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Friday, May 8, 2009

New happenings in the garden.

Even though the weather didn't really improve that much yesterday, it did at least stop raining for awhile.  I decided to just put my jacket on and go out.  I actually got a few things done too.  I emptied and moved a wine barrel planter, emptied most of the containers into the compost bin and found a few new seedlings, buds and best of all flowers.

Larkspur, poppies and bachelor buttons!  Nearby I also found self sown Bells of Ireland and Cosmos.

Clematis buds, these are the first I've found so far.

Baptisia buds.  I've read they don't always flower the first year and I just planted them last summer.  It looks like I'll have a few!

Jacob's Ladder (polemonium)  Yep, they smelled like grapes!

Hardy geranium.  I have the tag, but it doesn't name the variety.  This is one that doesn't seem to reseed all over.  I wish it did.

My surprise returning Virginia Bluebells (mertensia).  

Columbines (aquilegia).  There are so many different ones blooming, these are the newest ones I found with more coming soon.
Very dainty pink.
Columbines with Spanish Bluebells blooming behind them.

I think the sun is supposed to come out today, I'm hoping to get a couple of containers planted, and maybe the nursery will call to say the Clematis 'Josephine' is in...
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  1. Your spring flowers are lovely! Which species is your Jacob's Ladder?

  2. I like how Cosmos re-seeds itself. I always let the seedlings get started and them move them around. I'm sure you do the same.

  3. Hi Catherine~
    Lucky you! You have so many lovely spring flowers coming up! The morning glory that I have is called a "ipomea carnea" it is a perennial bush/tree type morning glory that blooms year round in my zone 10 garden. It's really nice because it isn't invasive like the vine variety of morning glory. It starts very easily by cutting and if you'd like I could send you a few stems to try for yourself. Let me know. Happy gardening! Hope the rain lets up soon :)

  4. Oh, they are so lovely. You and I have the same taste in colors. Wonderful groupings! ~Brooke

  5. I so hope the sun comes out for you! Hubby and I were moving furniture last night, left it in the truck as we thought no rain-guess what at 3 am? Yup. So much for the sun and weather reporters! Don't trust them. We are drowned here with so much rain. Probably best since I still have a project to write!

    Love your colombines! I found a baptisia in my garden the other day-it bloomed for the first time in 5 years. But mine was in full shade so maybe that is why. I've since moved it. Yours is way bigger than mine so I bet it will bloom wonderfully! Here's to the sun!

  6. Looks like the plants enjoyed the rain even if you didn't. Nice photos.

  7. Mornin' Catherine, again those Virginia Bluebells are so beautiful. I have to find some somewhere. And your pink Columbine is so very delicate. I have buds on my Jacobs Ladder and even sniffed them but guess ya have to wait for the color to show. That's ok - gives the neighbors something to laugh at.
    Today looks like a re-run of yesterday. I don't mind the rain so much as I do the cold that seems to come with it lately. I hate gardening in 3+ layers of clothes. ;-)

  8. How exciting!!! Ohhhh!! was worth putting the coat on!!!

    Linzi x x

  9. What absolutely beautiful photos Catherine. I would love to walk around your yard with you. I love that you have Bells of Ireland - I love that plant but do not have any. Happy Mother's Day to you.

  10. Wow! You have quite a few things in bloom...how fun :) I especially like the Virginia Bluebells...they are so pretty! Can't wait to see the poppy/bachelor button/larkspur flower bed in bloom!

  11. Ahhh! Looking at all those blues makes me sad. No no, not sad as in sad sad, but sad as in sad! :P
    I mean that makes me think of the lost cornflower seedlings! Bachelor buttons! Ahhh! I'm in love! Will she come back to my garden? [sigh] At least I get to enjoy blues from your blog! Thank you :)

  12. How exciting! I just bought clematis 'Josephine' the other week too. I actually mail-ordered it but when I visited my favorite nursery, I couldn't believe my eyes. After searching two years for it, there it was! Anyway, it's here now and planted so I'm happy. Hope you get yours soon. I found some larkspur seedlings last night too but I'd love a few bells of Ireland ~ I didn't know those self sowed?

