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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sunny backyard photos.

 The sun returned again yesterday.  I was quite surprised because the morning was gray and rainy.   I was very good and didn't go out until I had finished my inside work.  Just thought I'd share some of what I found in my backyard.
My Corsican hellebore was looking especially pretty with sun shining on her.  It's interesting to note that the Corsican hellebores that are not in mostly sun are very far behind in blooming.  They are just beginning to show buds.  This particular one is full of flowers and buds.
Clematis jackmanii is showing lots of new growth.  It covers a tuteur outside the kitchen window with tons of dark purple flowers.
The pulmonaria is continuing to produce a lot of flowers.  I'd say this is the best year it's had. The other pulmonarias in my yard are nowhere near as energetic right now.  They are mostly resting and showing some leaves.
I think this is one of my favorite pictures of flowers this year.   You can see the color changing from blue to pink on two of the flowers.  If you click to enlarge it, the flowers almost pop out.
Looking up at the blue sky through the apple tree.  The buds are swelling and it looks as if the flowers are not far away. 
A lupine leaf with the sun shining on it.   I've forgotten what color flowers are on this one.  They only seem to live for a few years, if I'm lucky they reseed.  They are one of my favorite early June flowers.   I think they have a very nice scent as well.  
I hope the sun can hold on for one more day, I have another flower bed that needs a good cleanup.  
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  1. Wow! Your garden is beautiful! And I can't believe the weather your having.Blue skies! Been a long time since I saw those! haha Seems impossible to believe that the sun is shining elsewhere when everything here is covered in a blanket of snow! Ah well, guess it will help kill my plentiful weeds! haha

    Thanks for following my blog back, hopefully I can get loads of tips from you if the sun ever comes back to England!

    Linzi x x

  2. I love the days I can get out and inspect and find surprises popping through the ground. You have posted some pretty pics today.

  3. Yesterday was a good garden day, and it looks like today won't be too bad either. Just came by today for a quick cruise. Your garden is lovely and your dog is very white!

  4. Lovely pulmonaria! You should have some seedlings this year, but probably already have. I just last year got some from mine. My pulmonaria is far behind yours, but the sun is shining:) Wonderful day!

  5. Ah the sunshine!

    That pulmonaria looks really something.


  6. Love that hellebore photo! The sun is shining here today as well and I might take the kids on a walk this afternoon. Do your lupines get powdering mildew? There were a few planted in our yard from the previous owners, but the mildew was so bad that I pulled them all out.

  7. The hellebore is so pretty. What a beautiful flower. I love to look at garden pics. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Well, no sun to speak of but at least no rain either! Good luck with your last flower bed. You are so ahead of me... lovely shots, especially the lungwort. What's a tuteur? Gonna have to look that one up. :) Don't worry about your tulips, they are probably later season ones. My species guys are always ahead of even the first daffodils. They're kind of fun that way! - Karen

  9. Linzi - I enjoyed your blog, especially your floor painting story :) We are back to gray skies here too.

    Mildred - It's nice when everything really starts popping up!

    Lanny - Thanks! You are pretty close to us. It has been nice the last few days hasn't it?

    Tina - I was surprised to find a few seedlings nearby. I wasn't aware they did that. What a great surprise! Glad you are having a sunny day!

    Rob - Pulmonaria can be a bit pricey here, but this one was sure with it!

    VW - My lupines do get a bit of mildew by the end of their season. If I cut the spent flowers off I get another show of smaller flowers and then that's usually when it starts to not look so good and I just cut it down.

    Becca - Thank you. That hellebore was from a friend of mine, hers self sows and she shares them with me. I'm lucky!

    Karen - It's hard to tell what it's going to do today. I'm not going to hold out too much hope for sun though. A tuteur is a four sided trellis type thing. They can be made of wood as well. I'll be patient for my tulips, I have no idea what they are. :)

  10. Very nice, I have lupine up too, this is my first year with it. Any tips will be great!

  11. Wasn't yesterday awesome? Today isn't that bad either, but we had music class and then I had to post! I love the color on your hellebore, you know I can't resist that plant. You have so many great flowering plants right now. Clearly I need to get a move on because most of my stuff is trees and shrubs! Have a great day, the sun is trying to reemerge.

  12. I just love how Pulmonia looks like it has 2 different colored flowers on each plant. Your Corsican Hellebore is lovely.

  13. Darla - My only tip on lupine is cutting back the first flowers when they are finished so you get more. Otherwise it just goes to seed.

    Melanthia - Yesterday ended up great. We've been lucky. I have one of those I dug up recently because it wasn't getting enough sun. If it can hold out til March 22 I'll give it to you.

