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Monday, March 30, 2009

After the rain.

We've had a lot of rain and cold weather again, but the sun came out yesterday!
I was so happy to go out and see what was new in the backyard.  I've been noticing that our yard doesn't look so "dead" anymore.  Even though not much is blooming, it just has a different look and feel about it.  Sometimes a good rain makes the plants really "pop".  Do you ever notice how things almost grow overnight after a good rain?
Here's what I found in our backyard:
My 70 percent off Pulmonaria.

Currant 'Wilder Red'

Finally tulips!

Marsh marigold before rain

After rain!

The hardy fuchsia by the pond, it's alive!

A volunteer viola bloomed.

An oriental lily makes it way through to the light!

Muscari, just beginning to go for it!

That's a whole lot of new growth in just a few days!  Sometimes it is worth being stuck inside for a few days when you get so much new color to look at.
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  1. You have great flowers and garden. Good work.

  2. You know that Mobile and Seattle compete every year for the rainiest city? We had over 12" in some parts this past week! Crazy! it did some damage to several of my plants, and washed away parts of my beds!

    The marsh marigold is great. You have some great plants coming up. Can't wait to see what the upcoming months have in store for your garden. Have a good, dry Monday

  3. I've noticed the difference when plants have been rained on versus watering with the hose. Amazing!

  4. No wonder spring is every gardening's favorite season! It's wonderful watching all the new growth abound.

  5. Hi Catherine

    We had rain on Saturday morning. Fist rain for a couple of weeks. Sure enough by Sunday everything had moved on.

    I know what you mean about the Fuchsia (It's alive), Funny how they look like they've had it only to sprout from the base.


  6. Catherine everything is looking great! We had that sunshine yesterday too - Whoopie!!! You sure did good on your 70% off Pulmonaria - good going. Love all of them!

  7. Such wonderful surprises to find. It is nice to see the difference a rain followed by a sunny day can make in our gardens. The volunteer viola is gorgeous. Looking forward to more pics. Mine were water logged from the 12" that I received.

  8. Even though you are north of me you must be in a warmer microclimate. Have a good day, we had sunshine yesterday but I'm not sure I'll see it today. Back in the rainsuit!

  9. I wish my muscari was blooming. I must learn patience! Happy Spring!

  10. wonderful. My husband says there is just something special about "God Water".

  11. You have captured the markings on the Pulmonaria beautifully - they look so delicate!

  12. You have many beautiful flowers here in bloom. Mine are not even up yet. But I am hoping. I am hoping it warms up so I can plant some of those seeds on my other blog. Also, I admire the hawks who usually get a bird once in about 5 tries. I have not seen them here for several weeks and can't help but worry about them.

    Thanks for the visit.

  13. Good to see your yard coming to life too. I have a single muscari that barely peaked its head out before going down again for the summer. So disappointing. Yours look great!

  14. It'll be another month before my pulmonaria looks as good. Glad it's spring someplace!

  15. istanbuldailyphoto - Thank you and thanks for visiting!

    Dirt Princess - I know Seattle has a reputation for being the rainiest, but I had heard that parts of the south get just as much. Too bad you got so much all at once. Hope all your plants recover!

    Laura - It is amazing isn't it. I don't think I stand and water long enough to soak it like a good rain does.

    wormandflowers - I used to think summer was my favorite until I noticed just how much happened in spring!

    Rob - Yes, that fuchsia fools me every year into thinking it's dead. It is a great plant and the hummingbirds really like it.

    RainGardener - Yes that pulmonaria was a great deal. The tag was broken so I'm not sure what variety it is, but that's fine with me!

    Becca - Sorry you had so much rain. Hopefully the plants will appreciate it after they get a chance to dry out a little.

    Lanny - Well, today it's gray and cold again. I guess we just have to appreciate the sun while it's here :)

    Nat- It's hard to be patient when you know how good it will look. Luckily they stay in bloom for awhile so you'll be able to enjoy them when they finally bloom!

    Darla - I agree!

    Phoenix - Pulmonaria really is a photogenic plant! I just love the detail in the flowers and leaves.

    oldmanlincoln - I hope it warms up for you too! That hawk picture was really good!

    Tom - Well, this muscari has been multiplying for years. Hopefully yours will and next year you'll have some more.

    Jim - Hopefully the time will go by quickly! I can't believe how far ahead other parts of the country are already. I never thought about it much until I started reading all these blogs.

  16. Lots of things putting in an appearance in your garden now - I am very fond of pulmonaria and yours looks like it is doing very well.

  17. Looks like it is going to be a beautiful show!

  18. Catherine,

    Things look pretty good there! Marsh Marigold is something I'd not thought about. We just had 3 days of rain, now three days of sun then three days of rain.

  19. Oh how I wish we had some of your rain. When your garden will be in full bloom and green, ours will be wilting away. My heart is in the Pac. Northwest...

    The muscari grows in my Mother-in-Law's garden in France but I've never seen it in San Diego.

  20. Plants always look more green and refreshed after a rain I think. It's always exciting to see new growth after being stuck in the house.

  21. Karen - Thanks, I just love pulmonaria too.

    Mildred - It's getting closer to showtime! Things are really growing now!

    Randy - I think I may get another pot of it. It's a very reliable bloomer. Hope your sunny days outnumber your rainy ones!

    Nancy - But you'll have all that nice sun! :) I have to say all the rain really does make for a very green city, although there are days that Southern California weather sounds really nice!

    Susie - The rain just seems to nudge them into growing.

  22. Hi Lovely photos. Yes it is an exciting time of year and rain seems to work more magic than hose pipe water.

    I too love pulmanaria but have a constant battle keeping then going if we have a dry summer. Although the biggest problem is that the dog like to eat the leaves.

  23. Joanne - I've lost some pulmnaria to by not realizing just how much water they like. Our last spring and summer were pretty wet so they've been happy for awhile. Maybe this year you dog will decide to not eat them :)

  24. I'm amazed at everything you have going on in your garden Catherine! It's looking really good. The wind has been howling for the past two days here so I haven't ventured out. More snow tomorrow. Please, enough already! Hope you found something good at the nursery...

  25. Isn't it exciting when all the new spring growth really gets moving? I just love it! You have lots of color starting there, and are a few weeks ahead of me here.


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