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Thursday, May 28, 2009

A few new flowers and a lucky shot!

New flowers are showing up daily again.  It felt like my garden had been on hold other than the pretty Columbines that have been blooming.  June is usually a great month in my garden.  I see that lots of plants are covered in buds.  
Here are a few new flowers that I found yesterday:

Geranium - unknown.  I did find a geranium tag for 'Plenum'  I wish I remembered when I bought it and where it was planted.  It's supposed to be a double lavender flower.  I hate when I have a tag and no plant.  Usually it's the other way around.

Geranium 'Johnson's Blue'  I didn't even notice buds on it, now it's got lots of flowers.

Viburnum plicatum  'Summer Snowflake', still taking it's time growing, but has quite a few of these pretty flowers.

Unknown bulb, but I think it's in the allium family.  It smells like onions, I'm pretty sure I've accidentally weeded them thinking they were chives.

Pink Lupine

I realized the original lupine picture wasn't very clear, so I went back out later in the day and this is when my surprises came.  
First I looked down and out of the corner of my eye I caught this, the first clematis 'Nelly Moser' bloom.  It's way down at the bottom, not really even noticeable.
'Nelly Moser' and 'Jackmanii' grow here together.  'Jackmanii' is the giant one.

'Nelly Moser', isn't she beautiful?!

Then I stood camera in hand waiting to catch one of the Chickadees bringing food to the babies in the birdhouse.  I stood and waited.  I missed him going in.  I stood and waited more, I missed him coming out.  As I put my camera down I heard a "whoosh" and I knew what that was.  I turned  and took one shot and look what I caught!
I'm pretty sure this is a male Rufous hummingbird.  Male Anna's also frequently visit this new feeder.

This was a case of right place, right time and camera in hand.

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  1. The weather has been divine hasn't it!? My lupine has disappeared again, it seems I only get a couple of years out of my plantings, I think they may be too dry this time. But I will try again, I am determined and it is one of EBet's favorites.

    I have to keep my Johnson blue in a pot otherwise I would weed it. Even in a pot every year I look at it and wonder if the wild geranium took over the pot.

    Gardening, part art, part sport, part science, part literature... all good work.

  2. What a great picture! I can't even catch a bee...

  3. It's been like that in my garden too Catherine. Seems like I was waiting for a long time for things to "pop" and now that time is here. It's wonderful isn't it? I've gotten my best shots waiting around like you were doing. I'm trying to remember to haul my camera out into the garden every time I go. All your new blooms are beautiful but I love the clematis especially. :-)

  4. Your flowers are looking great. I "think" that my Nelly Moser has finally made an appearance...Great shot of the hummer, it does look like a male...

  5. Great shots especially the hummer. They have been whizzing around my olive tree...in full bloom right now, that must be what I'm allergic too! couldn't dop without my cranesbill geraniums, wish I could do lupines......

  6. I tell you I do so love the 'Summer Snowflake' viburnum. I almost threw mine out two years ago. Now it is full shade and blooming its heart out. Great shot of the hummingbird! P.S. I won't forget about the seeds very soon.

  7. Lucky you to catch the hummingbird in mid air. You have some nice pretties growing in your yard. I am waiting for my Johnsons Blue Geranium to get some size and buds.

  8. Great shots! Really nice hummingbird capture.

  9. Great photos! I just hung my hummingbird feeder and am trying to catch one...I am taking a camera class in a few weeks and I hope to learn to set the shutter speed to catch his wings in slow motion too!
    Aren't they adorable????

  10. Geranium is snazzy!!! I am excited to see your lupine bloom. Mine are mere babes ;(

  11. Excellent shot of the hummer. Do you keep the feeder out all year? I've read to bring them in so they go to the plants. Preference? The clematis is wonderful. I just spotted new growth on the one I always think I kill. Another lovely day!

  12. Great shot of the hummingbird! I can't seem to catch them in a photo even though I have lots of them at my feeders. -Jackie

  13. Lanny - This weather has been gorgeous. I think the lupine only live a few years, I have to replace mine every so often unless they reseed. I agree with what you said about gardening, it is all good work.

    Town Mouse - It really was a lucky shot. Bees are hard too, unless you catch them resting.

