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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Planting pretty primroses!

We had some great spring like weather yesterday!  I wasn't able to get much gardening done since we still have our company here.  During a quiet time in the day I did run out to transplant a few of my ever growing zucchini starts into 4" pots.  I also managed to plant some primroses that we picked up at the nursery the day before.  These are both varieties I hadn't seen before, and I thought they'd brighten up the path area a bit.  

Primabella 'Masquerade Mix'

A look at the whole plant.  I love the long stems.

Primula acaulis - Primlet

 The Primlets have a nice scent to them and I really like the ruffled flower petals.

Primula denticulata - Drumstick primrose
 I've actually had these in the garden for several years.   The blooms are a tight ball of flowers on long stems, almost one foot tall.   It's begun to spread out a bit as well, which I was happy to see.   

I wanted to share some pictures of a of another primrose, primula obconica - German Primrose.  Unfortunately the snow and cold temperatures earlier in the week damaged the flowers.   It is supposed to be fragrant as well.  If it blooms again I'll have to see if that's true.
This morning I see rain, that'll help water all these new primroses in since I won't have time to.  We have a busy day with my oldest daughter who is competing in the school district "math olympiad" and then an indoor soccer game afterwards.  
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  1. All beautiful, Catherine! Looks like we're in for windy weather here- right after I set out my crops, of course!

  2. Love those drumstick primmies! I don't have any but they sure look cute at your place. Good luck juggling everything today, sounds like a busy one! At least it's raining so you don't have to regret not being in the garden while you're driving the kids everywhere. :) - Karen

  3. How beautiful! Love the colors.


  4. Oh those primroses are quite pretty. I don't think I have seen any with those long stems. Very nice!

  5. That's real beauty, Catherine! And you said they'd light up the path area a bit? C'mon! They'd make your path area dazzle!

  6. Hello Catherine

    It's so nice to plant stuff at this time of the year.

    Just beautiful colours.


  7. It seems the primulas I've planted didn't make it through the season. Either I was doing something wrong, or they aren't so hardy here. Yours are so pretty, that they are making me want to look into trying them again.

  8. Have a good day with your daughter. I have tried the German primroses, they don't last down here so I gave up. I would love to try the drumstick ones. I like the long stem and it is encouraging to hear you've had blooms for many years.

  9. Love the color you've got going on over there. I don't have anything going on here. Well temps were almost 50 today, but we still have more than enough snow aroung here.

  10. I'm sorry I don't have any primroses right now.

    (Suuuch a gay thing to say.)

  11. Tessa - The weather definitely changed today here too. Hope your crops make it!

    Karen - We made it through the day! I'd like to find more of the drumstick primulas, I really like them!

    Cameron - Thanks, they were definitely bright :)

    Susie - I'll post the the drumstick primulas when they bloom, they are really tall.

    Chandramouli - You're right they do make it dazzle :)

    Rob - I can't wait to really start planting, but it was nice to add some color now.

    Sue - Maybe they weren't hardy to your zone? I was surprised at just how many varieties there are. I bet some would work for you!

    Tina - I think the German primroses must be very tender, I'll see if they make it. The drumsticks have lots of babies around them now. My daughter had a great day and even made a goal in her game!

    Cinj - I hope the warmer temps start to melt the snow. I'm sure you're very ready for it to be gone.

    Chuck - You're funny :) I hope you can find a primrose for your garden :)

  12. Oh, they are so very beautiful. You are so blessed to be able to grow those. They just melt here. But I so enjoy seeing yours.

  13. Those jewel-tone colors just pop in the shade, don't they? And those little yellow hearts - they must attract the early native bees, yes? I don't have any here at this house, so am enjoying them vicariously through your pics! :-D

  14. Hi Catherine, you've got a lot of great things blooming - so colorful. What do you mean you had a spring like day yesterday. We had floods of rain and today it's snowing. So much for seeing what's blooming. LOL But I know spring is really coming because my girlfriend saw a hummingbird the other day.

  15. texasdaisey - I'm glad you could enjoy them here at least. It's definitely been cool enough for them here lately!

    Kris - I bet they will attract the bees, I hope they do :)

    RainGardener - It did rain here yesterday, and yes snow this morning. Luckily we enjoyed the couple days of spring the days before :) I love seeing the hummingbirds, I haven't seen any for a week or so.

  16. I love any primrose that blooms on a long stem! Those are really exciting for me so you can bet I like these! I wish our climate were a little more accomodating for them, I'd have more....


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