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Monday, April 13, 2009

Got water? I have a giveaway!

Since I wanted to do something fun for my 100th post and completely lost track of it, I thought I would do a giveaway for my 106th post instead.  A random number, but that's okay.  I tried to think of something to give away that related to what I enjoy about gardening, so I thought of my pond.  
One reason I wanted to have a pond was to be able to grow different types of plants and to have a few fish to watch swim around.  The original plan was a small preformed pond.  Once I started looking into ponding and read up on them I knew I needed to go a little bigger.
We ended up with our garden pond which is about 500 gallons.  It has been so fun to watch the different birds and insects that have been attracted to it.  The enjoyment it's added to our yard has been endless.  
I also usually have a small "whiskey barrel" with a liner that I grow water plants in.  Not everyone has the space, time or energy for a pond I realize, so it's fun to see different ideas that can be used as water features.  I recently found this great book called "Simple Steps to Success - Water Gardening".  It has great ideas and pictures for creating the smallest water feature up to a larger pond.
I want to give away a copy to someone and hope that you might find the space for even a small water garden in your yard, deck, balcony, etc. and if you already have a water feature this book has great ideas on plants and plant lists.  So whether you have a water feature or not, just leave me a comment below and I'll enter you into the drawing for one week from today.
Good luck!
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  1. Please do put my name in the pond!! I would love to learn about water gardening.

  2. Ponds are a whole other world don't you think? They are fascinating and constantly intriguing places to explore, well the whole garden is I suppose, but in a much different way. Congratulations on your 100+ posts, your garden sharing is so wonderful,educational and inspiring, I am glad you are blogging!

  3. Thanks for the giveaway!

    I bought a preformed pond this winter when they were on clearance, but haven't done anything except mix big batches of potting soil in it so far...I would LOVE some ideas!!

  4. Great idea Catherine. All this space and no pond yet but o'well it will come - when I quit spending all of the money on flowers!!! ;-) Your pond is wonderful! Guess it just fits in with the rest of your gardens!!! Do I get extra entries for kissing up?

  5. I love your pond...its more like a lake..LOL!!! I have a playhouse in my yard, and under the playhouse is a concrete slab. My neighbors used to live in my house, and they told me that there is a pond under that playhouse...thats what the concrete is. They had it poured many years ago and then someone built a playhouse over it. That is on my list of 1,001 things to do in my yard....tear the playhouse down and get that pond going.

  6. Your pond looks lovely. Definitely add my name to the drawing! That would be a great project to work on.

  7. I would love to be entered into your giveaway. I am hoping to put in a pond this year.
    Debbie Howard

  8. We have a tiny defunct pond with a broken motor. I have not had the heart to rip it out but have also not fixed it up. I was reading about making bog gardens in a container and think it would be fun to do this, since I've always wanted pitcher plants and other stuff my garden is too dry for. Neat giveaway and happy 106th!

  9. Happy 106th! We have a very tacky white plastic bird bath that is cracked and lobsided. But the birds come whenever we fill it with water.

  10. I will just comment on ponds, in general, and ask some dumb questions? We have had hand dug ponds in the past but none were deep enough and the water always froze solid in the winter. None had a drain and we found it a hard job to siphon the water out and clean the pond. Is there a simple solution to having a pond that doesn't freeze and is easy to drain and clean out?

  11. Oooh, a giveaway! I would really like to put a small pond in my yard that doesn't include large bass that eat baby ducks like my husbands ponds do. I want decorative and pretty like yours. Maybe with a great how-to book I will overcome my fear and jump in the shallow end.:D

  12. Your pond is an inspiration. I would have one if I could afford to. I'll pass on your offer cause I want it to go to someone who will build one soon.

  13. Please throw my name in the pot for the giveaway. Your water garden is gorgeous!

  14. Your pond in the photo looks absolutely gorgeous! My only water feature is a little plastic tray I have sunk into earth in a chimney pot planter!

  15. What a lovely pond you have and what a novel idea to raffle a book.

    We have an old galvanised hip bath to make do as a pond but it needs a tidy up. We do have a very small overgrown pond but the frogs still manage to breed in it. Another todo job for me.

  16. Oh wow, your pond area is absolutely beautiful! I would love a pond but don't know where to start. I suppose I will if I win the book :)

  17. That's a great thing, Catherine. I'm not sure if I qualify for this, being so far away, but anyways, good luck to everyone.
    I miss your posts about the pond. I love those little gnomes that live on the banks of your pond. How're they faring? Just curious, do you have water lilies in your pond? I've always wanted to grow them in a pot, but haven't had the courage yet to buy one. In Ancient India Gardens Pond is a must, as it attracts wildlife and every pond would contain a lotus/water lily. Of course, as time went by, people began building vertically and the garden-in-every-home concept was lost and ponds were forgotten :(

  18. Darla - You're in :)

    Lanny - Thanks. They are a lot of fun, constantly changing, that's what I like about them.

    allenaim - You already have the preformed part, that's great! Maybe you'll be able to use it this year, I think you would really enjoy it.

