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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yeah for April Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

It's already time for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.  I find that I start looking through my gardens days ahead to see what might be in bloom.  The fun part is I still find more the day I take my pictures along with signs of what will be blooming soon.  Lots of flower buds appearing overnight right now.

Here is brunnera, I don't know the variety, but love the forget-me-not looking flowers.

Muscari, lots and lots of it.   This is the first year I've seen hummingbirds on it!

I finally was able to get this identified, it's leucojum 'Snowflake'.  Thanks to all of you who helped me the day I posted another one of these blooms.  I think I need to add more since there are only a few that came up.  I don't even remember planting them.

Ribes sanguineum I know I've posted pictures of it quite a few times, but this is a new picture of a flower all the way open.

White vinca minor

White marsh marigold (caltha palustris).  A very dependable water plant.

Water Hawthorn (aponogeton distachyus).  Lots of blooms on this now, they look so pretty floating on the water.  I still haven't gotten close enough to see if they smell like vanilla.

Primula denticulata, the only one not damaged by the late snow.  The rest look very sad.

The weeping cherry tree is in full bloom.  I love how the petals look like snow on the ground below it.

Daphne x transatlantica  'Summer Ice' This one is hard to photograph, it never looks as good in a picture as it does in person.

Clematis armandii Still not in full bloom and the flowers are about half of their normal size.  Maybe next year...

Camellia japonica 'Kumasaka'  Lots of blooms finally opened, although there are still quite a few buds.

Pieris japonica 'Purity' It's first year in bloom in my garden, I can't wait until it's larger and even more showy.

For more blooms today, visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens.
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  1. My goodness you have a good show today!

  2. Wow, lots of blooms compared to mine yet again. Sigh. Not even one. On the bright side our snow is almost gone....

  3. Mornin' Catherine, you have lots of pretties today. I love your Water Hawthorn. Your Camellia is so pretty - I think maybe mine isn't going to bloom - it has buds but sure is late I think. Your Clematis armandii looks good - hey Karen over at greenwalks is having a problem with hers - maybe you might have experienced the same thing. She mentioned pitching it and I said maybe she shouldn't since it does bloom then they die. I told her I had to move one of my Clematis so she said maybe she'd do that.
    I took pictures yesterday - but only got 1 lithodora bloom (pitiful) and a slug! Think it'll fly?

  4. Oh, lucky you! So many blooms! I think my favorite was the camelia. I like the symmetry of the petals. Maybe I can make a ceramic camelia someday.
    Happy spring!

  5. The BEST blooms yet! The camellia could be enlarged and framed - it's perfect!

  6. Very pretty, Catherine. I think we're a few weeks behind you here. It's nice to get a preview of what will be happening here down the road! I have the same Pieris, but mine's a little smaller than yours. It got zapped by a late frost last year (I didn't realize they were so sensitive or I would have covered it) and still hasn't fully recovered. Yours is gorgeous!

  7. My gosh you have so many beautiful things blooming! The photography is great. What kind of camera do you use for those close-ups?

  8. Just gorgeous all! I love that Daphne and can imagine the heavenly smell all the way here. The one I tried to grow, I killed:( Your pieris is awesome too!

  9. Oh, I so enjoy Bloom Day! Thanks for sharing all your beauties with us. I'm finding I have quite a long shopping list after bloom day! Just need a good location for a water garden...

  10. I love those water plants. I've never seen them before. The more I visited garden blogs, the more I noticed blooms which I've never known before. And the Camellia japonica 'Kumasaka' is awesome. Lovely!

  11. Just beautiful Catherine! So many pretty blooms it's hard to pick a favorite ~ but I guess we don't have to. I really like that primula. Too bad the others got damaged. I bet they make a striking display. That water hawthorn is on my list of plants to look for thanks to you. and even if 'armandii' isn't what it should be, it's still gorgeous. I'm so glad it's April. We're really getting into my favorite time of year now. So much to look forward to!!!! Have a great day.

