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Sunday, March 15, 2009

March Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

I can't believe it's already time for another Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.  We've had some very cold and wintery weather this past week.  I was wondering if there would be anything new blooming.  Considering the weather I was pretty impressed with what I found.   I'm also very glad I took these pictures yesterday, because what did we wake up to AGAIN this morning?  More snow!!

It's snowing again!
Okay, now for the blooms!

Lots of pansies are still blooming!

Tete-a-tete daffodils continue to look pretty, even after being covered in snow earlier this week.

Winter daphne actually has two flowers open. It's been in a holding pattern for almost 2 months.  I am beginning to wonder if it will ever finish blooming this year.

Hellebore 'Royal Heritage'

This is a baby from one of the hellebores in my front yard.

Part of one of the hellebore beds.  It had been raining so they are a bit droopy.  This is where the flower above was a seedling.

A close up of one of the pink flowers.  The hellebores have been the star of the garden.  I have several varieties blooming now.

Viburnum tinus 'Spring Bouquet' is just beginning to really bloom.

Pulmonaria going on it's second month of bloom, with lots more buds to go.  I'd never have imagined that under a cedar tree would be such a great place for this plant.

Maybe in April if it has stopped snowing my winter daphne will have finished blooming.  I predict that camellias, dogwoods, clematis armandii, pink flowering currant and more will all be at their best by then.
To see more blooms in other garden bloggers gardens go visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens.
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  1. your yard looks wonderful even with that snow in the picture!lol love it, great work.

  2. Great photos.
    Yes, maybe by April the snow will be finished. Incredible.

  3. It's just fantastic in your garden. I love your hellebores and look at how similar and yet different the offspring are! We have been deluged with rain...a strange spring. gail

  4. Your hellebores are stunning. We planted our first one last year. It is blooming but it's still small.

  5. Wonderful images. maybe the weather will be awesome there soon. Durham has been rainy for the last 3 days.

  6. Catherine, oh, I am so jealous girl fro all of the blooms you have in your garden despite the old snow flakes. I am going to get some pulmonaria, just love yours. It should do well in my shady spots.Is the winter daphne variegated? So pretty.

  7. Your viburnum is so much further ahead than mine, yet my camellias are nearly in full bloom. Weird the differences between NW US and SE US. Similar yet different. One of these days I intend to travel there to check it all out, but I am such a east coast girl. Your daphne and hellebores are simply stunning! Yes, good thing you took the pictures prior to the snow. Yikes! Stay warm.

  8. I love that picture with the snow falling. Very pretty as is all of these blooms. Thanks for sharing them.

  9. Bummer about the snow. But at least you've got a few Blooms!

  10. More snow?! Geez. I'm visiting Seattle next month, and there better not be any snow. I have nothing to wear!

  11. Woke up to the same snow! Dirt didn't believe me yesterday morning when I told him, but he canceled logging day anyway and now he can help in garden! WooHoo
    Very nice pictures in spite of the weather. I need to replace my daphne this year, ten years old and it's "roots up".

  12. Beautiful blossoms despite your winter weather extending late this year Catherine. Your hellebores are expecially lovely. Inspires me to develop a collections of these if I can get the growing conditions under control. Love your photos.

  13. I love the shape of your front yard beds. Very easy on the eyes. We didn't get the 5 inches of snow forecast for us, seems like you might have instead. Sorry about that. Looks like you found plenty blooming in your yard.

  14. Lots of pretties to see in your garden -- even the snow looks good.

  15. Oh hooray for the slowpoke daphne! I need to go out today (when there's a break in the ugly weather) to check on mine, see if it's doing the same. Lovely blooms, and yes, next month should be even more fun! - Karen

  16. Wow! Catherine, you have sooo much blooming! I really do think I need to pick up some Hellebore! I'm getting discouraged with just the Lantana germinating, and they only take 40-62 days to germinate! The Hellebore has to be started 15-20 weeks before last frost!

  17. Such pretty plants and photographs. Amazing that you have had more snow but maybe spring is closeby now. Enjoy the rest of today.

  18. Your hellebores look beautiful massed together Catherine. I hope your snow melts quickly. It's such a fickle time of year! Lots of pretty things blooming in your garden!

  19. Love your hellebores Catherine, they are beautiful. The Pulmonaria are such a wonderful color also.

    I enjoyed your snow scene too, but I'm sure you're ready to be done with it.


  20. You do have some nice bloomers in your garden! I need to plan for this time of year better. I was out in the snow checking on my bloomers from prior years - no luck really. Hope this is the last of the snow. Paula

  21. Your Hellebores are stunning! I love how they are blooming in profusion. The Winter Daphne is beautiful ~ hard to imagine so much in bloom when we are still buried under lots of snow. The Pulmonaria blooms are so lovely.

  22. Helen - Thank you! Thanks for visiting too!

    flowrgirl1 - Thanks, the snow finally left and now it's sunny!

    Aerie-el - Please let it be done by April :) The sun came back and I hope it stays.

    Gail - I hope the rain stops for you. Those hellebores have been very generous with their seedlings. This is the first year to see one bloom.

    Curmudgeon - I bet it takes off next year, then hopefully it'll give you some babies to move around your yard too!

    Randy - Rain there too? I think we're all ready for some nice sunny spring weather.

    Lona - You will love the pulmonaria. I'm definitely going to get a few more varieties. Yes, the daphne is variegated, but a lot of the leave are gone after this cold winter.

