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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just looks "Springier" every day!

Now as I pull in and out of our driveway I see the front yard starting to look like it's old self.  I can see the changes happening daily.  
I love looking through the "red haze" of new growth on the Spiraea 'Magic Carpet'.
This is one plant that looks dead in the winter, but as the new reddish leaves appears it reminds me why I like it so much.  Not too long until it's pink flowers appear.
A lilac bud is beginning to open.   They are one of my most favorite flowers.  Every year that 'Ludwig Spaeth' has become more established, it has shared more flowers.  I don't usually cut them because I like to enjoy them on the bush, yet I want to bring them inside to be able to smell them in our home too.  Maybe this year there will be enough for both.  
The lilac (syringa x prestionae) 'Miss Canada' has buds beginning to open as well.  It's supposed to bloom later than syringa vulgaris, but looks like they will be blooming around the same time.
I love the color of the new peony growth.  This is from my peony that was planted many years ago, before I thought it mattered whether I remembered the variety or not.  I will post pictures of it in bloom and see if anyone can help me identify it.  Another one with a great scent!
Yeah, the verbena bonariensis has returned!  It's on the borderline of hardiness here.  The good part is that it reseeds, so I know I'll still have more plants anyway.  I love how it looks growing up through other plants.  It really looks pretty with my rose 'Iceberg'.
Our newly planted magnolia 'Vulcan' came with a few buds on it.  I think a few buds were damaged by the last cold spell, but there are a few that have started to grow.  I hope I get to see at least a of couple flowers on it this year!
Now if it doesn't rain I think the littlest gardener and I will head out to a nursery today to see if there is any spring temptation there!
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  1. Have fun at the nursery. It is pouring down here at the moment. I have to work this morning, so I am not going to have a tizzy fit over not being able to play in the dirt. *grin*

  2. Rain being the BIG IF these days. Looks decent here at this moment but weather is so fickle. Last year I read Linda Beutler's new book on growing and arranging flowers...I gave the book to my sister and can't recall the title...anyway, she said that when we cut lilac blossoms we need to strip all the foliage. If we don't the water uptake will go to the leaves and the flowers will quickly wilt. If we want foliage in the arrangement, we should cut a separate stem with foliage only. This explained why my poor lilacs had absolutely no vase life--an ah ha moment. :) Oh, I think the book was titled "From Garden to Vase."

  3. Yep, it's all coming together now. You know darn well there's plenty of temptation in a garden center for addicts like us!!

  4. I have read that it can take many years for lilacs to establish and bloom well. Plus I have no idea how to prune them! We have a white one planted by the previous owner, and it has grown too tall for me to cut any of the blossoms. I do love that fragrance too - hope you get to bring some in this year! Great magnolia bud shot. Looks like rain but maybe you'll bring home some new plant friends today anyway! I think spring is hurrying to catch up after a late start, don't you?

  5. I daren't do another nursery or garden centre visit yet a while - the area near the back door still looks like a jungle as it's full of plants from my last visit!

    Your spirea is starting to look really good though.

  6. Your Spirea looks fantastic. All but one of mine are starting to perk up so I'll wait to prune until after flowering. I do hope your Magnolia gives you plenty of blooms. It will be great to see.Hope you didn't get rained on at the nursery. It quashed our walk around the neighborhood this morning.

  7. What an exciting time of year. I just love getting out each day to see what's new in the garden. Can't wait to see all of yours blooming, especially the lilac.

  8. Have fun at the nursery, I'm still a month behind with snow being left on the ground. Pretty blooms

  9. Catherine I have got nursery fever too!!! One of our local garden clubs is having a plant sale this weekend and I cannot wait to go see the goodies they have! I think that peonies are the most interesting flower when they begin to poke up from the soil

  10. You have lots of buds here and there. Hope you and the little one pick out something at the nursery. Can't wait to see pics.

