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Friday, April 24, 2009

A little sun, a little rain.

After several days of rain, the sun made a return yesterday, although it wasn't a very warm sun.   I have to admit I didn't mind having a bit of rain since I had just planted more seeds and plants and transplanted more of my winter sown seedlings into the ground.  Everything is looking good so far except for the nicotiana sylvestris.  It looks a bit wilted while all the other winter sown seedlings are already growing.  I just sprinkled the left over seeds and will see if they grow.  I'm hoping some will make it because this is one I've really wanted to see.
As usual I was amazed at what a few days of sun followed by some rain will do for the plants. 
I've completely lost track of what seeds are where.  At this point it'll just be surprises everywhere.  Maybe next year I'll color code them with plant markers or something creative. These are most likely one of the three types of poppy seeds I've planted.  I've got poppies coming up everywhere!

Fragaria x ananassa 'Pink Panda', I've also got 'Lipstick', but I don't see any blooming now.   There are quite a few blooms and buds on this variety now.  I need to do a little cleanup around them still, it's in an area of the yard that I sort of forget about sometimes.  I like this as a ground cover because they are easy to weed around.  Plus they bloom all summer and produce edible berries.

Choisya ternata 'Mexican Orange' - This was new last spring and really got beat up by the snow.  I'm happy to see there are quite a few buds on it.

Lots and lots of new lily pads coming up, they'll send up bigger leaves as the weather warms.  The first set are always on the small side.

Syringa x prestoniae 'Miss Canada' - Loaded with buds that are growing quickly.

Syringa vulgaris 'Ludwig Spaeth' -  I can't wait to smell these, a real favorite of mine.

Clematis armandii - Finally blooming and actually looking good.  The sun was shining from behind so I couldn't get a good picture of the whole vine.  It looks pretty good after all it's been through with branches falling on it, snow and having to get moved around while the fence was being built behind it.

The sun is back out this morning, now I'm just hoping it warms up a little and I'll get a chance to spread some more compost.  I've been busy spreading this every dry day I can.  I think 10 more bags and I'll be able to check this job off my spring to do list.
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  1. It's so much fun those seeds.....You'll sound like me, "Oh this is where I planted that!' Poppies popping up all over huh? I have never had much luck with them. Have a great day!

  2. Glad you were able to get out and see all the new things coming up after the rain. We've had some rain this week but today it is sunny and supposed to be 80 degrees! I'll have to put on my big straw hat for protection from the sun. I hope you have warmer temps this weekend and enjoy your beautiful yard.

  3. I love seeing all of your plants because they are so different than what we have here. Really pretty neat.

  4. You have some really nice stuff coming up. Lots of buds. It is so nice this time of year when everything is in bud stage or staging a show of color. Have a nice weekend and Happy Gardening... Becca

  5. I agree, it was a little nippy yesterday I had to bundle up to go out. Hopefully we get warmer sun today!
    Everything looks good in your gardens - hey I have poppies coming up too. I'm really excited because every year I get poppies from my Mom and plant them and they wilt and die. Last summer they took and they even re-seeded so I'm one happy camper!
    I'm going to have to look up some of your flowers cause I only know the nicknames for most but I'm getting better after being around all of you more 'advanced' gardeners! I'm even trying to put the correct names on some of mine. Depending on how ambitious I'm feeling!

  6. You're lucky about the rain. I wish it would rain here. Did you grow your strawberries from seed? I'm thinking of trying some alpine strawberries from seed (and think I must stratify the seed).

  7. Lots going on! I hope it warms up nicely so even more can be going on! Love those armandii. And if you ever get the time and motivation to color code where your seeds are send some my way!

  8. I gave you an award. Check out my blog

  9. I love poppies, especially peony poppies. Last year I sprinkled tons of poppy seeds around but nothing germinated. It could be because I would forget to water them tho!!! (and we weren't getting regular rain). Glad you're having lots of success with the seeds. Everything else is looking great too. Have a good weekend and congrats on winning the Rabbit weathervane on Anna's blog.

  10. Darla - This is the first time I've planted them here, I thought they didn't germinate so I planted more. Now they all seem to be coming up.

    Mildred - How lucky to have it so warm, I bet your plants must be growing like crazy.

    Dirt Princess - It really is fun to see the different plants that grow all over the world. I love it. Thank you for the award! That was so nice and I was very surprised :)

    Becca- It really is fun to see all the changes and how fast they happen.

    Linda - We'll both have poppies to post :) I call most of my plants by their common name, but it seems like everyone calls them by different names so I've been trying to put both on now in case someone wants to look one up or something like that.

    Prospero - Here in the Pacific Northwest we complain about the rain a lot, but I know so many places really need it. I planted the strawberries as starts and they have spread by runners.

    Tina -I'm all talk when it comes to marking the seeds :) I do this every year, and this year I tried more seeds than usual. I guess these types of surprises are fun though.

    Joanne - Thanks!

    Kathleen - Congrats on the sundial :) We sure were lucky!
    One of the many poppies I planted are the peony type. I hope some of the seedlings are from them!

  11. Hi Catherine I hope you get some warmer weather. You can have mine. It was close to 90 today.

  12. Hi Catherine~~ Today has felt quite chilly compared to the warmth we'd been having.

    What do you think of the Choisya foliage's scent? For me, the flowers smell nice but I'm always brushing against the foliage trying to get my nose close enough to smell them and I end up inhaling the ghastly foliage smell. Weird. I suppose some people probably like it since our olfactory is highly subjective.

    Anyway, my Choisya took a hit too this winter.

  13. I've always wanted to get Armand Clematis after seeing it (and smelling the vanilla fragrance) at the JC Raulston Arboretum. Yours is lovely.

  14. I've never had success with Poppies and Dahlias! Bummers! It's the excitement season! Well, send over some rains here. We're having temps. as high as 30+ deg. C here. You wouldn't call that Spring, right? Well, that's Spring here [chuckle]
    Wow, your lily pads make me excited. I've never see one so close.
    The Clematis look like little suns themselves!

  15. Susie - I don't know if I could handle 90, I think I need to gradually work up to that :)

    Grace - To be honest I haven't noticed the choisya's foliage scent. I remember reading about it (after I already planted it). I'll have to check it out tomorrow.
    Today it was at least a little warmer than yesterday.

    Sweet Bay - Thanks, it does have a nice smell to it, this year it's flowers are smaller than usual. I'm just glad it bloomed at all.

    Chandramouli - I hope the seedlings grow into flowers. If so I'll be sure to post how they turn out. I planted 3 or 4 varieties. Spring for us is a high of about 60 right now. I can't imagine it being that hot, the plants would all wilt!

  16. Isn't it wonderful? Spring is unfurling in earnest for almost everyone across the continent, and i can hear the collective wave of joy. All seems well with the world, days like today.

  17. These are beautiful photos. I like them all.

  18. Jodi - It does seem that way. It's like a huge relief to know that spring really did make it and now we get to enjoy watching our gardens return.

    Abe - Thank you!

  19. You've got some great plants there - and I'm glad it's not just me who can't remember where she's planted seeds!!!

    I love spring and the burst of new growth after rain - it's chucking it down here, so lots of my surprise seedlings should pop their little heads up son.

  20. I told a bunch of people today, that I'm ready for some 70 degree sunny days. We haven't had any that I recall. It's been in the 40s or 50s, with a couple 89 degree days.

    I was telling my husband a few minutes ago, though, that because of this weather I was able to move some plants around with no apparent shock to them. Oh, the goldenrod was wilty, so I should cut that back.

    That clematis is pretty. Enjoy seeing what your seedlings turn out to be!


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