas are coming up for you, they are such cute little flowers!

    Karen - I think as long as the seedlings are watered they are okay in the ground. And we have plenty of rain to help! The slugs aren't too bad on that plant. I noticed a few holes, but maybe since it's near a bird feeder the birds get the slugs before they have a chance to do much damage. I used to grow it in the pond, but it got knocked in by the raccoons too many times.

  24. Yes, it was worth going out. Things are looking great. I love that hellebore!


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