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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fruits and vegetables.

I thought I would do an update on some of the fruits and vegetables growing in the garden.  These are all either in the side yard in raised beds, or soon to be moved in over there.  I had wanted to get the plants I started inside planted out, but the weather is not supposed to be very warm this week, so I will still bring them in at night.  The side yard needs a good cleanup now, and I think I'll do that this weekend.  

'Buttercrunch' lettuce growing on the deck.

Basil 'Napoletano' that was started from seed.  These leaves are really big, they never got this big last year.  The stem can hardly support the weight.

My poor 'Brandywine' tomatoes that were started from seed.  I put them out the other day not knowing a wind and rain storm was coming.  They were pretty beat up.  I've staked them and will keep them inside for another week.  The other tomatoes that were started from seed look much better.  They are all beginning to get flower buds.

Bush zucchini flower.  I can't keep up with pinching the flowers, and now I'm just leaving them.  

This is Sweet Pea's square foot garden.  The red onions are all up, bush peas and sugar snap peas are starting to grow.  There aren't many carrots that have sprouted.  We never have much luck with carrots, but it's her favorite thing to try.  I hope she gets some.

'Desert King' fig tree.  I was actually going to post a question a week ago because I thought it was dead.  I went outside yesterday and found these and more.   The first crop of fruit on a fig tree is called the breba crop.  They grow on the last season's growth.  The main crop, which will come later in the summer, grows on new growth.  This variety is supposed to be a great one for the Northwest.

Strawberry flowers!  The bees were very busy buzzing around while I took pictures.  I've lost track of the varieties but I know I planted all everbearing types.  These are planted at the base of the fig tree.

The blueberry bushes are just loaded.  This is 'Jersey', by far the most full of flowers of any of the 5 varieties I have.  It's also the largest bush.

And here are the hops.  I better remind my husband to find something for these to climb on!  They are already growing so fast just up this short trellis.
I can't wait to be eating the different fruits and vegetables we have started.  First it needs to warm back up here.  We've also had pouring rain and wind for the last 2 days.
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  1. I love the butter crunch lettuce! Everything is growing so fast for you. We've had lots of rain too. I'm looking forward to some SUN!

  2. Wow! How your garden grows!! It all looks yummy!!

  3. Mornin' Catherine! Isn't this weather horrible? I was really down yesterday looking at such a dark dreary wet day after the wonderful weather we've had! Dang!
    Your fruits and vegies look good in spite of the weather. Hope Sweet Pea gets some carrots. Wonder why they don't grow for you - Bob always had them when he use to do a garden and they came up great. I'll ask him what his secret was. ;-) Maybe he'll tell me it's a secret . . . Nahhhh not when it's for a little sweet pea.
    Hey I was going to sprinkle my flower seeds after the 15th (out of frost danger) but we will be gone. Will it be to late to do them around the 18th? Will they still have time to grow and bloom? Oh listen to this positive thinking - grow and bloom!

  4. Fruits of your labor. I foresee some deliicious summer salads being served up

  5. Yummy! The lettuce looks very good. Sorry that wind hammered your tomatoes- we had that terrible wind too. Your zucchini looks terrific! I've heard the flowers are tasty sauted, but I've never tried it.

  6. Catherine, everything looks good. I hope your tomatoes recover. Could you send some rain down by my way?

  7. Hi You do so well with your vegetables especially with them in pots.
    Perhaps you could send some of your rain across the pond so while I am away visiting Dad Mike won't need to water so much.

  8. Catherine your blueberries look so full. Looks like you will have a good mess of berries. The zucchini looks real good. Your gardens are progressing nicely. Becca

  9. It all looks delicious. I am behind on my vegetable planting even though all I put in are a few tomatoes, peppers and herbs. I have the tomatoes planted but not the peppers. And I'm having a terrible time finding chives this year.

  10. I've never seen so many blueberry flowers! You will have tons soon. I bet Sweet Pea is very proud of her garden. It looks great.

  11. The lettuce looks good! I love the name Buttercrunch. You have a lot of nice stuff growing in your garden!

  12. Hi Catherine

    You have so much on the go!

    I hope the weather picks up.


  13. Mildred - It's been growing really fast. I'm hoping the sun eventually comes out, so far just rain.

    Darla - It sure is growing!

    Linda - It has just been pouring here. I hope it does dry out in the next day or so. Please ask for any secret tips your husband has for carrots, we won't tell anyone else :)
    Your seeds will probably be fine, I think you should go for it. Your frost date is a lot later than ours, it was about a month ago.

    Dirt Princess - I hope we do, I remember how good the blueberries were last year!

    Tessa- It's too bad you're getting this same awful weather. I want spring back! I forgot about squash blossoms, maybe we'll try some for fun.

    Prospero - I wish I could send you some, and you could send me some sun :)

    Joanne - Most of them will be in raised beds with good soil, but I'm going to try some tomatoes in pots again this year. I just need to get some really big ones.