    Mr. McGregor's Daughter - I really love watching the pulmonaria change. My Mom had one in her old backyard and I remember even as a kid checking it out regularly to see the color change.

  14. Catherine:
    Ohhh, how I wish I could grow the Corsican Helleborus genus..... I tried H.lividus last year, bought a wonderful stone pot and everything, planning to over winter it inside... and lost it within a month! Such gorgeous pewtered leaves.... the one I had tended towards cream and pink flowers, smaller than the one you show..... but I am happy to see them thrive in your garden!
    Gotta love the pulmonaria.... wonderful shade companions and sometimes bright blue flowers! I envy you the sight that beholds your eyes when you go to the garden.... I still have frozen ground and snow against one of my borders (against the garage!)
    Gorgeous photos for a great post! Thanks for sharing!

  15. That pulmonaria is outstanding! I've never tried this plant. Maybe I should.

  16. Hi Catherine.
    Thank you for the raised bed info. Will share it with my husband who makes all the benches, bird feeders etc. in our yard. I'm spoiled for sure. We won't see lupines here until June. Amazing you have them so far along. That pulmonaria is lovely for sure. I have a delicate pink one - Pierre's Pure Pink. Comes up in April, a little later than the Mrs. Moon. They're always so welcome in early, early spring. Thank you for sharing your beauties.

  17. Great photos of life emerging in the garden! The pulmonaria is beautiful. The blooms on my Corsican hellebore are there, just not open yet!

  18. Teza - I'm very lucky they grow in my yard! Even luckier because my friend gave me the seedling from hers :) I hope it thaws there for you soon, I know you must be anxious to see your plants.

    Susie - I think you should. They might look pretty near the path you are working on!

    Ann - It is nice to have a husband that can build things isn't it?!
    I'd love to get some other varieties of pulmonaria, the pink one you describe sounds pretty.

    Aerie-el - This hellebore seems to be way ahead of the others, I think it's because it's been getting the most sun. I hope you will share pictures of yours when the open!

  19. Wow, I don't know much about pulmonaria, and didn't know it bloomed so lovely! Love the pink and blue blossom.

  20. Catherine, lucky you are to be seeing all those pretty blooms..very cool close-up of the pulmonaria-I like the plant even just for the spotted foliage. Lupines are one of my favorites too! I find they change different colors through the years..at least the Russell hybrids..
    oh, btw, you asked about my little white dog. Bandit is a coton de tulear. Next time you're visiting, check under the pets link for his cute puppy picture.

  21. You have some really lovely plants in your garden. I'm looking forward to seeing all the blooms, and the Japanese maple leaved out.
    Lucky you to be getting some gardening done. The violas are such a pretty color!
    Isn't it wonderful the way the pulmonaria is 2 colors?
    My Jackmanii is the star of the garden in late June and July. We planted a Miss Canada lilac last year.
    I have hellebore envy. Your Corsican is a beauty.
    It's so good to see all your buds and blooms while I wait impatiently for mine to appear :)

  22. Catherine, it is looking very nice there. I am glad you had some nice weather and sunshine. Your yard will look great this year. Spring is there it looks like.

  23. Msrobin - Isn't it a neat plant? There are quite a few varieties, this one I think is called Roy Davidson.

    Lynn - Maybe that's why I can't remember the lupine color. It seems every year I have new colors, although mostly pinks or whites. I know the breed of dog you have. They are pretty similar looking to Bichons. My good friend has a Bandit.

    Kerri - Thanks! Our Miss Canada has only had a few blooms since it is pretty new, I hope to have lots this year. I love clematis and the jackmanii really is one of the best I think.

    Heather - It has felt like spring, but the forecast is showing cold weather again. I hope they are wrong like they were earlier this week :)

  24. I love sunshine and I love your photos! Your pulmonaria is way ahead of mine, we're still at the bud stage. Mind you, I've got hundreds of snowdrops and the ornamental cherry is in blossom already - hope last nights' heavy frost didn't see it off!

  25. I like all your photos.

    I just wish we had your nice weather.

    It is getting warmer here and the sun is looking better but we got these March winds to get through and then comes the April showers and finally the May flowers and hopefully then comes the June brides. All my girls are married so I don't need that last one.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville, Ohio

  26. Oh your photos are great, my gardens are all brown and barren right now. I live in Indiana and even though todays is nice, (close to 60) tomorow will be cold again.
    I like to chase away the winter blahs by reading all of the blogs with great weather and beautiful pictures, like yours. Thanks!


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