    Kathleen - It's hard waiting when I know they are so close, but I don't think there's anything stopping the flowers now. I should bring my camera out with me too while I garden, today the birds were all over the yard.

    Darla - I wonder if Nelly Moser is a more difficult clematis. The rest of mine do really well, that one is always struggling. Hope yours blooms for you too.

    Susie - It's frustrating to have allergies this time of year when you really want to be outside. I just love watching the hummingbirds, always entertaining.

    Tina - Summer Snowflake took awhile to do much here too, it does get quite a bit of shade. Maybe it likes more shad than other viburnums. I was so excited to catch that hummer!
    Thanks for the seeds and I'm saving you some too :)

    Becca - That geranium is such a nice color, don't you wish it would bloom longer? Mine doesn't bloom too long.

    sweet bay - Thanks, maybe next time I can catch the Anna's, they are really cool looking.

    The Retired One - Great you are taking camera classes. I wonder if I can adjust my shutter speed? I hope you can catch a hummer at your feeders soon!

    Dirt Princess - I love the lupines, such neat looking flowers. They smell good too. I just wish they didn't end up infested with aphids.

    Melanthia - I've heard both about the feeders here. I've read they stay here anyway. Once the flowers were gone here, they did come to the feeders pretty often. I feel bad for the ones that don't fly south. The hummers seem to prefer the flowers over the feeders.
    Gorgeous out! Just came in for a break.

    Jackie - They are hard. My camera sometimes won't focus on them because they are moving to much. It really was just luck this time :)

  14. You have some pretty blooms and I love the pic of the hummer.

  15. The Nelly Moser is beautiful but I love the shot of the hummer. Such pretty little birdies.

  16. Pretty blooms right now Catherine. Earlier this week I was at the nursery and almost picked up a hardy geranium but put it down as it would have been an impulse buy. Now I regret not getting it. What a great shot of the hummingbird too! Try as I might I can never get a decent shot of them at our feeders.

  17. Beautiful flower pictures and ya did good getting that hummingbird. Chickadee will be next. I find it's sometimes easier to use my eye rather than the screen when doing birds. And many times I have to sit and have it aimed a long time before getting that shot. But I don't have a young family to take care of either and other important things to do like you - just us old people sitting on the deck waiting for something exciting to happen! LOL

  18. Oh my word!! I can't believe you captured that!! Beautiful!


  19. Your flowers look beautiful! I love your Nelly Mosher!(-:
    Great hummingbird picture too!!!
    CiNdEeS' GaRdEn

  20. Hi Catherine,

    Thanks for the great comment on my blog photos. I really appreciate it!

    Is that your front yard at the top of your blog? It's GORGEOUS. I love that shade of blue on your porch. Your garden looks as full as mine is now!




  21. Mildred - Thanks!

    Susie - I haven't seen another hummer since then. Maybe I'll catch an Anna's next time.

    Cynthia - If you got back you should get the geranium. They are tough plants. Hope you can catch one of these guys at your feeder :)

    Linda - We had a family of chickadees in our yard last night, they wouldn't sit still long enough for a good picture. They all came out a little blurry.
    There are days I wish I could go out without 2 kids and a dog following me, they scare off the birds :)

    Jen - Thank you :)

    Cindee - I was so excited to see a flower on her, way down at the bottom.

    Cindydyer - Thanks, that is my house. That picture is a couple of years old. Pretty soon the garden will be ready for a new picture. Lots of plants are beginning to bloom.

  22. Great Hummingbird pic.

    I love Johnson's blue, I''ve planted lots os it the last couple of years,


  23. I have those geraniums, too, only mine are pink. Looks like your garden is a few weeks ahead of mine, it's been cool here. (Chicago) Lovely garden, and a great shot of the hummer!

  24. Hi Catherine! Nellie Moser is beautiful. I love your geraniums! I purchased two different varieties two years ago. I switched them but lost one of the tags! (I hate it when that happens!) Great photos! :-)

  25. What a perfect hummingbird shot! The pink lupine buds are great too and look like they will put on quite a show!

  26. How lucky you are to capture a hummingbird on film! They often visited my feeder last year, but this year I haven't seen a one. Hubby did though, darn it! This year I have a lot more hummingbird flowers planted near the nectar feeder, so maybe that will draw them in.

  27. I love gardening!! All those flowers are looking so beautiful and fresh...


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