    Tina - Our plants are blooming in reverse :) My camellias are usually blooming or close to it by now, they are slow this year.

    Susie - I couldn't believe it when my daughter announced it was snowing this morning. It's all melted now luckily!

    JCharlier - I'm surprised at how much is blooming with the crazy winter we've had!

    Chuck - Better pack your snow boots and shorts, in April it could go either way. Hopefully it'll be warmer by then!

    Lanny - Glad you'll get some help in the garden. Hope yours is gone now too!

    Ann - I hope you can find some that will grow for you. They've just been wonderful plants and add a lot to a winter garden!

    Heather - Thanks, those beds were one of the first things we did when we moved in. Glad the snow missed you!

    Nell Jean - Thanks!!

    Karen - I hope you get some blooms on your daphne. It's weird that only two opened and the rest look very close up.

    Tessa - I wish I could dig some volunteers up for you. If you ever get up this way I'll share some. I didn't realize they had to be planted so early!

    Mildred - Thanks, it can't possibly snow again, or can it? :)

    garden girl - I wish the photo of the hellebore bed showed them better. They really look nice in a big grouping. Hope it's warm there!

    Flower Lady - Thank you! Yes, I'm ready for it to be done. Every time it snows I'm sure that it will be the last only to be proved wrong again :)

    Paula - I'm going to see if I can dig some of the hellebore seedlings up to bring to the SAGBUTT meeting to share. I think the plants are afraid of the winter this year and are waiting awhile.

    Kate - Thank you. The hellebores are pretty tough and bounce right back after frost or snow. I hope your snow melts soon!

  23. Hi Catherine~~ Your daphne bloomed! Yay!! Sure took its sweet time didn't it? Mine are really sluggish this year too. More snow? I hope it melts quickly. My Viburnum tinus took a near lethal hit with the cold. No problem since I was thinking of taking it out anyway. Yours looks dandy.

    Thank you for your feedback on my "hints" blog post. I really like the idea of having "spares" handy, especially the pruners, especially in the front for cutting flowers. Thanks again. Your blog is always fun to read.

  24. Oh my, snow again??? Isn't that really unusual for you all??? I guess I didn't imagine it snowed so much in the PNW. I still think you have a delightful assortment of blooms. You know I love your hellebores. I am definitely trying them again in my garden this year. I hope it warms up soon. Happy Bloom day Catherine!

  25. Some beautiful March blooms Catherine. Isn't it so so exciting when your hellebore babies bloom for the first time ?

  26. We do have some green things poking up but nothing blooming. Way too early here in Ohio where I live. Your things look nice and you are farther along.

  27. You have some great blooms - and that is a lovely shot of the pansy

  28. Those Daphnes are to die for. I miss the ones I left behind. They weren't winter blooming but they smelled wonderful. Snow in limited quantities doesn't hurt anything. Snow like I have prevents anything from growing. It makes my yard stay in an ice box holding pattern even when temps are in the 50s during the day.

  29. What beautiful blooms you have! I love the hellebores!

  30. Grace- Now I just wonder if the daphne will finish blooming. Part of the viburnum was damaged by the snow earlier, but the rest seems happy.

    Kathleen - Well, the snow is gone now :) Hopefully not to return. I hope you have great luck with your hellebores!

    Anna - It is, and it's fun to see what they look like too. The hellebores in the front really are generous self seeders.

    Abe - At leas the signs of spring are there!

    Karen - Thanks, I love the pansy faces.

    Cinj - I hope it warms and thaws soon. I think all daphnes smell wonderful!

    Sue - Thanks!! :)

  31. You have tons of lovely blooms. I bet they all glowed against the snow we received. This weather is just too crazy.

  32. Oh my stars, more snow? Maybe it will not last long. Great blooms, glad you took the photos yesterday too.

  33. I love all your hellebores - we have so many that they grow like weeds, but ALL of them are the same very pale green colour that the previous owners of the house loved. They really didn't 'do' colour! I'm trying to rectify that and get splashes of colour in there and, having seen your gorgeous photos, coloured hellebores have just GOT to be on the list! ....I'm off to the nursery!

  34. Snow?? I can't believe it. When is the best time to visit Seattle - to see gardens?

  35. Melanthia - The daffodils looked the prettiest with snow. I saw chance of snow for next weekend already!

    Darla - The snow stopped and melted thankfully!

    Nutty Gnome - There are some very pretty colored ones, I'd like to get the doubles too. Have fun shopping and show us what you find!

    Phillip - We've had quite a bit of snow here, and it's been pretty unusual. June here is very nice, a lot is blooming. Weather wise if you want warmth and less chance of rain it's July and August. It's beautiful here in the summer.

  36. Ohh, I love the daphne and the pulmonaria, Catherine! Of course, the hellebores look gorgeous, and this year we've all had huge treats visiting everyone's blogs...it seems there is no shortage of them! I never tire of looking at them;-) You have hellebore BEDS! I only have a hellebore plant!! (Although I did just buy 2 that are from last yr and were overwintered at a nursery, still in the pot...but they are very teeny and will need time to develop). I hope the snow you got, after you took your photos, will be the LAST you get this year!!! Spring is about here, yay;-0

  37. I'm surprised that you have so many things blooming with all the snow and wintery weather you've had. We haven't had any snow for a long time, but the only blooms I've seen around here are crocus!


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