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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I finally found her!

The clematis 'Josephine' that is.  I haven't lost any of my children.  I was so excited to see that the nursery had her in finally.  The flowers are just as pretty as I imagined.
The next job after getting her home was to find a place to plant her.  Even though this wasn't quite an impulse buy, it was still one of those plants that I didn't have a planned place for.
I finally decided on an open space that's the first place you see as you go into the backyard.  It's also the area that I can see when standing at the kitchen sink.  Now I just hope she'll like her new home.

I was so happy to get a flower identified yesterday that I thought I'd try for another.  My oldest daughter came home with a bouquet of Buttercups and blackberry flowers for me that she picked along the path at the back of her school.  It's mostly overgrown with blackberries which we love to eat in late August.   But she pointed out this other little flower that she found.   It almost seems to have the shape of an orchid.
There are some orange stripes in the center.  No matter what it is I think it was sweet of her to bring  me the cute little bouquet, she was excited to find something different.
Today it's pouring rain and only supposed to be 56, but the forecast shows it warming back up and drying out beginning tomorrow.
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  1. "Josephine" is a beauty Catherine. Just as I remembered. Mine arrived by mail order and was a LOT smaller and NO flowers. It looks like you found a good place for her. I hope both our vines do well this summer. Mine is planted in a container as a book I was reading said it made a great container plant. We'll see. How sweet of your daughter to bring you a bouquet.

  2. Hooray on your clematis fine! I love those. Great place for it, did you shade the roots? That is a lovely little yellow orchid looking flower. What a sweet child you have.

  3. Josephine really is quite lovely. And what a neat flower in that bouguet your daughter picked!

  4. How very thoughtful of your daughter to bring you cheerful flowers. I'm not familiar with that yellow flower though.
    Your clematis is so pretty. What extraordinary blooms and great that you can enjoy it from the kitchen window.

  5. Well done you Josephine is a lovely clematis mine grows in a shrubby hedge of rose and winter jasmine but does well and is a lovely plant

    I love the corchid looking flower what a find in the wild!

  6. Oh, Good for you! I think it's just beautiful! I myself have been after Swamp clematis (Clematis Crispa) for a while now- maybe someday!

  7. She's just gorgeous isn't she? Like Kathleens mine was mail order with no blooms. She's bloomed the last couple of years now but well last year so we moved her to a little sunnier spot. She wasn't in the full shade but it did get some. She's growing well so we'll see when bloom time gets here.
    Your mystery plant is gorgeous. Can't wait to see what it is.

  8. Your new addition looks lovely. I cant wait to see it grow and prosper. I've not had much luck with larger flowered clematis...perhaps its time to reconsider and look on line....;-)

  9. I went back in time and read your story about your Bishon. Such a nice dog. Our vet suggested that we feed carrots to our dogs as a treat. So each one gets two small carrots each evening as a treat. My border collie keeps me changing things in my back garden continually but he is worth it. I really like your new clematis.

  10. I'm sure Josephine will love her new home. About that unknown plant. I don't know what is is - but I want one.

  11. I'm also sure Josephine will enjoy her new home... and YOU will be enjoying Josephine, what with that location! :-) It's a beautiful clematis.

    I really don't know the identity of your mystery flower. I wonder about MMD? Perhaps she'd know?

  12. Kathleen - I was surprised at how small this one was, but at least it has a couple of flowers. I saw on the tag that it was a good one for containers. I bet yours will look really pretty. I hope we both get strong healthy vines with lots of flowers.

    Darla - The roots should get shade from the phlox in front of it, if not I'll add a few rocks.

    Tina - It's one of the most interesting clematis flowers I've seen, hope it'll grow and bloom.

    Mildred - She starts bringing home little bouquets of clover, daisies or any other little flower she can find.

    Joanne - I bet it looks pretty how you grow it. I'd love to see a picture when they are in bloom.

    Tessa - I hope you can find your clematis. I'm not familiar with that one, so I'm going to go look it up. It's so fun when you find a plant you've been looking for.

    Linda - I hope mine will like where it is, if not I'll just move it like I do with practically everything else :) I hope yours likes its new spot.

    My English Country Garden - I can't imagine one not loving your garden. I bet it would grow very happily there!

    L.D. Burgus - That's a great treat for dogs. I didn't know that carrots were actually good for them. Maybe if we get some carrots in the garden we'll treat her to one.

    Prospero - If I ever find out what it is I'll let you all know. I've never seen it before and it was just growing in with weeds.

    Shady Gardener - I think she'll be a nice view while I'm washing dishes.
    I should ask MMD, good idea!

  13. Wow, Catherine, that's a beautiful clematis and I'm sure it'll be very happy in your garden by the looks of all the other happy plants...wonderful photos in the last few posts :)

  14. That sure is a beautiful clematis. So glad you got it and it looks nice where you planted. I'm sure she is happy where you put her. Becca

  15. Catherine,

    That clematis is one of the prettiest I have seen! Your yellow flower is a member of the pea family it is a legume.

  16. Wow, that is a gorgeous clematis! And I love that strange little wild orchid flower. So pretty and unique.

  17. She is a beauty. I saw a red one like that with the same petals but I cannot find it now. It was beautiful like your Josephine.

  18. It looks like you found a nice place for Josephine! I planted a similar looking one last year, and am tickled it's growing well and has buds on it.

  19. Josephine is beautiful! It looks like you found a good spot for her too.

  20. The mystery flower is beautiful! How sweet of your daughter to make you a bouquet!

  21. Lynn - Thanks, things are really starting to grow now!

    Becca- I hope she likes it and blooms all summer.

    Randy - Thanks for your help. I've been doing searches and it definitely does look like a pea flower of some sort!

    Msrobin - It is a cute little flower isn't it? She brought even more home today.

    Lona - The clematis on your blog today was really pretty. I think all clematis are pretty in different ways.

    Sue - I'm glad yours is growing well. Can't wait to see what it looks like.

    Sweet bay - I hope it'll be a good spot where we can enjoy her blooms.

    Ginger - It's such a sweet and unusual little flower, she showed me where she found it today and it's a little bush.

  22. Very cool flowers. I love that clematis. Glad it's getting a good soak now!

  23. I wonder what that yellow flower is? It's beautiful!

  24. Josephine looks gorgeous and what a great view you'd have from your kitchen, few months from now!
    That was so sweet of your daughter - an amazing gift and precious one at that! It looks like some kind of bean or pea flower? The shape looks similar to Creeping Hemp but that's too very small or may it is an orchid.... Hmmm....

  25. Melanthia - It sure has rained hard hasn't it? Looks like it should be drying up a little.

    Susie - I'm going to keep trying to figure it out. I love a challenge.

    Chandramouli - Isn't the flower interesting? It grows on a little shrubby bush and has very small roundish leaves. If I ever figure it out I'll put it in a post.

  26. Catherine I have just posted two pictures of Josephine on my latest post Drawing the Eye. I hope you enjoy them.

  27. Joanne - I will come and see. I bet it's gorgeous!


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