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Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm so proud of them!

What fine young seedlings they've become!  They are growing up so fast and soon they'll want to move outside and live on their own.  They've already shown they need to have some bigger space inside.  I'm beginning to trust that they won't fall prey to damping off.   
I hope their new homes won't be too big.  I know the zucchinis are happy, they moved into their new pots a week ago and have been growing like crazy.
This one even appears to have a flower bud.  Is that possible so soon?  I don't remember having one with buds so early before.
The tomatoes I'm especially happy about since it's my first time starting them from seed.  This guy already has roots coming out the bottom.
Tessa at Blunders with shoots, blossoms 'n roots! told me to be sure to put slits in the peat pellets so their roots can spread, and to plant them deeply so they can develop good roots.  I hope this looks deep enough.  There's enough room to add more soil if it looks like I need to.
The basil is getting tall too and moved up to 4" pots as well.  They've got their first set of true leaves just like the tomatoes and zucchini.
Only one pumpkin was big enough to move up to his own place.  The rest of the pumpkins are just starting to sprout, kind of interesting that this one grew so much quicker.
Everyone got a nice drink of 1/2 strength fertilizer, and back to the sunny window sill they went.  I hope we don't need any large plastic containers in the next few weeks since they are all being used under my plants.  A good excuse not to cook, we don't have anywhere to store left overs!  I always like a good reason to order out.
The nicotiana sylvestris and delphiniums aren't ready to move out of the greenhouse yet.  That delphinium is really taking it's time!!
And not to leave out my wintersown seeds, the Cosmos that I planted March 8th are sprouting like crazy too!
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  1. How exciting to see your healthy little babies. You are going to have another lovely garden this year. Enjoy each and every moment working in it.

    Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

  2. I love the closeup of the eensy zucchini flower. Too bad we don't have a degreed botanist around to explain the science behind this.

    You should be very proud of your little ones who won't be little for long.

  3. Hi Catherine,

    Exciting stuff. They're looking good. I'm pretty sure you're past damping off now.

    When is your last frost date?


  4. Wow Catherine! Lovely (and great choice) seedlings! I'll have to remember the "can't cook" idea..lol! Btw, thanks for the message on Blotanical..Have a great weekend!

  5. Wow ! I wish I had the patience and room for these little guys !
    they look lovely and healthy .. you are going to have a busy garden with them in it !

  6. Good job Catherine. It is not easy getting such good results from seed starting. A real testament to the gardener.

  7. Good Afternoon! You must be so thrilled with the progress of all your plants. Your yard is going to be beautiful.

  8. I think it is so much more satisfying to grow things from seed than buying plants!

    You might want to remove that flower bud; it may be too early.

  9. Looking good. I just repotted my tomatoes today. My cherries are about the same size as yours are now. The other varieties are a lot larger due to being started several weeks earlier. I am jonesing for a fresh tomato. It probably won't be completely ripe when I pick it.

    Starting my other veggies this evening inside. I'm trying to decide what to sow directly into the garden and what to start indoors.

  10. Wow Catherine, I am so behind on my seeds and seeing yours is making me kick myself in the butt! Yours sure are looking good though! Happy first weekend of Spring! :)

  11. Catherine,

    Those plants all look about ready for the ground. And to think I just started our peppers and tomatoes on Tuesday.

  12. Catherine- those look great. I am direct sowing a lot this year but my newest project will allow me to start a bunch form see indoors next year. i will share soon:) FOr now I must say, good job! Tomatoes from seed intimidate me.

  13. Your babies are growing up to be "big kids". I'm glad they have done well for you.

  14. Wow, your seedlings are much more advanced than mine. I hope we both are able to keep them going till they are actually out in the garden!