  12. That Pieris japonica is incredibly beautiful already!

  13. Be careful smelling the Water Hawthorn! We don't need you falling in! I really like the brunnera- so pretty. The Pieris 'Mountain Fire' that we put in last year is looking awful! Its first year and we had that kind of winter! Three of them are going to be replaced as there is no new growth on them- hubby insisted! I'm going to pull them up and pot them- I'm not convinced they are dead. :)

  14. Our weeping cherry is all done with blooming, I really do wish they would bloom for longer- don't you?

  15. Hi Catherine, what a joyous lot of flowers! The primroses are my heart's delight, I have trouble with them in our drought and heat, but still keep trying. Maybe the P. dent. will work here, I will give it a try. That camellia is simply perfection, and the weeping cherry gives a second show with the petals on the ground. Wonderful. Happy bloom day!

  16. Hi Catherine lovely photos what a pity we can't smell them too but we can imagine the smell. Glad you sorted out your Leocojum Snowflake. They quickly multiply and can be divided and re planted but I think in the green like snowdrops.


  17. What an awesome show your garden has put up for this month's GBBD! I've asked my sis to get me the Bell Hyacinths, so am waiting for her, which would be a month from now and it seems like a year already!
    How cool to have hummingbirds! [sigh] At least a sunbird should visit my garden :( For once in my life I'd love to have a single hummingbird or similar bird drinking nectar out of my flowers. Wouldn't that be satiating? I'm sure you felt blessed when you saw the hummingbird drinking the sweetness off your flowers, didn't you?

  18. Darla - Thanks, yours is beautiful too!

    Cinj - I bet you'll have lots for the May bloom day, at least the snow is gone!

    Linda - You should still share your bloom, one is still good! I saw Karen's post, some of those armandiis were huge. Hers looks like mine, but I'm not giving up on it, just blaming it on the snow!

    Karrita - I bet a ceramic camellia would be beautiful, I hope you try!

    Mildred - Thanks! The camellia really is photogenic isn't it?

    Donna - I hope your 'Purity' makes it, I just love how covered in blooms it gets.

    Ginger - Thanks! I don't use anything fancy. It's a 6 year old digital minolta and I've just really been practicing using the macro. I never even knew it had that setting until a couple of months ago!

    Tina - Thanks! Yes that daphne does smell so good. I'm finally able to smell it from around the yard, it's so sweet. Daphne really can be very temperamental.

    Jamie - It's really fun to see what everyone has blooming now isn't it? I look forward to seeing everyone else's!

    Blossom - Maybe you can find one to add to your pond. It's a very easy plant!

    Kathleen - Thanks! I hope you do get water hawthorn, it's great to have all those blooms now until the water lilies begin.

    queerbychoice - Thanks, I'm so happy to see so many flowers on it!

    Tessa- Yes, wouldn't that be fun, I know one day I probably will! I have one pieris that has never bloomed, but I'm not giving up on it either. Hope yours start to grow.

    Ether Maiden - I would love it if it bloomed all spring. They are just so pretty.

    Frances - Thanks! I think you should try it, I bet you could grow anything. Usually I have quite a few blooming, but this year only this one looks good. I love the snow from the cherries!

    Joanne - I'm glad I figured it out to with help! I think I will plant quite a few more, they are really such interesting flowers.

    Chandramouli - Do you get hummingbirds there? I love seeing them, I always try to get pictures but they are so small and so fast I don't have much luck. I hope the birds discover your flowers so you can enjoy some.

  19. Thank you for sharing yur blooms today. As usual you have such a lovely selection. As a child I never cared for my mom's pieris japonica but now I think I am ready to have one in my garden, because every time I see one in some one's collection I really enjoy its texture.

  20. Fantastic bloom, Catherine....I am loving the camellia and the beauty of your cherry tree. The fallen petals are a second show! The brunnera flowers are so sweet and the ribes flower is delightful. I have a yellow flowered Ribes odoratum, but it's flower is nothing like this pink beauty! Have a great GBBD! gail

  21. You have some real beauties for April there Catherine. I do like your white vinca. Just wondering whether it's much as a thug as its blue counterpart ?

  22. Love the pieris in your yard. Like the rest of the acid-lover shrubs, it usually looks half dead around Spokane.
    Re your comment on my blog - I started my post last week but didn't publish it until this week. I wish I could update the date when I hit publish, but haven't figured out how. I often take a few days between starting and publishing, and often forget to copy the whole thing into a new post form so the date will be correct. Oh, well.

  23. You have lots of pretty to look at this morning. I needed some color in my world and your photos did it. Still too windy to get outside here. Soon. The forecast said snow possible today, and 80 on Sunday. Idaho is nutty.

