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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A few blooms before I go.

I wanted to share some new blooms I found in the garden.  After making the butterfly garden over the weekend the most I feel like doing is taking pictures of flowers! 
Here are the latest blooms:
Deutzia 'Chardonay Pearls'  This is when it looks best, right before the blooms open and it looks like pearls are growing from the branches.  This shrub has stayed very small, about 2 feet by 2 feet.

Dicentra spectabilis White bleeding heart.  They don't seem to get as big as the pink variety, but I still love them.  Their foliage is a little more yellowish green than the darker green of the pink flowered variety.

Dicentra hybrida Fernleaf bleeding heart.  I've read that these are hybrids of D. formosa and D. eximia.  This is the only flower, but at least it grew at all this year.  

Solomon's Seal (polygonatum)  I managed to save all but one from getting stepped on this year.  They have begun to spread, and I'm really happy about that.  They are under a twisted old rhododendron that probably won't bloom for another month.  Solomon's Seal likes shade and doesn't seem to mind the fairly dry soil they are in, although I think they prefer more moisture.

And now I'm off to help chaperone my oldest daughter's class trip.  We'll be gone for 3 days and 2 nights so I won't be around to visit your blogs until the weekend.
I hope to have pictures of the native plants that grow where we'll be.
See you in a few days!
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  1. I can relate...after digging and planting it's good to celebrate by taking a few photos and admiring the lovely blooms. They are lovely! have fun on the field trip!


  2. Again, I just can't get enough of those Bleeding Hearts (white ones too). Have a good, safe trip.

  3. Have a safe and enjoyable trip!

  4. Hi Catherine, I enjoyed your photos and have the pink variety of bleeding hearts...the white are pretty too! Maybe I should get some solomon's seal for a shady place in my yard, under some very tall bushes on the side of the house, where nothing seems to grow well. Your hard work in your butterfly garden will pay off with enjoyment this summer...so now it's time to take a break and enjoy your newest venture w/your daughter! Have a wonderful time...we'll be here when you get back;-) Jan

  5. You and I must be on the same sheet of music! I just purchased 'Chardonnay Pearls' yesterday! It is not even planted yet. I picked it up simply because I love the 'Pink Minor' so much! And I know you have that too. Isn't that funny?

  6. I hope you have a laptop...You will have a lot of blogs to catch up on when you get back. I have a hard time catching up over the weekends if I don't read them. It usually takes me most of the day on Monday to catch up....probably a sign I follow way too many blogs!

  7. I got so excited with your 'pearls' I forgot to say have a great time. And Catherine, you SO do not need to catch up with my blog when you get back. Too much work!! Don't even let it sweat you at all. While in the Army we have a saying, "Just fall in"-so I pass it on to you. Just pick up whereever we are and fall in if you like. If not, that is fine too! Always your choice but wanted to let you know not to worry about missing blogs okay?

  8. Hope you have a great time. I'm sure you will. I always loved the field trips. Love your bleeding hearts. Looking forward to Solomons Seal blooming. Becca

  9. Some of my favourite flowers Catherine. I bet that you will be running round the garden to see what else has come out as soon as you get home. Enjoy your trip and I hope that you come across some lovely flowers on your travels :)

  10. the bleeding hearts are so pretty and delicate-looking!
    have a fun trip!

  11. Enjoy your trip. I look forward to seeing some pics of native plants.

  12. I just love the bleeding hearts. Sometimes I wish my garden did not get quite as much sun as it does so I can grow some. I tried once and they fried sadly.

    Have a nice and safe trip! :)

  13. One of the advantages of blogging is that it encourages you to stop and take photos and enjoy what you have created.

    The dicentra are lovely I lost mine and really wish I'd replaced them but so many plants to choose to buy.

    Have a lovely trip

  14. Have fun! My bleeding heart is finally peeking out of the ground.

  15. I am so glad I found your blog. I am taking a gardening class and am an amateur photographer...so I love all your close ups of the flowers! I have a lot of pictures on my site too of the flowers from my garden last year.
    Can't wait for it to warm up here up north so I can see my flowers come up.
    Thanks for posting info about the flowers too, I am learning and it helps so much!!

    The Retirement Chronicles

  16. You would be proud, I was out with your little one today in our yard and she pointed to our flowers and said "momma has bleeding hearts too" She was right! Love the mini gardner you are raising. I told her she was right and that you would be so proud of her!

  17. Hi Catherine, have a wonderful trip, but I must say that being overly tired from the previous garden chores is not a good preparation for a class trip with a bunch of young ones! HA Hope you see lots of great natives though. :-)

  18. Thank you for all your comments! I was so tired the first day of the camp and I know it was because of all the work I had done before I left. Anyway, it was a lot of fun.
    I couldn't believe how much grew while I was gone! I'll be by to visit today.


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