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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sun lovers.

I wasn't the only one loving the feeling of the sun yesterday.  The yard was very active with hummingbirds and chickadees.  The flowers continue to bloom and I'm sure by the end of the weekend I'll have some new flowers to share.

Deutzia 'Pink Minor' is full bloom now.

Snowballs are white instead of green.

A red damselfly enjoying a rest.  I was even able to try out the super macro for this shot.

Lavender Columbines looked especially pretty with a little sun.

Petunia 'Rose Morn' starting to bloom more.

Two more Painted Lady's were visiting the backyard today.  Now whenever I see these I'll wonder if they are either the ones we released or relatives of them.

We're off to the zoo today, so I'll be around to visit everyone later.  Hope you're all having a great Memorial weekend!
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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Just an FYI... keep a lookout for large nursery pots. They work great and you can find them free.

    The pots we used to grow the Kennebecs in are huge nursery pots for trees. Our neighborhood recently had a spring clean-up and I drove around snagging every nursery pot that people had tossed out to be put into the landfill. I used the two largest pots I could find for the Kennebecs. I like that they are shorter than the garbage can (but about the same width) so they get lots of light.

    The potatoes in the garbage can are finally starting to get some good growth. I think they needed the heat that we are having right now.

  2. Your snowball and Deutzia are looking great. Great super macro shot of the damselfly. You're doing very well with your new camera.
    My favorite Aunt and Uncle lived only a few blocks from Woodland Park Zoo and every time we'd go visit we got to go there - plus Uncle Ellis always had him and Dad do the dishes so us kids didn't get snagged into doing them. So you can see why it was my favorite Aunt & Uncle!
    I try to take the boys to Point Defiance every summer - Garrett is a fish nut so he loves the aquarium.

  3. I love your Snowball bloom! I hope you and the girls have a great time at the zoo today.

  4. I love the snowball! You have such interesting plants!

  5. I think the lavander Columbines are my favorite!

  6. I love it when the butterflies come back for the season! I saw my first Red Admiral today, but he wasn't posing nicely on a flower. Nope. He was basking on the cement. Now that's not a pretty picture! When I looked down to admire him, there was also a silver-spotted skipper there too. Wonder what was so interesting about that particular piece of cement?

  7. The pink Deutzia is beautiful. Love the Petunia 'Rose Morn' too.

  8. Did you raise those petunias from seed? I always think of them as summer flowers but I guess it's warm enough now. Cool damselfly shot! Happy sunny weekend to you too, hope you had fun at the zoo.

  9. Glad to hear you're also enjoying the sun on the other side of the state! People say Memorial Day weekend usually sports lousy weather, but this weekend is going great. I can't believe you have hydrangeas blooming already. Mine are just barely leafing out. They took a big hit in March when the temp dropped below zero. I was afraid I'd lost some but they're all starting to grow from the base. Good thing they're all endless summers or blushing brides so they'll bloom on the new wood!

  10. Renee - Thanks for the great suggestion! I already told my daughter that I saw a great new way to try to grow potatoes next year.

    Linda - I can see why they were your favorites! I had a great aunt and uncle that live near there too, I just love that neighborhood.
    The zoo was fun, busy, but a great day.

    Mildred - We had a great time. Perfect weather.

    Phoenix - The bush is just huge this year! I love the flowers on it too.

    The Retired One - It's such an unusual color for a columbine. I've found several spread through the front and back yard.

    Msrobin - It is funny to see butterflies sitting on the ground like that, maybe it was warm? I saw more butterflies out today, it feels like summer is coming when I see more of them.

    sweet bay - They are both pretty, I love the color variegation in them.

    Karen - No, I bought them somewhere and I can't remember where. I think they are pretty, different from what I usually find.
    Great weather isn't it? The zoo was fun!

    VW - I think this is unusual for Memorial weekend.
    The white flower is a viburnum. My hydrangeas have buds on them. One looks half dead though, of course my favorite. I'm hoping it'll pull through.

  11. Looking good around there. Sun? We had it for about a minute and then the bottom fell out of the sky again.

  12. I hope your zoo trip was fabulous! Just like your wonderful garden.

  13. I would like to think that Painted Lady is the one you and your girls raised too! It's a good thought. Glad you are having good weather for the holiday weekend. It's rainy, cool and overcast here. bleck. But the moisture is needed. The zoo sounds fun. We're going in June when school is out. Happy Sunday!

  14. Catherine your columbines are so pretty. I love the blue. The petunia is a great color such neon shades of pink on the edges. Have a great weekend.

  15. Once again your flower collection is inspiring. Hope you had a zooper day yesterday and even more fun on the docket today!

  16. Darla - I hope you get some sun before the weekend is over.

    Tina- We had a great time. The kids loved it.

    Kathleen - We usually have rain here for Memorial weekend. It sounds like we are lucky this year. I hope it clears up there once you get the rain you need. I love the zoo as much as the kids.

    Lona - I like that petunias color too, it's just different.

    Lanny - Thanks! I'm not sure what our plans for today will be, maybe a park...

  17. I love that snowball! I am so anticipating the butterfly season! It's not here yet, at least I haven't seen any butterflies yet. I have seen the hummingbird type moths.

  18. Whoa! I couldn't stop myself from checking out your blog, Catherine, even when I'm busy with my sister's marriage. I had to check your wonderful photos whenever I get a break in between. Love the columbines and petunias and the bird perched on it!


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