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Friday, March 20, 2009

The first day of Spring!

Well, it's officially spring today!  The weather here doesn't scream spring, but it's not snowing, so that's a good sign.  I've been working on my list of projects I hope to accomplish by the end of this spring.  And by the end of spring I mean by the end of April.  Once I have my list made I get very anxious to get working on it!

Here's what I've got so far:

  • Get a load of compost delivered.  We have to plan around the weather since we'll be doing the spreading.  I'd like to have it about 2" deep.  We are long overdue, and I can't wait to see that rich black color under all my plants!
  • Clean out the pond.  It's due for a major cleaning.  I'm going to look into getting a  pondvac which works by creating suction from a garden hose.  I'm going to repot the water lilies and the other plants.  Hopefully we'll have a warmish day in April, otherwise it'll be COLD water!
  • Replace the low voltage landscape lighting in the front yard.  It's gotten beaten up after 10 years of being tripped over, dog leashes tangled around, etc.  I want to find some that are metal, but go with the style of our house and garden which is sort of cottagey.
  • Clean out the tool shed where the garden tools are stored.  It's become like a large closet that if you aren't careful when you open it, all sorts of things could come falling down.  It needs some definite organization.  One day I'd like to have a real potting shed, with electricity, but for now that's just a dream.
  • Stain my potting bench.  My husband gave it to me many years ago as a birthday present.  I've still not decided if I will stain or paint it.   I've heard marine stain or paint would be a good choice and would hold up well.
  •  Buy more plants.  Of course buying plants is always on my list no matter what the season.  
 Muscari, just in time for spring!

And look what else arrived for spring!  The seeds I won at Garden Girl.  Thank you Linda!  I can't wait to get them planted.   
What's on you spring to do list?  Happy Spring!
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  1. Happy Spring to you! I need to relocate some plants and divide a few. I also need to paint our outdoor wrought iron furniture to brighten it up. Hope you have an enjoyable weekend.

  2. Are you kidding me? What's not on the spring list would be much shorter. You have a great list going and I do hope the weather will warm up for you and stay that way!!

  3. Gosh, I have such a long list... It's getting longer every day.

    Good luck with your projects/chores! If I were there, I'd help with the potting shed - I LOVE organizing stuff. I'd buy up The Container Store if I could... sooo many boxes and hooks and sorts...

  4. Hi Catherine, this is a great time of year for lists! My list is still in my head. I love the sense of accomplishment that comes from writing it down so I can cross things off. Then. . . it's time for a new list!

    Oh goody - you got your seeds! I'm glad they made it safely. Happy Spring!

  5. Happy Spring! You have got you a list. I am a list person too. I feel so good after completing things on the list. Then you can sit back for a moment and enjoy the view. Don't work too hard. Becca

  6. Hi Catherine, Too darned much on my list. Blogging is taking a backseat:( I've got so much to do and never seem to be moving forward. Good luck with your-all ambitious! How do you find the time with little ones? I don't even have little ones and never find the time. Urrrr.

  7. There's just stacks to do!

    Maybe you can get a pond vac abit like the swimming pool cleaners. The ones that you chuck in and it crawls the floor cleaning. Yeah, OK unlikely!


  8. Impressive list. I'm feeling decidedly unambitious this spring. The weather is beautiful today, though, and despite my promise to myself to buy nothing at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show this year, I was unable to resist a couple of bags of bulbs (and an orchid, and some hand painted note cards and a tablecloth and...).

    You've inspired me to take a bulb planting break a little later.

  9. Yeah - spring! It's supposed to get up to 55 degrees here, a temp we haven't felt in 5 months. The kiddos and I are definitely taking a walk after the kindergarten pickup. Yesterday I planted some lily bulbs from Costco (18 for $12.99 - wow price), and pruned two roses (probably too early, but I couldn't resist). I need to call to have some compost delivered as well. Hubby and the older kids will probably help spread it, good luck to you doing it on your own!

  10. Whoa! that's a huge list, Catherine! have loads of energizers handy ;)
    I love the first photo. Never seen before. What are they?

  11. Hi Catherine- you are going to be busy. I agree with wanting to dive in once you have an established plan. I work very well with a plan. Good luck and I hope the weather holds for you!