    Rain Gardener - You always make me laugh! I think you better find a space, it would great in your garden.

    Dirt Princess - Well, at least the hole is already there, unless it's full of concrete...

    Adam - It would be a fun project! Good luck :)

    Debbie - This book has some great ideas, and the plant lists are what I really liked.

    Karen - I think a bog garden would be a great idea! That's one of the things I have on my wish list. You could grow really neat plants, but not have to worry about the water with your daughter. I can't believe some of the plants that can grow in bog conditions.

    Curmudgeon - I don't think the birds mind what the water is in :) They'll use almost anything and it's pretty funny to see them bathing in a puddle on the side of the road.

    Abe Lincoln - Our pond is about 2 feet deep in the middle. We probably also don't get as cold of a winter as you do. I know people will float pond heaters or even small "logs" to keep a hole in the ice. We don't have a bottom drain either. I just pump the water out and clean it that way. I think if our pond was any larger I would have a bottom drain and a skimmer to help with clean up.

    Heather - I didn't know bass would eat ducklings :( Yes, I think you need a pond that is safe for ducklings and fish and frogs!

    Anna- Thanks! One day if we have a much larger yard I'd like a bigger one. This one we did ourselves so it wasn't too bad, mostly a lot of sweat.

    Susie - Thank you and I will add you in as well!

    Phoenix - That's all it takes, it doesn't have to be large at all. I think little ones are very nice and the birds and bugs still like them.

    Joanne - I hope you'll share pictures of your pond. I bet they look really nice like the rest of your garden!

    Ginger - Thank you! It is in a great spot to look at out of our windows. It's fun to watch even in the winter when the birds come looking for a drink.

  19. Chandramouli - Of course you qualify! I think a little water garden would look very nice in Plantville. Your birds would have a place to have a drink.
    I do have a couple of water lilies. They are sending up pads, and not too long from now I bet we'll have a flower. I really should divide them, wish I could send that to you! The gnomes are doing well, had to move the one since the raccoons kept knocking him in and I'd have to fish him out. I'll do a pond post soon!

  20. Ah! I'll be waiting for your next pond post and your lily pads too. How about some tree house above the pond for the gnomes? They'd love fishing in your pond or to go crazy, may be a boat in the pond?
    P.S.: I'm excited to hear that I do qualify, well, good luck to me too [chuckles]

  21. Hi Catherine

    I just enlarged the pond pic. It looks like it's been there for years- isn't that the trick?

    Nice mallow behind it too.


  22. Hi Catherine, your pond is looking fantastic! I hope I can eventually get mine to a similar state!
    The gnomes might have to go elsewhere in my garden though - not very Japanese! :)

  23. Consider me entered and Happy 100th again!

  24. Catherine, I'll join you in celebrating your 100th blog post! :-) I've had a small pond in the past, but the fellow at the store sold me everything I needed and now I don't know how to begin a new one. After 100 more posts, will you be sending your muscle man to do the digging? ;-)

  25. Chandramouli - I think my daughters would love the treehouse, but I don't think the apple tree nearby is ready for that. Good luck!

    Rob - Thanks, I think it has been about 6 years. That poor mallow is the one that has one tiny leaf after the snow. I may have to replace it, luckily they grow fast.

    Nutty Gnome - The gnomes have pretty much all moved all little farther away. The raccoons like making a mess with them. I know your pond is going to look many times bette than this one. You have spent a lot of time getting it to look just right.

    Tina - Thanks, and you're in too!

    Shady Gardener - It would be fun to try a new one then. I don't know it the muscle will be digging any more ponds, I think one was his limit :)

  26. I wanna be in. Am I in? Oh Lady Luck's smiling my way. That book will help me with my small plain pond. I remembered how you built that pond. The link is still in my blog. It looks lovely today.

  27. Oh, no... I was referring to a small house for Mr Gnome or a boathouse for him. Just a suggestion. I always look out for ways to beautify gardens whenever I see one.

  28. I'm just catching up on your blog and so glad I saw your giveaway ~ it's perfect for me! Since I now have my pond dug & in place but nothing in it yet. You're so nice to offer the book. Congrats on your 100th post too. You blog like an old pro!!!!

  29. Lynn's Garden - You are officially entered :)


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