  24. I'm not familiar with water hawthorn but that is a beauty. Clematis armandii is a plant I'm searching for this year. I had it long ago but it died on me. It isn't the hardiest to grow here but I'm determined to have it.

  25. Beautiful as usual Catherine!

  26. What a beautiful variety of blooms! I do love Ribes - not many people talk much about it, but for me, it is a lovely display.

  27. So many pretty things blooming in your garden today! I'm glad to hear that phlox David is a good plant choice. I don't have many white flowers anyway.

  28. Lanny - Thanks. You know pieris is one that sort of took time to grow on me too. I used to think it was a little boring, but now that I've seen so many varieties I really like them more.

    Gail - Thanks! The camellia really is a pretty one, this variety is supposed to stay on the small side which I like!

    Anna- Hi! Yes this white one gets very carried away. I try to keep it along our fence area to help with erosion.

    VW - I didn't realize that the acid lovers didn't do well there. Interesting just being on the other side of the mountains.
    I'm glad I saw your post. It didn't show up on my sidebar, you always have such informative posts that I hate to miss them. I think the date can be changed at the bottom of your post when you go to edit it, there is post options and that's where to change it. Anyway, I'm glad I got to read it :)

    Heather - snow to 80, that is quite a swing! Hopefully you'll get out there when it warms up!

    Phillip - I hope you are able to find the clematis, it really is a nice one, especially in full bloom. I think it has a nice fragrance too.

    Susie - Thank you!

    Phoenix - I've been noticing ribes being planted a lot more around here. Along roads and at schools. I know the rest of the year it doesn't really look that exciting, but in bloom I think it's beautiful.

    Msrobin - Thanks! Yes, I think you'll like 'David', it's supposed to be a good disease resistant one.

  29. Great showing Catherine! You have quite the variety. Your muscari looks beautiful!!

  30. You have a lovely assortment of blooms! I like the primula. I'm glad it survived the snow.

  31. Bloomday always throws up some plants that I have never seen before:
    your water Hawthorn is a case in point. What a wonderful picture of a wonderful plant.

  32. I haven't seen Water Hawthorn before. What a lovely and unusual-looking flower.

    That white Pieris is a stunner.

  33. Catherine, You began with one of my favorites - brunnera. Aren't they wonderful? I love the many tiny little flowers that are so long-lived. :-) You have an Amazing Show today!! And you must have had a great time in your gardens!

  34. Unfortunately I've never seen a hummingbird here and I'm not sure if they live in our area. Are they temperate birds?

  35. thanks for the beautiful photos, makes me want to go and out garden!!! beautiful time here in charleston, come visit our blog
    thanks again

  36. Alan - Thanks, it's nice to have so much blooming now.

    Sue - Isn't it pretty, I hope next year they don't get so beat up.

    jo - I find new plants all the time on blogs, it's really fun! The water hawthorn has lots of flowers now, I think they are very tropical looking.

    sweet bay - I just came across it a few years ago while looking for water lilies. I'm glad I found it.

    chuck - It sure better be! the sun did come out yesterday.

    Shady Gardener - I do love the brunnera too, this is one of the few plants left from the previous owners. I'd love to add some more varieties.

    Chandramouli - I don't know that much about them, although I do know they fly to Mexico in the winter, at least the types that come here. It would be interesting to find out where else in the world there are.

    Kate - Thanks, I will come visit you.

  37. Great blooms! Your pictures remind me how much I enjoy muscari and bleeding heart. They are on my "to buy" list.

  38. The Leucojum aestivum (summer snowflakes) are one of my favorite bulbs of early spring. They are so dependable even down South which doesn't always favor bulbs.

  39. So many diferrent shapes,sizes and colours and all are pretty..Love the flowers in your garden..

  40. Catherine, Hi. What a great tour of flowers you gave us. So many pretty blooms... that weeping Cherry tree must be a show stopper.
    Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

  41. Very pretty indeed. So much is blooming now that it takes quite a bit longer to come inside doesn't it?

  42. Oh what fun! I'm new to your blog and I love the idea of capturing each month's blooms and posting them. I actually just posted a bunch of April blooms on my blog (www.pgjennielove.wordpress.com) and now am inspired by yours to make it a regular affair. :) Thank for sharing!


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