  12. Mildred - Painting the furniture sounds like a big job, but I bet it'll look nice when it's done. Dividing plants, yes I need to do that too!

    Darla - I now my list will keep growing, these are the bigs ones that need to be done. It supposed to rain all weekend :(

    Not so Angry RedHead - I'd love help organizing. The container store is fun, so much cool stuff there!

    Garden Girl - I love lists for that same reason, crossing things off, and happy I got the job done.
    I'll plant the seeds this weekend!

    Becca - I've got lots of lists, I drive my husband crazy with all of them. Won't be able to start anything this weekend though, too rainy!

    Tina - Once the weather is nice, blogging will be hard, but then I'll want to see what's growing everywhere. Guess I'll have to get up even earlier :)
    Lucky for me the girls like to be outside with me while I'm working and they usually have mud or something to keep them busy.

    Rob - I wish! The raccoons have knocked so many plants in it's pretty bad. I'll probably have to get in and clean it!

    Susan - A garden show without any purchases is difficult! I think you deserve a bulb planting break!

    VW- I bet you're glad to get some warmer weather. That is a great price for bulbs, I love lilies!! My husband and daughter will help with the compost for sure. I need to make sure the wheelbarrow is in working order for him!

    Chandramouli - Yes, lots of diet coke :) and hopefully some sun and I'll be good! The first flower is iris reticulata 'Harmony'. Pretty isn't it?

  13. Heather - Once I know what I want to do, I want it all done right away. The compost job doesn't sound quite as fun, but I'll have help for sure on that one!

  14. Got something to make you smile, come by and have a look see!

  15. Catherine, digging a pond has been on my "wish list" for a while..maybe this is the year! How deep and large is yours and was it hard to set up? It's a great feeling of progress when you can cross things off isn't it? Have fun!

  16. Great list Catherine! and beautiful photos. I love the iris. On my list was to put up an arbor over my side gate (that one is already checked off), finish digging out the pond (almost there) install some trellises on the south side of my house for the new passion vines and build a raised bed for growing a few veggies. I am feeling good about my progress but I know anything can happen to mess that up!! lol Good luck getting all your chores accomplished. I didn't put plant shopping on the list because it's definitely not a chore for me ~ just fun!

  17. Right now my list consist of spreading 5 bales of pine straw, weeding, weeding and more weeding of beds, putting down a couple more bags of cypress mulch on my new path and of course, planting. That never ends.

    Hope you have a wonderful gardening weekend!

  18. Lynn - Our pond is about 2 feet deep. It wasn't too hard to do. If you look in the February archives for "Our garden pond" it shows how we made it. I love it and highly recommend having one!

    Kathleen - You are making good progress. I really liked you arbor. I can't wait to see your pond! Plant shopping makes all the chores worthwhile, it's like a reward for me.

    Susie - You have lots of work! At least spring time we can be out working in the garden and get to see our hard work paid off with flowers and veges!

  19. I've got that cleaning pond thing on my list, too. Ours is smaller than yours, but boy it's dirty from all the leaves and stuff from winter. We need to redo it - take it out (it's from a wading pool) - and level it up.

    I need to make a list. Seriously. I started one a couple of weeks ago...now what did I do with it?

  20. Kylee -How do you clean your out, do you have a pond vac?

  21. No, no pond vac. It's a really small pond (36" in diameter), so it's not too hard to clean out. We just remove the debris, scrub the sides and scoop out as much water as we can, then wipe out the rest. With one that small, it's doable!

  22. Kylee - I'm thinking I'll empty ours as much as I can, take out the fish and do a lot of scooping first too. As much as I'd like a really big pond, this ones enough work. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your pond. I bet it's really pretty!

  23. That's a good list. Short enough to be do-able, but not so short as you don't feel like you're accomplishing something. I can't even bring myself to make a list, it would be depressingly endless. I just rush out there when I have a second and try to get a few things done!

  24. Pretty, you say? NO! That's a show stealer! Does it grow in tropical climates?

  25. Karen - I know list can get intimidating if they get too long! I just want it all done yesterday :)

    Chandramouli - I'm not sure if they would grow tropically. I know some bulbs require a cold period to produce flowers. My book does say they grow in all zones though. I think you should give it a try!


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