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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gardening withdrawl.

I have a serious case of gardening withdrawl!  I haven't been able to work in my garden for a week and a half now.  After the butterfly garden I was too tired and sore for a few days, then I was gone with my daughter on her class trip.  Now it's raining and I so want to get out there and see my plants.
I know after reading a lot of garden blogs that many of us are getting a lot of rain, while others live in areas that really need the rain.  I'm not really complaining about the rain, well okay I am, but I just miss my garden.
I've been buying some plants to have ready for the next dry day.  This group of plants has been sitting on the back deck waiting to go in, the box has started falling apart it's so wet.

This box I had on the covered front porch.  I noticed how dry it was so I brought it into water, as I carried it in the kitchen I somehow dumped it all over the ground.  Whoops!  Luckily all that broke was a little piece of the dill plant.

This box is from my visit to the nursery with the littlest gardener yesterday.  We went to get my Mom her Mother's Day present and decided to do a little plant shopping while were there.

'Rose Morn Madness' Petunia

The littlest gardener found herself a nice pair of yellow gardening gloves too!
Hopefully when the sun comes out I can get my containers ready to plant and see what has grown since I last made the rounds.  
Hope you're getting rain if you need it and sun if you're soggy!
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  1. I really like your blooming now in my garden pictures. I hope you get to play in your garden soon.

  2. I'm with ya, Catherine! Nothing but rain and terrible wind here. I have so much to plant and can't get out there to do it. Some day I will learn my lesson and shift my sowing dates to fit the actual weather here in Portland!

  3. I hope it dries out so you can plant ALL those new plants! How exciting!
    Love the littlest gardener's yellow gloves!

  4. I hope you get a dry day soon! I know the feeling...i get antsy when the rain keeps me from working outside, too! It looks like you have your work cut out for you..lots of stuff to put in the ground! Thats the fun part, though, I think :)

  5. I do hope the sun shines for you and the little gardener. Those gloves are way too clean!! Can't wait to see what you do with all of those plants.

  6. I hope you get back in there soon. It has been rough gardening lately-so wet. But nice too.

  7. We could do with more rain:last night it rained and it has been a beautiful day. If only every day were like this......

  8. Very cute gloves for your little gardener. You have a great selection of plants when you do get a dry day. Can't wait to see it all.
    Hope you have a happy Mother's Day.

  9. You have some lovelies there to plant. LOL, I am always sore for two days after getting back into the garden work. My old lazy muscles do not like it. Hope the sun will cooperate soon.

  10. Hi Catherine ~ I'm one of the ones that would love to have some of the rain a lot of you are getting and are tired of. We need it badly.

    I hope you get some sunny skies so that you can get outside and plant your new babies. You got some nice ones and they will add more beauty to your already lovely gardens.


  11. We have had rain and now sun so we can't complain except for the heat. You have a lot of nice stuff to put out. Can't wait to see them bloom and how much has grown since the rains came.

  12. You have got a lot of goodies to plant. Do I see a Brunnera in the 2nd box? You're gonna be busy but think how nice it's gonna be. Little Gardener looks so pleased with her new gloves. Tell her they are very nice ones. I haven't got any of my new flowers in the ground yet either and I have to get it done before we leave. Have fun and enjoy. Today sure is confused - blue sky, sun then rain - it changes about every 5 minutes. Do you know what this is doing to my head? Not to mention my clothes changing!!! ;-)

  13. Complain all you want! It has been very tough for those of us with too much rain all at once! You do have some beauties... I know we'll be seeing them in your garden before long. gail

  14. Now I hope it'll stop raining. We have had rain since sunday, that's enought! So many plants you bought. And your little gardener is ready to help you with the planting - great.

  15. I know what you mean, I haven't been out there that much either, except to check that the rain barrel was working! Today's the day, maybe, at least for you! No rain yet on our side of town anyway! Nice haul from Molbak's, and those garden gloves will be easy to locate if one drops on the ground. Happy planting!

  16. Hi Catherine

    As and when the rain stops and the weather settles I bet your plants take off.

    If you haven't looked at your seedlings for a few days you may notice some growth.

    My Nicotiana sylvestris seemed to sulk for a while early last May, then they took off. I mention this as I know you were concerned that yours didn't look too happy. All is not lost, I bet they'll get going!