  13. Well, looks like you got through your withdrawal period with tons of energy to spare! Love all your columbines, I definitely need to get going on planting those here. I need to empty the barrel where my hebe gave up the ghost. I've been putting it off since it's sooooo heavy! What are you putting in your newly empty one? I'm thinking about a fig for mine!!?!

  14. My rain pants aka rubber pants, and rain coat have become close friends lately. I feel so far behind it isn't funny. Especially when I see your lovely pictures.

  15. Gorgeous!
    I cannot believe how far ahead of us you and your garden is!!!
    I can't wait for my flowers to bloom but it will be months here!

  16. A super blog post today. Gorgeous photos. It's so exciting to see self sown seedlings coming up. They're my favourite sort, you never know what'll pop up. I love your flowers. It's been so windy in Ireland I've hardly been out today. Let's hope tomorrow is better.

  17. Your blooms are so pretty Catherine. I hope that Baptisia blooms the first year. I planted some in fall of last year and it's looking great but no blooms yet.

  18. Sweet bay - I'm not sure of the variety of this one. I've had it for years and it self sows. It's my favorite of the 3 types I have. It does get mildewy by the end of the summer though.

    Prospero - I definitely move around some of the self seeders. I'm always surprised by how many return.

    Karrita - Thanks for letting me know about the Morning glory. I'll see if I can find some around here, and if not I'll take you up on your generous offer! Thanks :)

    Brooke - We do, lots of pink :)

    Tina - I hope you didn't get anything important wet in the truck. I take most forecasts with a grain of salt around here.
    I know Baptisia can take awhile to bloom. Hope you gets lots more now that it'll get more sun.

    Darla - I think you're right, the plants appreciate a good soaking even if we don't.

    Linda - The weather didn't improve much until about 7 pm here. I think my neighbors think I'm crazy taking pictures of my flowers. I hope you smell the grape smell. I forgot how sweet they were.

    Linzi - It was worth the coat for sure, I loved finding all these flowers.

    Mildred - Wouldn't it be fun if we could all walk through each others gardens? I planted Bells of Ireland from seed last year and barely got any plants and the ones I got were very short. I did read that they can self sow. Maybe these ones will be taller.

    Marissa - The Virginia Bluebells are really pretty, I thought they had died, but then they surprised me.

    Chandramouli - Many of the bachelor buttons here reseeded. The ones I planted in the front have almost all sprouted except for one area. I'll take lots of pictures for you.

    Kathleen - You're so lucky to have 'Josephine'. I haven't heard anything yet. Maybe I'll have to order it too. I'm happy to see the Bells of Ireland self seeded. There seedling leaves look similar to hollyhock seedling leaves.

    Karen - I'll be glad to share lots of Columbine seeds with you. I have lots of different ones, and they all create new looking babies. I think a fig sounds great. You might look into 'Desert King'. It's a good one for here. I'm going to make my a shady container, so far it has one hosta in it.

    Lanny - Yes, the rain has gotten old. They are promising sun for the weekend. Hope you're able to get out and enjoy it!

    The Retired One - It's really interesting seeing the difference in flowers right now. I can't believe what's blooming in Florida and parts of the south right now. Soon you'll be seeing yours.

    BT - It's fun to see how those self sown mix together, almost like little bouquets! I hope you get some nice gardening weather soon!

    Susie - Maybe you'll be surprised. The buds just appeared as the shoots came up from the ground. I think I may have about 3. Hope you get some!

  19. Wow, so many blooms! My columbines don't even think to bloom, yet!And geraniums are late. I like to walk through the garden and see what plants self-seeded, this is so exciting! Have a great weekend Catherine!

  20. Tatyana - I love seeing what has self seeded too, so many pretty surprises. I have that show up in the strangest places too. Most of my geraniums just have buds, this is the only one in bloom. Hope you start seeing flowers soon!

  21. Your larkspur seedlings almost look like love in a mist. Did you have some of those, too?

    I probably have 50 or more cleomes in my front bed. I need to hoe some to make room for the ones I want to grow. A friend wants some of them.


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