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Friday, May 29, 2009

How about some color!

It's hard not to notice the color beginning to jump out of the garden right now.  A few weeks ago I was glad I had lots of interesting foliage to look at.  As much as I appreciate the leaves it's the flowers I really love to see.  

Spiraea 'Magic Carpet'

Syringa x prestoniae 'Miss Canada' is just beginning to bloom.  This type doesn't have the same yummy fragrance that Syringa vulgaris does.   It does have a scent, just different.  I'll show a picture of it when it's fully blooming.  The flowers form a "looser" shape than the Syringa vulgaris too.   The bumblebees seem to still like it, they were all over the open blooms.

My youngest sister and her husband landscaped their backyard last summer.  She asked if my other sister and I wanted the iris.  Of course we said "Yes!!"  Who doesn't want pretty, free plants?   These iris are a really pretty, light lavender.  Thanks Maureen!!

This Daylily was here when we bought the house.  I've dug it up and spread it all through the front yard.  I've shared it with my sister too, the one that also took the free iris.  I don't know the variety, but it is a lemony-yellow.  This one doesn't rebloom, so we enjoy them while they last.

Ornamental strawberry (fragaria ananassa) 'Lipstick' grows near our driveway.  A tough and pretty groundcover that will put up with foot traffic.  It does occasionally produce edible berries.

I think this guy got a little mixed up.  He and his lady friend were hanging around yesterday morning but couldn't find the thistle feeder.  I moved it to a tree where it may be more visible.  I'm glad to see the American Goldfinches back.  The last couple of years they haven't been around much.

The sun is already out and we're supposed to get a high of 76 today!

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  1. The color around your home is beautiful. The lemony yellow Daylily, if it's like mine, it's very fragrant. Put your nose in there and take a big sniff. The calla lilies that I have, I planted a bed of pink ones three years ago, where in the world the yellow one came from is a God thing!!

  2. Color is good for sure:) Love it!

  3. I love the pink of your ornamental strawberry-berries would just be a bonus. I love strawberry foliage too, so pretty.

  4. I like your strawberry ground cover. I guess it's a perennial(?) Are the strawberries small like alpine strawberries? The rest of your garden is looking mighty fine, and as you say, colorful.

  5. It so nice when the colour really starts to appear

  6. I especially like the iris and daylily -- beautiful...

  7. That daylily is really a pretty color. All your plants are looking wonderful. Hope you enjoy the weekend.

  8. I just left a comment on Mr. McGregor's Daughter's blog hinting that the Seattle bloggers should host spring fling next year. Hosting requires a good concentration of garden bloggers, and you have SAGBUTT already set up. Plus I could probably come to Seattle :-) Who knows if she'll follow up on it. Maybe someday, eh?

  9. Lovely colour! The iris is glorious.

    It's been really hot today here too, with scents wafting across the garden.

  10. Darla - You're right, that daylily did smell good. I was just out watering and remembered to smell it.

    Tina - The more color the better right now :)

    My English Country Garden - Those strawberries are great plants, I love the bright pink.

    Prospero - It is a perennial and stays looking pretty good through the winter. The berries are a bit bigger than alpine strawberries, if I see any I'll take some pictures.

    patientgardener - It is nice seeing that bright color!

    sweet bay - I really love them both, and I didn't have to buy either :)

    Mildred - Thanks. Hope you are relaxing and enjoying your time off from blogging :)

    VW - Wouldn't that be fun? Plus there are quite a few Oregon and Idaho bloggers that aren't that far from here either. It would be great to meet you and others as well.

    Phoenix - Don't you love when it warms up and you can really smell all the flowers!

  11. Such wonderful color in your garden already!How inspiring..summer is just weeks away!Enjoy this weekend admiring the quiet gifts of your garden!

  12. Beautiful color! May is such a fabulous time to be in the garden. Your visiting Goldfinch is just as colorful as your flowers.

  13. Beautiful beautiful! Colors, flowers, pictures - ok so I got a little too much sun today. 76? Ya think? I think we must of hit 100 at least judging by my wet face and near heat stroke. ;-) But my flowers need sun so I'm letting it go. I even went and bought a couple annuals for my pots.
    Gotta get to bed LOL
    Your yellow daylily is gorgeous. I think mine looks like it - gonna smell it later. Love your miss canada too.

  14. Naturegirl - Thanks! I hope you have a great weekend too!

    Grace - Isn't it great month? I can't believe it's almost June already.

    Linda - Can you believe how warm it was and will be again? Our side yard is feels 10 degrees hotter than the rest of our yard and of course that's where I decided to work yesterday.
    I hope you went to bed, it looks like it was 3 in the morning when you were commenting :)

  15. You really have me interested in ornamental strawberry. I think I need one! Now to find one locally. I remember seeing it, but where? Hmmm.

  16. It definitely is popping with color! Very nice and the finches are fun to have around as tehy eat upside down!

  17. We call the yellow daylilly a "lemon lilly". They bloom earlier here than the regular orange field lillies.
    I like them very much!


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