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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mending fences on a sunny day.

Yesterday was pretty much perfect!  The sun was out and there were blue skies all day.  Even  if the majority of it was spent pulling off fence pickets and removing what felt like hundreds of nails from the 4 sections of fence we replaced.  During my nail pulling duty I saw the first butterfly of the season.  I heard the high school marching band practicing in the long driveway of the school right behind us.  And I saw a pair of Bewick's wrens that I'm pretty sure are building a nest in our yard.  They were quite busy and a little annoyed that we were out there.
The little wren is just to the left.  There were two that took turns landing on the birdhouse.

We took a quick break to watch my oldest daughter's indoor soccer game.  I have to brag that she scored 3 goals and had one assist.
There is quite a big slope on the other side of our fence.

There weren't too many plant casualties while the fence was going up.  A few small branches on the apple tree and butterfly bush were broken and one oriental lily got stepped on.  I was excitedly pointing out larkspur seedlings that I found.  My husband wasn't really all that interested though, as he was a little busy digging post holes, pouring cement and cutting wood.
Straightening a post.

He jokingly said, "Is it measure 7 times and cut 4?"

We finished 4 sections yesterday and today we are planning to add some new soil since we made the fence a little higher.  Our plan is to continue replacing the fence a few sections at a time this spring.  We plan to do the whole back side first and then hopefully our neighbor will help with the side section.  Luckily the fence on the other side of the yard is in good condition.
I'm happy with how it looks so far!
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  1. Good morning Catherine ~ You should be happy with your fencing project, it looks great! You and your DH did a fine job. I love your pond.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  2. That nice new fencing makes a smart looking backdrop for your pond and pond beds. I liked the division of labor: you pointed out plants while he planted posts, then you posted both types of plant activity. Don't you love word plays? Enjoy your day... :-D

  3. The fence is looking wonderful. Does the school back up to your property? The first house we lived in backed up to the elem. school that I attended as a child and I got such a kick out of watching the children play during recess when I got OLD!

  4. Love those perfect days to get the tough projects accomplished. That blue sky and cool weather urges us onward. The fence is looking great... good you have some muscle to help you!
    Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

  5. Catherine, your fencing project is looking so good. Just imagine what all you can put on it to decorate the garden:)

  6. It's looking good so far. Tell hubby no not measure 7 times cut 4-measure 2 times cut once!:)) Of course I know he knows, this is how it is with me too-measure-cut-measure-cut-you know. Good job to you both! And congrats to your daughter's soccer expertise.

  7. The fence looks great! Glad you had a nice day to work in the yard.

  8. What a great job, it's nice that you have team-work! The fence looks lovely - plenty of space for climbing plants!

  9. Flower Lady - Thanks! A lot of work but it's worth it.

    Kris - Yes posting and planting and planting and posting :)

    Mildred - Yes, it's an elementary school. The playground is right behind our fence. I've heard some pretty funny conversations through the fence. Kids that age are entertaining.

    Meems - Yes, these types of days are perfect. Not too hot and able to get lots of work done. If it weren't for the muscle I'd have to hire someone :)

    Lona - Oh, I've been thinking about trellis' and all sorts or decor :)

    Marie - Thanks!

    Tina - We always joke that even the easiest projects turn into something big. Always recutting. Better to have to cut then figure out how to put it back together if it's too short :)

    Susie - Thanks! We had another nice day today and more fun outside.

    Phoenix - We are a good team :) I'm thinking about what I can use get have some clematis climb on. I love having more growing space.

  10. Hi Catherine- You two work fast. I am glad you didn't suffer too many plant casualties. The fence looks really nice, btw!

  11. The fence looks good. I know what you mean about your husband just wanting to get the job done, and not take the time to be careful where he is stepping. Men can be results oriented, and want to do things the fastest way possible. (If anyone reading this disagrees with me, say so. Maybe it's just the men I'm around.)

  12. Looks great! I can't wait to see your yard as spring progresses!

  13. Sounds like the weather cooperated perfectly for you to get your fence repaired. I love it when that happens. By all means brag a little on your daughter ~ that's what moms are for, right?! :-)
    and how exciting to have wrens thinking about nesting in your yard (along with the chickadees) I hope that works out ~ they would be fun to watch.

  14. Good work - nice fence! It does make a great backdrop for your pond too. Are you going to get climbers going up it?

    Well done to your daughter on her footballing achievements. I have to confess that I loathe football - hang on, might have a communication error here! I mean I loathe what you call soccer. Did you mean soccer or American football? I've now got myself very confused and am going to lie down in a darkened room!!!

  15. Sounds like a very productive day! Looks great and Kudos to your daughter!!!! I need your mailing address as I am running a little behind on mailing the candles.......sorry. rusdar@hotmail.com

  16. Heather - We knew we had to get that part done because of the pond and our dog. Good motivation.

    Sue - I think you're right. My husband just wants to get it done, he said the apple tree drove him crazy and kept getting him in the face. Lucky he didn't step on more.

    Julie - Thanks, I'm anxious to see it start filling in now.

    Kathleen - I'm a proud mom that's for sure! :) The wrens were so cute hopping all around, but whatever call they were doing sounded like they wanted me out of there.

    Nutty Gnome - I think I will get some clematis. They would help blend that new wood in a bit I think.
    My daughter plays soocer, although they call their team Football Club. Hope you had a nice rest :)

    Darla - It was and I'm sore to prove it :)
    I'll send you my address.

  17. Teh fence looks great! isn't it wonderful having a husband who is willing to do repairs like this? Your damage level is pretty good but I wish that repairs could be made from a hover craft!

  18. Looks fresh and clean. I love it. These men with tool belts are handy. I told MrD that I liked it better than his suit he wears to work. We would probably kill them if they stayed home all the time though wouldn't we?.


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