  11. Hi Catherine, what a joy to see spring happening for you. Magic carpet is a favorite here, that new spring growth is the most colorful thing in the garden. I keep mine fairly small, about two feet by two feet for dense growth lots of leaves and lots of flowers since it flowers on new growth. Our lilac, just S. vulgaris, is starting to open the buds. I love it even though there are fancier ones on the market. I love the name of your new magnolia too. Vulcan would make me open my pocketbook. :-)

  12. Seeing Liliacs begin to bud gets me so excited. Last year my new Liliac only had one bloom on it and so far this year, I see nine buds! yay!

  13. Keewee - The weather ended up not being nursery weather after all, maybe another day.

    Grace - Thanks for the info, that does make sense. That's why I always leave them, they never last inside. I'll have to try removing the leaves and see if that helps.

    Darla - They are just full of temptation aren't they. I almost never leave without something.

    Karen - I've never pruned mine because it's not that big. I think the trick is to prune right after it blooms so that you don't cut off next years flowers.

    Nutty Gnome - It's surprising how fast the plants collect after all the trips to the nursery isn't it?

    Melanthia - Now we know when to prune them! Yes, our plans changed today. It was really windy here!

    Mildred - I hope we have lots of lilacs this year!

    Dawn - You still have snow? Hope it melts soon!

    Dirt Princess - Can't wait ti see what you find! Hope you'll share lots of pictures. Isn't the new peony growth the prettiest color?

    Becca - More buds all the time. I love it!

    Frances - I'm going to prune mine after they bloom this year. I just learned when to do it. They are great shrubs. I hope 'Vulcan' lives up to it's description. I can't wait to see some flowers on it!

  14. Nat- Glad to hear I'm not the only one that counts lilac buds! :) I hope you'll post pictures of your blooms!

  15. Love that little bud with it's fuzzy beard.

  16. Do you ever add composted manure around your peony? I do this to mine every year & they produce massive blooms and healthy foliage!
    Good way to baby your babies!
    We'll have to share pix! Or hey maybe we can make a contest of it!

  17. Your spirea looks beautiful! They do look very kind of dead in the winter, but as soon as those lovely coloured leaves appear - glorious!

  18. Catherine,

    Lilac is on of my favorite plants too. But they do not like our heat.

  19. Susie - It does look like a beard :)

    Cate - I've never done that, although I'm trying to get some put out soon. Maybe I'll get a bag to encourage these ones to get really big. Okay lets definitely share pics and see how they compare :)

    Phoenix - I just love how they look as you look through the branches, so pretty.

    Randy - I'll share pictures then :)

  20. Magnolia- I can't wait to see that! I share the same love of lilac as you- a childhood memory. I had such great blooms on mine last year, finally! I'm hoping there will be enough for inside as well. I like to see them on the tree too- I can't spend all day standing there outside smelling them, however! :)

  21. I laugh, "to see IF there is any spring temptation there!" My brain and soul hurt from being at the nursery and passing on all the temptation there!

  22. I love all of your photos, i often think when out in the car 'why didnt I bring my camera'. I have a spirea and I must confess in winter I have often thought of cutting it out and then it fills out in this beautiful colour! I have an old fashioned peony rose in deep red, a donation which did not flower for about 3 years after moving, new growth showing through now and reading the comments above I will give it a dressing of manure as I have never actually done anything with it.

  23. All of your flowers look so nice and healthy. The first one, is it wisteria?

  24. Ahhh! It'd be cool to have flowers open all a time time! The magic carpet does look like my red hibiscus leaves that turn to the exact same color with age! Have fun at the nursery!

  25. Tessa - Let's hope we both have so many we have to give some away!

    Lanny - You're right, of course there is temptation. I rarely leave empty handed.

    Peggy - I'm going to try the compost as well. I love learning new tricks to get flowers to bloom better. Good luck with yours!

    oldmanlincoln - Thanks! The first one is actually spiraea. A great shrub with pink flowers.

    Chandramouli - I love having plants that change color, it keeps them interesting.


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