    Becca - I hope we have lots of blueberries, we had a good amount last year and they kept ripening all summer.

    Phillip - I wish I could share our chives, we've had the same ones come back or reseed for years. They are close to blooming. I've got to get peppers too.

    Tina - Every year we have more, and 'Jersey' is always the most productive. I can't wait to eat some!

    sweet bay - Thanks, we should probably start picking some to thin it. I may send my daughter out to get some for dinner.

  14. Rob - We have a pretty good variety going. I hope the weather changes, still raining as I look outside.

  15. We do have quite a few things in common Catherine. On top of dead looking butterfly bushes I too have been wondering about my fig tree. I have it growing in a large container- it moved up here with us from S.California over 3 years ago. It has not been very happy since that move. This year I am really worried about it as it does not appear to be alive. I'm glad to see yours made it through. Maybe there is still hope for mine.

  16. Catherine I don't know that our frost date is that much later I just don't trust it after the beautiful Fuchsia Bob bought me one year and kept it in his pickup and it froze - that was around May 15th or so - Mother's Day and we lived down below where it's usually a bit warmer. It was probably just a freaky year.
    Bob said on the carrots the only thing he could think of he did different was he never planted them quite as deep as they tell you to. He said he planted them a couple of inches. He also said some chicken poo in the fall mixed into the soil for more nitrogen? I told him great gardener that you are you probably have the soil in good shape.

  17. Wow, I am so impressed with the tomato plants you started from seed! Mine was just a few inches tall, with only one set of true leaves. They really stalled!

  18. When you can get everything outside, it's just going to take off!! Your seedlings have done so well. It will be really rewarding to eat the fruits of your labor (so to speak!)

  19. Your buttercrunch lettuce is so green and healthy

  20. Lots happening your garden! I'm with you....I am ready for some sunshine and warm weather, and my garden needs it, too. It's one of the coolest, rainiest springs I can remember.

  21. It all looks yummy and if it makes you feel better---a dog went potty on my mater plants. The plants turned yellow and now I have to go buy new ones. Errrrr. The square foot garden is way to grand.

  22. Wow Catherine- your garden looks great and so green! Your daughter's garden is growing nicely too! Good for her, never too young to appreciate dirt!

  23. Those are some great photos. It is nice to capture the moment because every day they grow a little more. And that basil is outrageous. How did you do that? Happy Gardening.

  24. Cynthia - I hope your fig comes back. Mine literally had nothing a few days ago, just sticks and these little figs just appeared.

    Linda - Oh, I hope we don't have a late frost, but now that you mention it I do remember one around mother's day because one of my water plants died right after I got it on mother's day from a late frost. I'll pass Bob's carrot tips onto my daughter, maybe it's the chicken manure we're missing!

    Msrobin - These tomatoes have just taken off, and I've never tried them from seed before. Maybe it's just they type they are. I hope yours get going for you, I'm sure they will.

    Kathleen - If the rain and wind stop I'm going to put them out. I can't wait for the fruits of my labor either, Yum!

    vuejardin - I have to say the buttercrunch is the healthiest look lettuce I've grown and the slugs haven't found it either luckily.

    Connie - I hope we both get some nice warm sun. We seem to get it for a day and then it's gone again.

    Anna - I guess your tomatoes got it worse then :( Isn't her square foot garden nice? She can't wait to fill her last few squares.

    Heather - She's excited to see those sprouts growing too. I think once it stays warm here the rest will get going too.

    Suburban Gardener - Isn't that basil huge? I should've measured the leaves. I didn't do anything different to it this year, except I gave it a 1/2 strength fertilizer a few weeks ago.

  25. Wow ,those blueberries make my mouth water with anticipation.I have a very alkaline soil,and know growing a bush would not be a sucess here. You simply can't compare the taste of fresh American blueberries with the refrigerated examples we get in the UK(IMHO, of course!)

  26. You must have the perfect growing environment and fantastic soil. Your plants always looks so great. Even your weather beaten tomatoes don't look so bad.

    I had to go out and stake up some Sweet cherry 100 tomatoes I have in a pot. We had tremendous wind this weekend too.

  27. myenglishcountrygarden - We are lucky out here to have pretty acidic soil. I agree that fresh blueberries are the best. We have blueberry farms here that you can go pick your own and they are really good too.

    Susie - My tomatoes are looking much better, they had all fallen over and the stems looked a little bent. I hope your wind stops too. We all need some spring weather.

  28. That buttercrunch lettuce looks delicious!! I thought my blueberry plants had a lot of blooms until I saw yours - WOW! How old are yours?

  29. Ginger - That one is at least 5 years old, but it's only been in that spot for 2 years. Before that it didn't produce many at all. I dug in a lot of peat moss around them last year and I think that helps a lot.


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