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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pictures you won't find in a field guide.

Finally, I was able to get a few bird pictures.  I'm quite sure none of these will ever make it to a field guide, but it was fun trying.  I'm beginning to think all the birds around here, other than crows, are too busy with nesting or taking care of their babies.  Maybe it's been too wet for them.
I did have a hummingbird at the hanging fuchsia basket, but it wouldn't wait for me to get outside with the camera.  And then there's the Stellar's Jay that tricked me into thinking he'd wait for me to get my camera ready quick enough to catch him eating something out of the gutter.  I've run out there at least three times only to have him take off.  

Black-capped chickadee - This is what they look like from the back.

Dark-eyed Junco - This is what they look like from the side.

Crow - This is how they look in silhouette. 

The squirrel who thinks he can pass for a bird while he eats from the bird feeders.  They like to chase each other along this fence and see who can get into the bird feeder first.

Even though these aren't the best angles, the clarity is so much better than with my other camera.  I know there will be plenty of opportunities to take some good bird pictures.  We usually start seeing quite a few more birds around here once it warms up a little more.  Until then I'll just have to be patient.
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  1. Great shots! Birds are so hard to capture. Hummingbirds especially. You have to have a GREAT lens and a high dollar camera....currently I have neither. Therefore you will find no bird pictures on my post!!! LOL!

  2. Patience and/or luck (timing) is the biggest trick to a good bird photo ~ at least that's what I've found. My daughter will get so annoyed with me sitting still outside for such a long time just waiting for an opportunity! It's so rewarding tho when you do happen to catch that great shot! Keep trying, I bet you'll get one worthy of a field guide sooner rather than later. :-)

  3. I LOVE this post! It's so true! I have a horrible time photographing birds. They always seem to fly away or turn the other way. I'm always amazed how other bloggers take such great pics of them. I even try to use the zoom lens and still not much luck. I did get a few good shots the other day after about an hour of trying as I sat near my bird feeder. Of course, I always find it so easy to get a good shot of the squirrel... he never moves... just eats and eats and eats.... LOL -Jackie

  4. You got some great photos Catherine. I get a lot of exercise running in to get the camera only to come out and find the birds gone too!!!

  5. These are great photos, patience for photographing good bird photos is something I need to work on.

  6. Oh my now you're doing really good. That squirrel picture is fantasic. I think you'll be in a field guide in no time!

  7. I love the title of your post! It is so hard to get good pictures of birds. I much prefer shooting flowers that don't move!

  8. Oh yea, the birds can get real dodgy and I understand how difficult it would've been for you to get those shots - they're great, but you took at least a 10, didn't you? I had to take almost 20 to 30 shots of two baby parrots to get 3 or 4 clear ones last week!
    Love the chickadees!

  9. I think your photos look great Catherine. Birds aren't always the easiest subjects to capture. Thanks now I know the id of the bird I always see at my feeders (Black-capped Chickadee). Hubby was asking me the other day, and I'm no expert on birds. :)

  10. You've got some really good photos here, Catherine - wish I could photograph birds, they always move by the time I get the camera pointed!

  11. Nice shots. I've been mooned by plenty of chickadees, too! They must just be camera shy. What a nice spot these critters have in your garden! From a few posts ago, your pond and garden are very welcoming. Paula

  12. Well done! Im hopeless at catching birds "on film" (cats I can manage but then they are natural models!)

    So now you know why I use woodcuts to illustrate birds!

    I love your squirrel ;-)

  13. Great shots! And that durned squirrel, maybe you should show him some pics of himself and the birds to kindly explain to him he is NOT a bird! But they never listen:)) Sigh.

  14. Oh Catherine, they look so good. We are having the same problems with uncooperative birds here too. We have the right camera, the tripod, the birds, but lack that P word, patience! HA

  15. Dirt Princess - Did the birds ever find your feeders? I know you've been hoping to get some visitors.

    Kathleen - I think you are right! Maybe this weekend I'll have a little time to wait for some birds to show up and see if I have any luck.

    Jackie - I know, I've seen amazing pictures on a lot of blogs. I'll keep trying, I'm bound to eventually get the front of a bird.

    Mildred - I'm glad I'm not the only one running back in for the camera only to find the bird gone when I return.

    Darla - You've gotten some great bluebird pictures. I had more birds earlier in the spring, maybe they'll start returning with their babies.

    Linda - The squirrels love to have their pictures taken here. They pose and wave at the camera :)

    Sheila - Flowers are much easier aren't they, unless it's windy :)

    Chandramouli - They didn't stay long enough for more than one or two pictures unfortunately. I know with flowers I have to take a lot to get a couple of good ones.

    perennialgardenlover - Well, I'm glad I could help you :) Those chickadees are fun to watch, very active.

    Phoenix - My daughter went to a show that a photographer from National Geographic had an exhibit at. He said to get a good bird picture you have to "be humble" it didn't help me though.

    Paula - Funny :) Thanks, the pond does attract a lot of birds, they love the little waterfall.

    My English Country Garden - Well your woodcuts are so pretty! You're right about cats, they do love to pose. The squirrel picture turned out pretty good, he waited for me to click away :)

    Tina - No, those squirrels never listen. I've given up chasing them off the feeders, they just look at me like I'm crazy.

    Frances - Thanks :) Patience really is key, I'm not known as being patient. I want them here when I have the time and the camera ready. Oh well, it'll be worth it when we get some good shots won't it?

  16. I think these are great pics Catherine. Don't you just love working with a new camera.

  17. Your pictures are great!! Love the ominous shot of the crow!

  18. Love your nature photos! Just stunning!


  19. I got a new lens a few months ago and I have to admit I've hardly tried it out, because I know getting bird photos is so difficult! lol Patience is key.

    I saw the Lithidora in your sidebar. Yum :)

  20. Oh, Oh..you will be hooked now for sure. I started photographing birds about a year ago and I am addicted. I posted some yesterday on my blog,too..hop on over to http://myreitrementchronicles.blogspot.com to see them. I have to take mine through my windows to get closeups but it is so worth it!!

  21. Susie - Thanks, it is fun trying out this new camera.

    Ginger - The sun was right behind him and he was standing there looking at me. The crows hardly ever fly away.

    Cameron - Thank you!

    sweet bay - Patience is definitely key, I wish I had more of it :)

    The Retired One - Yes, I love taking pictures of birds. Early this spring we had some really pretty ones, but my old camera had no zoom. Now I've got the zoom, but no birds. I will be over to see your pictures.


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