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Friday, April 3, 2009

Trying to find the bright side of so much rain.

The weather over the last few days has not been the type to make me want to get outside and work.  We've had a wind storm, snow and pouring rain.  Instead yesterday was the type of day that made me want to sit around inside and watch the grass grow that the littlest gardener planted in preschool last week.
There has to be an upside to this rain, but what is it?  
One is that I don't have to worry about watering my new Buttercrunch lettuce seedlings in the container on the deck.
Another is no worry about refilling the birdbaths!
They are almost overflowing.
Oh, and the water garden will be full in no time.  No need to drag out the hoses.
I can show my husband the low areas of the path that need improved drainage.
The pond doesn't need to be topped off either.
The Robins have no problem finding worms in the wet ground.
A pair of ducks came for a stroll through our front yard.  Not everyday that happens around here.
I guess that makes me feel a little better, there was a bright side to the rain.  I still hope the weatherman's promise of sun this weekend holds true though!
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  1. The ducks - oh so cute. That is what the rain was all about. I clearly understand - seems like that is all we've seen for a while. I know you like me are ready for some real springtime weather. Hope your rain ends soon.

  2. I bet your husband is a big rain fan!(LOL) what with it enabling you to point out the low areas of the path in need of improved drainage.


  3. I know exactly how you feel Catherine. A cute post came out of all this horrible weather though!!! After freezing all day on the first I finally warmed up and yesterday even got to go outside in a light jacket so that was nice.
    When my husband and I get down on the weather - and usually at different times - thank goodness. We tell each other that these buckets of rain are what keep our state so beautiful and green. That sort of holds us off for a while!!! Especially in August when the lawn has turned brown.

  4. Sun! I see sun today. I love all the photos of the rain and it's many possibilities. But oh, the sun! Glad it finally returned and hope it holds out. Love the duck!

  5. Boy! I needed this post! Thanks, Catherine :). I need to focus more on the pluses myself. Find the silver lining, so to speak. Thanks for giving me a jump start :)

  6. I feel your "pain" Catherine except instead of rain, we are still dealing with snow. ugh. It's good you can find the bright side. Funny, I wrote a similar post today (well same theme ~ complaining about the weather!) I'll hope you have sunny skies this weekend too then send them east to me!!

  7. I'm thinking I need to go release some water out of our pasture ponds. Nature's engineers get a little carried away at this time of the year.

  8. How about that for positive thinking something we gardeners must share

  9. We are SO ready for sunny weather, and so long overdue. I'm crossing my fingers for this weekend too.

    With your remarks about your lettuce, I read "butterscotch" (shows where my head is!). I thought, wow a new variety. I wonder if the leaves are a light brown.

    Love your duck visitors. Maybe they'll take up permanent residence in your pond. Wouldn't that be cool?

  10. Ducks! :O! Oh, we get to see that only in villages here. You got lucky. You're so right about rains. When they aren't pouring badly, the Spring rains are the perfect! They do your work for you.

  11. Catherine, Becca & I feel your pain. But hey...no rain, no gain!!!!! Thanks goodness the sun is out today! Beautiful day here!! I hope you have a bright sunny filled weekend

  12. Even I can agree. We had rain all April 3 years ago (I think) and all my plants started to suffocate in the muddy clay. So, we're in a drought now, we'd love to have more rain, but there is too much of a good thing. Glad you're looking at the bright side...

  13. Becca - I think you've had even more rain. Time for sun now! Seeing those ducks cracked me up. They walked through the yard and just kept on going down the sidewalk.

    Rob - Yes, the poor guy :) I've had him out in the rain many times helping me. He's so nice and just goes along with me.

    Rain Gardener - Isn't that the truth. We wouldn't have such a beautiful state without all this rain :)

    Melanthia - Yes the sun is trying to pop out. I'm hoping it makes it. Those ducks cheered me right up!

    Tessa - Believe me I'm still complaining about it, but I tried to think of at least some good things about rain.

    Kathleen - I will try to send sun your way. I hope you don't get much snow!

    Lanny - Yes, I think they forget to turn the water off. We won't have to worry about watering for awhile at least.

    Joanne - We sure do have to think positive. Otherwise we'd all give up after the weather or our plants didn't cooperate.

    Grace - Butterscotch does sound good :) I've seen ducks in our pond once, 3 years ago. I was hoping they'd go to the backyard, but I haven't seen them there.

    Chandramoulli - Ducks aren't common there? There are several wetlands within a few miles of here. They are almost never in the neighborhoods though. It was pretty funny to see them.

    Dirt Princess - After seeing the washout in your backyard I couldn't complain! I hope we'll have lots of sun!!

    Town Mouse - It's strange how these weather patterns go isn't it? I know its' been beautiful in the Bay area, but you still need some rain to keep it that way. Hope you get just enough to keep the plants happy.

  14. I love the ducks! So cute! We've had lots of rain too. In fact, we've been without internet, phone and tv for a day. I hope we all get some sunshine this weekend.

  15. What a lovely idea to post rain pictures! It looks really nice making circles on the water in your birdbaths and pond.

    Your robins over there are very different from ours!

  16. Catherine you found lots and lots of beauty in your rainy day. Love that blue birdbath.

  17. Growth growth growth. Rain does a lot that a water hose just can't accomplish.

  18. Good for you finding lots of positives in favor of the rain, and how lucky you are to have had a visit from that pair of lovely ducks :) I saw a pair on the river the other day.
    I wonder if our chickadees will choose one of our nest boxes this year. Your daughters will enjoy their bird's eye view your 'new neighbors' :)

  19. I enjoyed looking at your pics and reading your list of positive things about the rain.

  20. Mildred - I'm glad you have it back on now! I hope you see some sun too. We've all had enough rain.

    Phoenix - I'd love to see what the Robins are like there. Maybe sometime you'll be able to take some pictures to share. I thought the pond looked pretty too the way the rain fell in it.

    Susie - That birdbath was one I looked at many times before I finally bought it. It looks really pretty with all the flowers blooming around it.

    Tom - Very true. Now I won't have to water for quite some time :)

    Kerri - I'm hoping the ducks will come back again so my girls can see them. I hope you get some chickadee neighbors too. They are so friendly and just fly in and out all day once they start working on the nest.

    Sue - Thanks, now I'm ready for sun! :)

  21. I'm so eager for spring, I don't want to be slowed by rain either. I have been catching rainwater for my indoor plants. I will be glad when I can bring them all outside.

  22. Well I see you had enough rain to attract the ducks. Wow. I am impressed.

  23. I too have been looking for the bright side of too much rain,,,,,,more on it's way tomorrow!

  24. Love all your picturs! I looked through and couldn't find a whole picture of your pond. I would love to see it. Do you have one you would share with me.
    Paula in Idaho

  25. Hi Catherine, we have big honking geese in the neighborhood...would rather see that pretty malard! Today is UGH here in NJ..cold and windy...another reason to stay indoors. Great find on the hellebore..lucky you!!

  26. Ducks in the garden-now that's wet:))

  27. MNGarden - You're smart to collect it for your indoor plants. Another positive for the rain!

    Abe Lincoln - You know you've had a lot of rain when ducks come to your yard :)

    Darla - I hope yours goes away soon too!

    Paula - There should be some in a post called the making of our garden pond. I'll see if I can find a good one to send.

    Lynn - It's frustrating to have weather that stops us from gardening. I hope the sun comes out for you.

  28. Tina - Hi! Pretty funny to have ducks! Hope you are having sun, I see it's out here today.


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