"One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it brings."

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Look what I found!

Yesterday between errands and having a little time to get more of my winter sown seedlings in  the ground, I took a look around the yard.  I noticed that more of the seeds I've planted are beginning to finally sprout.  In fact I came dangerously close to weeding some before I remembered I had planted them!  I really must control myself to not pull every stray green thing now.  Do you find yourself on the way out to the car or to get the mail stopping and pulling random weeds on your way?  I sure do!   
While I looked around I was really surprised by how many flower buds there were.  These are just some of the future flowers I found:

Heuchera - I think this is 'Plum Pudding'

Heuchera 'Firefly' - A real hummingbird favorite

Jacob's Ladder (Polemonium) - I bought a couple of these many years ago and they continue to reseed, then I move them throughout the yard.  I love the grape smell the purple flowers have.

Peony - There are lots of buds and it seems to be growing overnight!


Aquilegia - Another one that has just reseeded all over, I think these flowers will be deep purple and ruffled. 

Is this what I think this is?  I planted Virginia Bluebells (mertensia virginica) last spring and thought it had died.  The bud caught my eye as I was looking at one of my hellebores.  There is only one stem coming up from the ground.

 To me there is no better time of year than during Spring when buds seem to appear overnight and the foliage is so fresh looking.  I have quite a bit that's practically hours away from blooming.  If the sun sticks around for a couple of more days I'll have lots of new blooms.
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  1. Mornin' Catherine, everything is looking soooooooooooooooo good. You've just got things coming left and right. WoW! Your peony is almost open. And I have to get some Virginia Bluebells - something I'd never heard of until these blogs - they are beautiful and look so dainty! Oh and I didn't know Jacob's Ladder smelled. Guess I'll be down on my hands and knees sniffing. Just something else for the neighbors to laugh at. ;-)

  2. Yes it is exciting! Hope the sun does stick around for you then you can post the flowers in full bloom!!

  3. Good morning. You have so much starting to grow. I find myself getting sidetracked in a flower bed often when going to do other things outdoors :-) I did not know Jacob's Ladder had a scent either I will have to check it out the next time I spot some.

  4. These are going to put on QUIT A SHOW sooN!!!! Don't forget to blog it when they do. LOVE IT... ENjoy your day in the garden dear friend.

  5. Virginia bluebells for sure. They are all looking quite happy. This is the first spring I have really really enjoyed. Normally fall is my season but this spring has been so awesome. Here's to some sun and lots of blooms. We are expected some too.

  6. Catherine lovely to see so much growing lovely photos

  7. You will have so many beautiful things soon!
    I love the color of those heucheras - I'm thinking of getting some to complement green hostas.

  8. Hi Catherine - isn't it nice to see all of those buds. Me - I'll be going back to check a couple times a day waiting for a bud to open. It is so exciting. You have lots of budding going on. Can't wait to see pics of the flowers. Happy Gardening... Becca

  9. I sense in you, Catherine that same spring-time giddiness that I too am drowning in. The world is fresh and new (the bugs are still small) the plants are kick starting into high gear. What's not to love?

    Your future flowers are going to be fabulous. I hope you'll show us.

    And the weather has been exceptional. I hope you get many hours to enjoy it before...well we won't speak of rain right now. :)

  10. Hi Catherine

    You always have so many things appearing.
    They're under starters orders and now they're off. So many make a mad dash for the longest day!

    I also find myself randomly pulling weeds on the way to the car and such like. Many minutes can pass before I remember my purpose was to drive, not garden.


  11. I agree - this is a very fun time of year with something new springing up every day. It is 500 ft. from our back door to the mailbox and sometimes I'll be gone for an hour because I see a new plant or weeds or something that needs attention!!!

  12. Lots of lovely plants!

    I wish I could grow Heuchera. It always seems to detach itself from the ground - this sounds silly, but it's true! I noticed today that my 'Palace Purple' was looking a bit dry - touched it - and there it was - totally detached from the soil! It's not likely to be an animal digging it up, as it doesn't happen to anything else. Any ideas?!

  13. Hi Catherine, I see it has been verified as Viginia bluebells, hooray! It goes dormant for me soon after flowering so I put a big rock there to remind me where it is the rest of the year. Your captures are lovely and the plants divine. :-)

  14. I've missed so much by working too much and not keeping up with everyone else. I'll spend some time tomorrow looking over your other topics. I need to take notes on what blooms in mid-spring. I have the early part in place, the later part turns into summer. I just need something to get me through this hump of anticipation.

    I have the bloody dock too. They did really well after a very cold winter. I've mixed them with Tradescantia pallida "Purple Queen". They work pretty well together with Stargazers above them. I can't wait.

  15. Wow, so many waiting to bloom! No wonder you're soo excited! That Virginia bluebells looks swell! Oh, you need some extra sun? We have loads of it here.... Take some :D

  16. With all the buds/blooms you've shown your yard must be just gorgeous!

  17. Your garden has definitely come alive with all the blooms and buds Catherine. I'm hoping that happens here really soon! I know what you're talking about ~ as soon as it starts, all the sudden there seems to be an explosion of blooms. I don't have the weeding compulsion ~ I should ~ but I don't! I'm seeing the silver lining in that now ~ my seedlings don't get pulled!

  18. Linda- Yes, you should get some Virginia Bluebells, the flowers are really pretty. My sister was the one that told me about the Jacob's Ladder scent. I love it.