  15. Catherine your vegies are doing fantastic! That is so great - maybe I should have started a zucchini inside - think I'll go get one.
    I told you wrong the other day when your mentioned your Abelia didn't make it. I said mine was Little Princess but that is my Spirea next to it. Sorry about that - I don't know which Abelia I have but it did make it. Wait - that Abelia is called Edward Goucher. Boy I get real suspicious when my memory kicks in but I just googled it and that is the name of one! My Spirea, however, does not look good. Oh and I went up and checked my Cape Fuchsias after what you said and there is green coming up. I'll be posting a pick. Now I be very happy!

  16. Flower Lady - I had a great day working outside today!

    Grace - It's is eensy isn't it? It's bigger today already.

    Rob - I hope I'm past that stage. Our frost date is April 9th.

    Lynn - Yes, anything to get out of cooking :) I'm glad you're on blotanical now !

    GardenJoy4Me - I don't have room to start more. It's fun for me to at least have some to try.

    Tina - Thanks, either I've figured out seed starting or maybe these zucchini would grow for anyone. I'll take the credit though :)

    Mildred - I'm very excited to see them grow, especially the tomatoes!

    Laura - You're right, definitely satisfying. I think I may take off the flower. I don't want it putting too much energy into that already.

    Tom - Nothing better than fresh tomatoes!! You are going to have enough for you whole neighborhood!

    Cynthia - I know you still have lots of time. I wonder if your frost date is later than ours?

    Randy - It's going to be awhile before they can go in. Your ahead of me with all your peas though. We're replanting ours, I think they rotted :(

    Heather - I can't wait to hear about your new project...a greenhouse?

    Susie - They sure grow fast don't they? :) It's amazing how fast some do grow, practically overnight!

    Msrobin - Me too, I have awhile too, so I'm hoping I can keep them going til then. Hope we both have lots to show for our work.

    Rain Gardener - You're funny :) My memory comes and goes too... I wonder if I have that same Abelia, it sounds very familiar. Glad your cape fuchsias made it!! I guess your computer is working again?!

  17. Aw, they grow up so fast! Soon they won't even need mommy except as for an occasional waterer. You are so ahead of me! Still hoping it's not too late to start some peas and stuff. Sigh. I'm behind!

  18. You have reasons to be a proud momma! I just got some seeds planted today. I put them on the refrigerator, which I have done before. I am excited for them to grow like yours.

  19. Your seedlings look great and so healthy! Great job!

  20. Looks like everything is doing well. What hybrid of tomato did you sow?

    All the best, BOB

  21. You are doing a great job Catherine ~ they all look so healthy ~ your windowsill spot must be providing some good growing conditions (along with the fertilizer and TLC). I've already lost a few to dampening off but I think you're beyond that now. How much longer before they can go out into the garden safely?? I always feel relieved when that can happen! Amazing that the zucchini has a flower on it already. I know they are prolific but wow, that's early!!

  22. Yummm! Can you wait until they flower and fruit? Ahhh! May this Spring bring in more colors and green in your garden, Catherine. Good luck!

  23. Karen - I don't think it's too late. I just replanted peas because they never came up. We still have time before our last frost date too.

    Sue - I've heard of a couple of people using the top of the fridge. That's a great idea, and free too!
    Good luck with all yours.

    Ginger - Thanks!

    Bob - The tomatoes are 'Brandywine' and are supposed to be delicious.

    Kathleen - I think it will be a few weeks still. The zucchinis will be giant by then. Just hope they can hold on until then. I'll have no space if I have to repot everything again!

    Chandramouli - Thank you!!

  24. Yes, computer is back - she only took one day. Ya gotta love that - not because I missed the computer but because I didn't have time to do housework! ;-)

  25. Rain Gardener - Anything to get out of housework or cooking and I'm right there with you! Glad you're back!

  26. Catherine,

    Everything looks really good- you did just perfect with the tomato! I'm so late starting some things. I really need to get my Nicotiana started and other flowers asap!

  27. Hi Tessa!! Good, I'm glad it looks okay. I left space in case I needed more soil, but I'll just leave it then. Hope you've been out gardening!!


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