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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Finally a camellia!

I thought that this pretty flower deserved her own post.  This is camellia japonica 'Kumasaka'.  Normally it should bloom January through March.  I'm sure the cold winter we had is the reason why it's behind.  None of the other buds look quite ready to open. This flower was at the very back and close to the house, probably the most protected area of the shrub.  It's almost like it's hiding and I only noticed it as I was going into our garage.

2 days ago


This morning

The lighting made it hard to show the color very well.  It's much deeper pink than it appears in the picture.  This camellia is planted near the front of our home for some needed color during this time of year, also because I wanted something evergreen since you walk past it every time you come to our front door.  It should only get 6 to 8 feet high and 3 to 6 feet wide.  It gets a lot of shade there, but seems to be happy.  It gets just covered in blooms.  I'll take pictures when the whole shrub is in bloom and hopefully the color will show better then.
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  1. That is a beauty! I hadn't been much of a camellia fan before, but I'm definitely warming to them.

  2. A beautiful flower~~I planted my first camellia this past month. Their pretty flowers aer lovely, but the broadleaf evergreen leaves are the plus. Gail

  3. That is a pretty one. That explains why mine hasn't started showing anything yet. Mine is a light pink and every time it blooms it rains and then it just looks terrible so we don't get to enjoy it much. I should have picked a darker color. But mine is pretty for a minute. LOL

  4. Camellias are so wonderful. We have a plethera of them in Alabama (they are the state flower). I am actually going to visit another garden club member on lunch. She has 100's of varieties of camellias. The club is going to be having an open tour of her garden next year. It is 32 acres, and it is covered with camellias, azaleas and all other sorts of amazing plants. I have posted a blog on her garden. It is under Hidden Treasures tag, Garden Lake.

  5. You better believe this little lady was worth her own post! Very beautiful bloom.

  6. Very pretty. Wish we could grow them here in zone 5. I've heard there's one that will grow in zone 6 now--getting closer! Thanks for sharing yours with us.

  7. Absolutely beautiful, and definitely worthy of her own post.


  8. It is just gorgeous. Oh, I wish we could grow them up here.

  9. Gotta love those camellias! Lovely pics.

  10. That is a pretty camellia. Thanks for sharing it with us today.

  11. It is beautiful! Sounds like you have it in a good spot too-love those camellias!

  12. Your Camellia is similar in color to one I have. Mine is still in tight little buds.

  13. Aerie-el - Ever since we rented a house, many years ago, with a gigantic camellia I've really liked them. Before then I never really paid attention to them. We only have room for two. I just wish the flowers lasted a bit longer.

    Gail - Oh, you'll love having one. I agree the leaves are just as valuable!

    Rain Gardener - Yes, those rains just knock all the flowers off. This one is protected pretty well. I hope yours blooms soon!

    Dirt Princess - I will look for that post. I can't imagine having as many as your friend. I hope you'll share some pictures from hers as well.

    Darla - Thanks!

    Donna - I bet eventually they'll have one for your zone. I never realized they weren't that hardy.

    Flower Lady - Thanks! Do they grow in your part of Florida?

    Lona - I never realized they didn't grow so many places. Now I feel really lucky that I can grow one!

    VW -Thanks, it's such a pretty color of pink, wish it could've shown better :)

    Mildred - Thanks!

    Tina - I hope it doesn't get bigger than it says it will. I know that plants sometimes ignore what their tag says :) It doesn't seem to be a very fast growing one at least.

    keewee - Isn't it strange how far behind they are? The one in my back has a few buds beginning to open, but that's it.

  14. It really is a nice flower and the color is striking. Nice photo of it too.

  15. It absolutely deserves its own post Catherine! It's really, really lovely. I can only imagine a whole shrub covered in blooms. They don't grow in my climate (alkaline soil) either. Bummer. I'll be looking forward to seeing more of her.

  16. Gorgeous! Our neighbor's camellia that I posted about weeks ago still only has the one flower open - there must be a freakish warm pocket of air right there, next to our porch. Wonder how long it will take for the rest of the buds on yours to unfurl?

  17. oldmanlincoln - Thank you!

    Kathleen - They don't grow there either? Hope she starts to open more blooms soon.

    Karen - Isn't that weird? That's probably why just this one has opened, it's warmer. My clematis still hasn't gotten close to blooming either. Poor plants!

  18. Catherine, what a pretty shade of pink! I planted my first camelia last fall but at close inspection this week, the buds that were on the shrub are now freeze dried so I don't think it survived the winter..boo hoo!

  19. Camelias remind me of my mother, who had them in her garden in Australia where I grew up.
    I've always loved them, although I've never grown one. Yours is glorious. What a wonderful color!
    It's a treat to see your weeping cherry and strawberry in the previous post. Your daughter's fairy house is amazing! She's already a very creative gardener :) You've taught her well.

  20. Camelias don't grow here, but they sure are lovely! Do they have a fragrance?

  21. Beautiful! I'm jealous. I would love to have one, but I dont think they'd make it with our winters. Hugs...Brooke

  22. Lynn - Oh darn! Maybe it'll come back for next year.

    Kerri - How interesting that they grow in Australia. I've come to find out today they don't grow a lot of places around here. My daughter is a great little gardener, she really know more about plants than a lot of adults. She's very interested in them and I'm glad of that!

    Msrobin - Some do have a fragrance although I don't think this one does, I'll have to check in the morning :)

    Brooke - It's too bad they wouldn't make it there, but you have so many other beautiful flowers in your garden already!

  23. I've got just one bud, but I did hack our bush back!

  24. Hi
    I have just found your blog and look forward to following.
    Your garden is interesting. A woman after my own heart and the link to Cottage Garden society which I used to belong to has rekindled my interest.

    My husband and I recently visited Trebah gardens in Cornwall and I took some photos of their camellias, too many to post although I did post photos of the garden.

    I have been ill with Lyme Disease from a tick bite for 6 years and am now nearly fully recovered from having debilitating arthritis and muscle weakness. It is like getting my life back and it is lovely to be able to garden properly again.

  25. That is a beautiful camellia. That particular bloom looks perfect.

  26. Hi ya, working on the candles and I can't seem to locate your mailing address. Sent you an email and it didn't go through. Please contact me at rusdar@hotmail.com

  27. Melanthia - Well this was probably a good year to prune since they aren't doing much now. Next year it'll probably be back even better!

    Joanne - So glad you stopped by! I'm going to visit your blog this morning. I know Lyme Disease an be a long illness and I'm glad you are recovering! Gardening is healing mentally I think! I'm so glad you are able to be back outside again. I look forward to seeing your camellia pictures!

    Susie - Thanks, hope there are lots more to come!

    Darla - I will email you.

  28. I so wish I could grow them. My soil's that bit too alkaline. I sometimes wonder how I get away with roses.


  29. OH man!!! It looks so cheery. I gave up on on camelias as they don't like it in my part of NC. They put out pretty buds and then freeze right on the stem. ERRR--but yours is grand.


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