    Darla - By the end of the day there are quite a few things starting to bloom, I'm so glad to see more new flowers!

    Lona - It's easy to get sidetracked outside, by the time I get in my car my hands are all dirty again.

    Bren - I won't forget, I'm always finding something to show :) It's just so fun to see everything growing in again.

    Tina- Yeah! I remember seeing them on your blog and that's what got me to thinking about them again. I hope mine will eventually multiply.

    Joanne - Thanks!

    Becca - I'm glad I'm not the only one doing frequent checks on the buds! You probably will have lots blooming there soon.

    Grace - At least other gardeners don't think I'm strange getting so excited about this kind of thing! I don't think some people even notice how pretty spring is, they just notice the big summer show of flowers.
    The weather has been great, I don't want it to end.

    Rob - Funny how that happens, I've almost been late before because I notice weeds, then a new flower, then something else.

    Mildred - A quick trip to the mailbox is almost impossible for most gardeners, especially in spring. Too many distractions.

    Phoenix - I notice that with 'Purple Palace' too. I think it needs to be divided pretty often. Sometimes I stick the broken off piece back on the ground and cover it with a little dirt and it keeps on growing.

    Frances - Good idea, I will mark it somehow when it's done so I don't plant something on top of it. I almost did, the hellebore next to it is inches away.

    Tom - You've been really busy with your yard and job I know. I can't believe how much you've already done. I love the idea of the bloody dock by the Stargazers. I still haven't planted it, and now I have the perfect spot!

    Chandramouli - We'll always take some extra sun here. We appreciate it so much because you never know how long it'll last or when it might be back again.

    Susie - It's getting there!

    Kathleen - May and June are probably my favorite months of blooms here even though the weather can still be a little cool and wet. I bet soon you'll be having the same thing happening there.
    I wish I could overlook the weeds, I really get going and sometimes just pull out everything.

  19. Yes, I can relate to picking the green stuff that seems like a weed. I worked in the seeds all day today and did try to be careful. Your garden is coming along nicely. I like that plum pudding.

  20. Ginger - I skipped you. They would look pretty together. There are so many colors of heucheras, I think the purples are my favorites.

  21. Anna - Oh, and now I skipped you! :) I'm looking forward to seeing all your seeds with flowers. It's going to be beautiful! I really like the 'Plum Pudding' too, the leaves have a really nice shape to them.

  22. What fun anticipation photos! Things are looking great!

  23. I know what you mean about being careful not to pull out good stuff instead of weeds. Hey, I like that little white dog (indispensable in the garden).

  24. Hm, I think I am lacking in mid-spring blooms, after the bulbs it seems like it takes a while to see anything else. Your list here is a good place to start! I have been astonished at how the weeds have really come on this week, though - MAN! My time to grab them is usually in the evening, when I head out under the pretext of taking out the compost or something, then linger to remove a handful or three.

  25. So fun! Things are finally growing around here - yesterday and today in the upper 70's really helped push leaves out - and I'm so excited! Now it will cool down, maybe my crabapples will bloom soon anyway (fingers crossed impatiently).

  26. Sue - Thanks, soon I'll be posting them in flower.

    Prospero - I need to start marking where I plant seeds so I don't start pulling out the good seedlings.
    Your dog is really cute!

    Karen - These are all good ones. I need to find more that blooms after June, that's when it starts to slow down for a month here. One of the many great things about it staying light longer is that you can go out and weed in the evening.

    VW - It's amazing what some sun and a few warm days will do for plants. I hope you will share pictures of your crabapples blooming, they are a spring favorite of mine.

  27. Such an exciting time of year with surprises popping up everywhere in the garden! I added three bare-root Virginia bluebells to my garden a few weeks ago. One's up, and I'm still waiting on the other two.

    Last spring I planted two trilliums. They didn't come up either last year, but I'm happy to see them up now, and hope they bloom.

    Yep, I can't seem to help myself - I'm always pulling a stray weed or deadheading something, or pulling off a yellow leaf as I walk by the garden!

  28. Good morning- I can't believe how fast everything grows there! Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, how your garden does grow.

  29. I have 'Plum Pudding' & (a few others I started collecting!)
    I really like how this plant looks with my lambsears and rose campion.
    Happy Earth Day!

  30. Garden Girl - I hope you see your other Virginia Bluebells. I'm glad your trillium showed and hope they do bloom. It's always nice when you've almost given up on something to find it returning!

    Heather - It sure does right now! The rain is back today, but I think my new seedlings need it so I don't mind too much.

    Cate - I love how those plants sound together. I hope you will share pictures of them!
    Happy Earth Day to you too!

  31. There's a good chance it is a Virginia Bluebell. I planted a tuber recently, and it said it can take a year to show up!

  32. I have never noticed that Jacobs's Ladder is scented Catherine - can't wait for mine to flower now :)

  33. Msrobin - That is a long time to wait! I need to start marking those types of things so I don't forget about them. I hope you see yours!

    Anna - I hope you notice it, it's almost like candy.

  34. I have a lot of the same plants you do, and I'm hoping I get to enjoy the purple flowers and grape scent of polemonium this year. I also hope they seed. I just planted them last year, so they are in the second year of "first year sleep, second year creep, third year leap."

    Your photos were lovely. Thanks for sharing.


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