  17. I've got a bunch of things ready to be planted too. I'm praying for sun!

  18. Anonymous - Thanks, I need to update it too now I guess :)

    Tessa - I think the same thing, I need to wait longer to start seeds! It's just so exciting it's hard to wait.

    Ginger - A little better today. The littlest gardener wasn't convinced it was gardening weather though.

    Marissa - It's hard when you have the time but not the weather. It will be fun to get them planted though. I agree, that is the fun part!

    Darla - We'll see how long they stay clean :) She loves the mud so they won't be clean long.

    Tina - A little drier today, but still kind of cool. I know eventually the sun will be back and the plants seem to like the rain.

    My English Country Garden - That would be perfect. Rain at night, sun during the day!

    Mildred - If it wasn't raining when I was shopping I would've found more to buy :)

    Lona - I know I work so hard when I get a chance to get out there I wear myself out. Hope you get some sun too!

    Flower Lady - I wish I could send you some. It always seems like it would be nice not to have so much rain, but then our plants wouldn't be very happy. Hope you get the rain you need.

    Becca - I remember you had a lot of rain recently. We won't have much hot weather til July. Then we all complain we're too hot here. I guess up PNW'ers are picky about the weather.

    Linda - I wish it was brunnera, but it's lamium for one of the containers. Crazy weather for sure. As I type I see a brightness that could be the sun? I'm forgetting what it looks like! Hopefully I'll get these planted by the end of the weekend.

    Gail - I wish we could just spread out all the sun and rain so we all got just what we need. Hopefully the plants will grow like crazy once the sun returns.

    Gittan - My little helper is very entertaining outside that's for sure. Her favorite job is watering!

    Karen - Has your rain barrel been overflowing? I hope the sun will be back by the weekend, I want to spend it outside!

    Rob - I was outside earlier and I did notice a lot of seedling growth. Unfortunately the nicotiana sylvestris still doesn't look very good. That was the one I was most looking forward to. Maybe it'll be like yours and take off with some sun.

    Ellie Mae's Cottage - We'll both hope we can get our new plants in the ground soon. Hopefully it'll be soon!

  19. Hey, Catherine, if you're taking orders - I need rain. That little gardener is precious.

  20. Well one thing is for sure, you are going to be quite busy when you do get some sunshine and get to planting.

    Sorry you are having to wait. I hope you get sun soon.

  21. A week and a half is a long time -- I'd be going through gardening withdrawal too!

  22. Prospero - I wish I could :) Thanks, she is a cutie.

    Susie - I do have lots to plant, but it'll be fun work. I see sun forecast for the weekend.

    sweet bay - This time of year I like to get out at least a few times a week. I managed to get out a little today though.

  23. I'm complaining too. About not having rains. LOL! We're still waiting eagerly for the Spring rains here that gives way to the really hooooot summer. Believe me, when I say spring, it's not the cool spring, but it's hot spring and hottest summer here :D.
    Glad that your plants survived the crash. Ah! Petunia! That reminds me that I'm way back with my planting and sowing, what with my sister's marriage this month end! I'm too busy posting the brochures/invitations, shopping for the marriage, that I'm almost ignoring my garden and blog! [sigh]

  24. I know exactly how you feel! Mind you, I was so fed up with being inside yesterday that I braved the rain and did some bramble clearing. When I came in, I was literally soaked to the skin! I peeled off my clothes and had a lovely hot bath. I still felt better for having ventured out! I'm sure you'll get a dry day soon. It's on and off here in Ireland today.

  25. Chandramouli - Well, I sure wish I could send you some of this rain. It never gets hot here for very long, and I'm sure to you it wouldn't seem that bad. I hope all the planning for your sister's wedding leaves you some time to be in Plantville.

    BT - Sometimes you just need to brave the rain and get out. I bet you felt better for getting out and getting something done. I hope it dries out for you too!

  26. I know what you mean about missing your garden. Even tho it's right there, if you can't be out in it (for whatever reason ~ weather, work, etc.) it's tough. I feel the same way. You have lots of nice plants to pot up when it does turn sunny.

  27. I am with you in spirit. The snow has finally left us way up here in the north, but it is still too cold to plant annuals. Normally, we can't plant them until June 1st-10th due to the threat of evening frost!~
    But I have been cleaning my beds like crazy and fertilizng and mulching. Oh, my back!!
    Enjoy your blog about your garden!


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