"One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it brings."

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Not quite ready...

The bumblebees were out in full force yesterday, just looking for some flowers to visit.  So many plants are full of buds close to opening,  I think the bees are more anxious than me to see them. 

This bee kept landing on these peony buds, trying to find one that was open.  A few look as though they are close to blooming.

Persian Cornflower (centaurea dealbata) is getting ready to burst open and show the purple flowers that the bees will like.

Lavender is growing quickly now that the weather is warming.  A definite bee favorite!

This tall maroon flowered scabiosa is always attractive to the bumblebees.

Meadow Rues (thalictrum) are getting close, you can see a hint of lavender showing here.  I thought this plant was long gone.  I don't remember seeing it last year, at least I'm pretty sure it didn't bloom.

These tall Columbines (aquilegia) were some I started from seed quite a few years ago.  It's much taller and blooms quite a bit later than the rest.  The flowers are yellow.

But, Geum 'Fire Lake' is ready for visitors, in fact she just opened yesterday.

I think with the sun that is expected for the rest of the week the bees should have plenty to work with.  I see the bees are busily buzzing around already this morning.
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  1. I enjoy getting out for a walk in the garden early in the am to see the bees just waking up on the blooms. Your geum is striking! Enjoy the sunshine.

  2. I know you're glad to see the busy bees. It lets me know everything is right. Such beautiful blooms in your yard.

  3. Looks like it really is just about opening time for the bees. You're in for a beautiful show any day now. Do post the pictures to show us just how good it is.

  4. Not too long for your bees to wait. I have been watching them hovering round a cotoneaster this afternoon when we had a spell of sunshine :)

  5. I can't wait to see that Persian coneflower. Never heard of it before and it looks spectacular!

  6. Poor bee -- she looks anxious for those buds to open. Great capture.

  7. It looks like any day now things will be bursting with color. My garden is in the same state. Lots of buds but not much actually blooming except for the Geum too! -Jackie

  8. I look forward to seeing your tall Maroon Scabious in flower. I grew a tall yellow one.

  9. Hi Catherine, I loved seeing the buds, finding them just as attractive as the flowers, but not so for the poor bees! Fire Lake is looking good. I have been collecting geums and have not seen that one before, lovely.

  10. Isn't it exciting seeing the buds? You should have blooms any day now.

  11. I'll be waiting to see the Peonys in bloom.


  12. Love that geum! Wow. I think some of those same yellow columbine seeded themselves in my garden. I am waiting for them to open so I can be sure that's what they are and not some nasty weed! I'd be happy to save you some poppy seeds if you like - I need to figure out seed saving anyway this fall. Not sure if you really want them or were just being nice. :) They do come up kind of everywhere! I think I goofed on your kind donation of breadseed poppy seeds - didn't remember to water them while they were germinating so they didn't come up. I should have put them in a place closer to the house, I guess!

  13. How fascinating that the bees are waiting on the flowers to open!

  14. How funny! Smart bee. It won't be too long before they'll be able to go to work. I was just looking at my Lavender today, it looks about the same as yours. It just seems like things just suddenly grew :)

  15. Mildred - It's fun being up while it's still quiet and the bees and birds are already active.

    Becca - Hopefully the bees know there will be flowers soon.

    Twisted Willow - I will post peony pictures, these ones are very pretty white with light pink.

    Anna- I'm glad you had some sun today, hope you have lots blooming there.

    Tina - It should be blooming soon. It's grown a lot from last year already, lots more buds too.

    sweet bay - For once a bee stayed still long enough for a picture.

    Jackie - How funny that on opposite sides of the country we have the same thing in bloom :)

    Joanne - This one is great, it blooms all summer, and it has lots of babies around it for me to move.

    Frances - I did a search online and I couldn't find it anywhere. I'm glad I saved the tag from it, I also have Cooky.

    Phillip - I love seeing all the buds, because that means flowers are coming!

    Carol - I can't wait to smell them. They smell as good as they look.

    Karen - The yellow columbines seem to be more unusual. I hope that's what you have. I'll be happy to save some seed for you.
    I'd love to try some of your poppy seeds! I think the poppies coming up here are the same ones I gave you, but I won't know til they bloom since I planted 3 kinds. I'll save you more and you can try them again.

    Ginger - Maybe they figure they'll just hang around rather than go looking for some already open.

  16. Tessa- I hadn't even noticed how much the lavender had grown until I was looking for new flowers. The buds on it actually surprised me.

  17. Love the color on the Geum. Your peony buds are huge compared to my pea-sized buds. I love these warm days. I've been gardening into the night. Makes for pleasant surprises in the morning!

  18. Great picture of the bee Catherine. Your Peony looks like that one of mine I posted weeks ago. Still in the same position. I just know it'll open someday. Can't wait to see your yellow Columbine and your Meadow Rue.

  19. Peony Time for sure! Can't wait to see YOUR peony blooms!! I just put in Guam this year...it looks like your "Fire Lake" variety! I'll have to re-check the tag. It has had 1 flower so far...I don't think it gets enough sun, but that is the spot it has to stay in due to space issues. The sunny areas are prime real-estate;-)

  20. So happy to see the bees buzzing around. I don't have much luck with lavender, any tips?

  21. Boy, the bees must be really happy when they bumble-stumble onto your oasis.

  22. Melanthia - This has been perfect gardening weather! I could stay out all day, wish I had the time to.

    Linda - Well, hopefully the peonies start getting a move on so they can bloom soon :) It always seems to rain after they bloom.

    Jan - I know what you mean about prime real estate. That's why plants only have so long to preform or else they move to someone else's yard.

    Darla - I really haven't done much with the lavender except plant it in a sunny area, and then keep it on the dry side. Some lavenders are easier than others.

    Prospero - It's usually full of bees here in the summer. I plant a lot of butterfly and hummingbird attractors so the bees must like those types too.

  23. I like Fire Lake, I have Mrs. Crenshaw and Cooky, Fire Lake looks like it would be right inbetween the two. I "captured" a wild geum that I will set in my native garden, a lovely dandilion yellow.

    I'm so glad to have read this post today, just yesterday I was lammenting over having lost a tag on one of my cornflowers, you have identified her for me, centaurea dealbata, thank you!

  24. The fire lake's awesome, Catherine! Is it something similar to pentapetes, but I guess pentapetes are smaller?
    No wonder the bees are anxious - what with all the wonderful buds, hiding the nectar inside, ready to burst open any time!
    Don't forget the corflower blooms! Remember? I need them to soothe my heart :D The sad thing is I can't sow any seeds until june as my sister's getting married next week! Wow! I'm just so excited. It's gonna be fun!

  25. I was thinking I'd left a comment here about great anticipation photos. Maybe I put it on one of your other posts. Anyway, I got the pics of my 2 knautias, that are different from each other, and put a link to this post.

  26. Chandramouli - I won't forget the cornflowers or the water lilies either :) I'm sure you can't wait to sow some seeds!


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