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Friday, March 6, 2009

Good morning birds!

I had another post all written for today.  But once I looked and listened outside I had a change in plans.  The sky is bright blue and the sun is out.  Birds are everywhere and singing and calling to each other.  I wish I could've caught more on camera.  One of the visitors I was unable to get pictures of was the male Rufous hummingbird.  This time I'm sure it was a Rufous because I could see the very red throat on him.  A Northern Flicker was on the pine tree and didn't stay long.  Chickadees were everywhere.
Here are a few I managed to get photos of:
Townsend's Warbler on his favorite hangout, the peanut butter feeder.
Steller's Jay up in the Japanese maple.  There were two of them chasing each other all through yard.
A Robin hanging out in the same Japanese maple.
Juncos were everywhere as well.
And my favorite sight was the Bewick's wren gathering nesting supplies.  You can just make out the fluff in it's beak.
I only wish I could have somehow taped the sound to add to the pictures!
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  1. How exciting...I hope I have some birds pics to post soon :)

  2. You have so many more varieties of birds than we do around here and they all seem to stop by your place! I've never seen a warbler before. I'll bet from their name they have a nice song! Great pics. :-D

  3. Birds really warm the soul, don't they? For me, it's such a privilege to have them visit. Like if the president were to visit, which he won't. I think the birds might be more entertaining anyway.:)

  4. The songs I wake up to in the morning are so delightful, they are incredible spirit lifters. Soon our little frogs will be singing their brains out at night but for now I have been going to sleep to my Birding by Ear on the ipod.

    Your pictures are great!

  5. That warbler is such a pretty yellow. I had a great experience with the birds in my garden. A WHOLE flock of cedar waxwings dropped in for some yummy fat buds off from the silver maple. They were so quiet the only way I knew they were way above me was because of all the 'debris' falling around me. This was my first ever experience with them and can you tell I'm thrilled? I would love to meet a warbler one day too.

  6. Way cute! Nice variety. We are so lucky here, so much wildlife in our gardens. In the city, we have a lot of those guys stopping by and I don't even have feeders! Does your camera have a video function? Sometimes I video the bird calls even though I can't focus on the birds too well, and just play back for the sounds. They sure are chipper today, they must enjoy the sun as much as we do! - Karen

  7. How wonderful you had such a variety this morning. The warbler looks like he's about to take flight, too! Nice action shot. Isn't today lovely after yesterday's rain. The city has been clearing trees from power lines in the neighborhood so our birds are absent today. I'll just enjoy yours a bit more!

  8. Thanks for sharing your bird pics. I love to watch the birds and try to identify them. Birds are such peaceful creatures - the birds singing are sweet music to my ears.

  9. I've never seen a Townsend's Warbler before. Very pretty. Wish we had them around here. (I don't think we do... :))

  10. Sun here too! I worked my butt off sifting the rocks out of one of my new tunnels to be! You saw a Rufus, huh? If you've seen it I should probably jeep an eye out in my yard!

  11. Dirt Princess - I'm sure you will. It can take awhile for them to find the feeders, don't give up! :)

    Kris - Somedays they really all seem to visit at once. It was just beautiful this morning and the birds seemed so happy.

    Grace - I agree, especially when an unusual one shows up. Seeing them this morning just put me in such a happy mood.

    Lanny - Thanks. I'd love to hear the frogs. I keep hoping for one. Birding by Ear. Is it to help identify bird call? It sounds interesting.

    Tina - That does sound awesome! They are really neat looking birds, although I've only seen pictures of them. It's pretty exciting to see new birds come to our gardens isn't it?

    Karen- I do have video on the camera, never thought about that! I'll see if it records sound. Thanks for the idea!

    Melanthia - I didn't realize that about the warbler shot until you mentioned it. He did take off right after. Good eye!
    I was late leaving for my daughter's preschool I was so distracted by the birds :)

    Becca - Me too, just love listening to them. I'm only able to recognize a very few obvious calls, but I'm getting a little better at identifying birds.

    Donna - Since I put this feeder up about a month ago I'd never seen one either. I don't know where their area is. I'm sure you get lots of pretty birds out where you are too.

  12. Tessa - This weather is just fabulous!! I haven't gotten out much today though.
    I'm sure it was a Rufous this time. I saw the front of it and it was straight ahead. Maybe they are returning. It was actually at the pansies.

  13. Yes, I am too happy about it and all the birds lately. They are so sweet.

  14. I love to hear the sweet chatter of those birdies!. Thanks for posting the picture of the warbler. I've never seen one before and it is beautiful.

  15. Tina - Maybe next time you'll have your camera. Have a great weekend!

    Susie - It's really pretty. My camera really isn't very good for taking bird pictures, but you can still see it's color is pretty neat.

  16. Just wonderful, surely spring is right here!

  17. Don't you just love it when the wildlife returns to the garden. It's a great reminder that spring is on it's way. I saw a blue jay rummaging through my compost pile yesterday. He came out with an egg shell. Interesting...

  18. They're all so sweet and adorable! That reminds me that it's been days since I've gone upstairs to watch the parrots!

  19. Darla - I hope so! As long as it doesn't snow again I'll believe spring is here :)

    Cinj - I do love seeing all the birds. I can't put any food in our compost, the raccoons would be in there. I bet your blue jay was happy to find a little protein :)

    Chandramoulli - I hope you'll share new pictures of the parrots. I think it's so neat that they are the wildlife there, compared to here where they are caged birds.

  20. Great pics! I especially like the robin surveying what's below.

    I've been hearing birds sing, too, but haven't been able to get them in pics.


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