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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cloudy day garden pictures.

Yesterday ended up being cloudy for most of the day again.  We were pretty busy with errands and didn't have too much time outside.  The littlest gardener and I did some cleanup and planted a few things.  When I heard her tell me, "Mom don't be sad."  I knew something had happened.  She tried to "help" by pulling out a very potbound lavender and accidentally pulled most of the plant out and left a lot of the roots behind.  We planted it anyway.  Part of the fun of gardening with kids and there's bound to be a few plant casualties.  
I just took some random pictures of what I thought was looking pretty yesterday.

The pond and fern.  You can see the Water Hawthorn blooming in the back and lots of lily pads.

Looking back across from the sunny side of the pond.

Tiarella 'Crow Feather'  I forgot to smell it to see if it has a scent.

Shady corner under the cedar tree.  Solomon's Seal (polygonatum), pulmonaria, columbine, sword fern and hellebores.

Mock Orange (philadelphus) and heuchera.  I wish I knew the varieties of these two.  They are both about to bloom.

Oakleaf Hydrangea (hydrangea quercifolia) with a purple Columbine popping through.

Syringa vulgaris 'Ludwig Spaeth' so close to blooming.  It is the most beautiful color.

I hope to spend lots of time with my family this weekend and I hope some of that time will include gardening.  Looks like the sun is trying to come out already.
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  1. Such beautiful pictures!! I would love to have pond!!


  2. Your pond looks so peaceful, and all of your flowers and plants lush and lovely.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  3. Any Day is a great day to take photos of flowers in your fabulous garden. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Your pond is delightful. All of the pictures are just perfect. I hope you get some sun and you and the family have a great time in your garden.

  5. That pond is SO pretty! We got 6 inches plus of rain overnight. Looking pretty cloudy here too:(( Your pictures are nice and bright though.

  6. Your pond looks so lovely and serene!

  7. I love the water hawthorn they look like butterflies on your pond

  8. All the Heucheras I have seen here tend to have names like plum pudding, peaches and cream..probably one of those lovely sweet names!

  9. Thanks for sharing your lovely garden day with us. You have so many pretty spots in bloom right now, and your pond looks especially pretty!

  10. Really nice pictures! The pond is so nice and peaceful and full of pretty plants. It is the perfect weekend to see so many things beginning to bloom!
    Enjoy your weekend, and the sunshine!

  11. Jen - Thanks, it really is fun to have. We enjoy it a lot.

    Flower Lady - Thanks, we've had a great day here.

    Bren - Thanks, hope you're having a great weekend too.

    Mildred - The pond really is coming to life now. We've had a beautiful day here.

    Tina - That is a lot of rain. It's great here today and we've been out almost all day.

    Sweet bay - It is really relaxing to sit and watch the pond.

    patient gardener - They do look like butterflies, they're so pretty and hold me over until the water lilies bloom.

    Matron - I think it is Plum Pudding. I need to write it down. Thanks for helping to jog my memory :)

    Msrobin - It seems like more is in bloom each day, I love these kind of surprises.

    Aerie-el - It really has been perfect today! I bet you've been out enjoying it too!

  12. Catherine, that lilac is a pretty shade!..can't wait to see it in full bloom. Your tiarella is also a beauty, not something I have...yet! Thanks for sharing :)

  13. Your whole garden is very pretty! I love the pond . Little gardeners are fun aren't they? Does your little gardener like to pull weeds too?

  14. Can't think of a better way to have a nice Mother's Day!
    We are going into the woods to try and capture some wildflowers on camera, and then go out to dinner!
    My garden is just coming out, so no flowers yet other than daffodils!

  15. Hi Catherine and Happy Mother's Day to you! I always marvel at the differences in our gardens. My oak leaf hydrangea is just beginning to show signs of life and there yours is all leafed out! Funny you should mention the mock orange too, that's something I've been considering adding to my shrub border. Does it smell heavenly when it's in bloom?? I'm waiting for the day my pond looks as good as yours! I still think I need to add some rock around the edges (haven't done anything else to it since getting it in the ground and filled). Maybe today will find me at the landscape place checking out materials!! Enjoy your day!!

  16. So this is the pond being dug in the sidebar? Nice photos too.

    My Birds Blog

  17. I know I'm late but couldn't miss one of your posts - better late . . . I have the boys this weekend and we've been making 'Mommy Day' things.
    Your pond is so beautiful in bloom. All of the beautiful trees you've showed in the past and now I find out you have a Cedar tree? How lucky you are, I love them. All we have here is Douglas Fir trees and my Crimson King Maple. But a little birdie told me I get to go pick a new tree for Mothers Day. That will be either a Weeping Cherry or a Magnolia. Yippee!
    Beautiful flowers in your garden as always.

  18. Lynn - This lilac is such a pretty shade, it's hard to capture colors with the camera a lot of the time.
    I hope you find some tiarella. The flowers are so pretty.

    Kathy - I'm hoping eventually she will help pull weeds instead of plants :) My oldest will help weed sometimes, but get bored quickly.

    The Retired One - Enjoy your walk! I'll look forward to your wildflower pictures!

    Kathleen - The oakleaf just all of a sudden got it's leaves, they practically appeared overnight. The mock orange does smell great. It's got lots of little flower buds on it. I actually moved it closer to the deck so we could enjoy it more.
    Have fun if you go garden shopping. You'll have fun working on the pond edging I'm sure.

    Abe - This is the pond. Hopefully my husband won't ever have to dig another one. It was a lot of work!

    Linda - We don't have a huge yard, so we practically have one of everything. We have one big cedar in a corner, pretty tree but hard to plant under. Our neighbors have a lot of them on the other side of our yard so it does make planting a challenge there too.
    I hope you have fun tree shopping. Can't wait to see what you choose!

  19. Love the pond! We had a cloudy day yesterday but today is nice and sunny for the first time in 10 days! Happy Mother's Day to you! -Jackie

  20. I love your purple columbines! Lily Pads! Have they given out buds yet? I'd so love to see one. BTW, how're your cornflowers doing?

  21. Jackie - Glad you're having some sun. We're back to cool and cloudy. Not much we can do, but enjoy the sunny days we get.

    Chandramouli - No buds on the water lilies yet, I think soon we should get a couple. I'm hoping to get the pond cleaned out soon, and then I'll be able to see if they need dividing.


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