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Friday, April 10, 2009

Seedlings galore!

I know compared to some people the amount of seedlings I'm seeing isn't that much, but for me it's a lot!   Have you seen the seedlings that Anna of Flowergardengirl has?  How about Tessa at Blunders with shoots, blossoms 'n roots, or Tom of Seventh Street Cottage?  Now they have a lot of seedlings!
I have been regularly checking on my seeds and anxiously awaiting sprouts that seemed to be taking a long time to show up.  Well, I finally see green.  
Winter sown  Nicotiana x sanderae 'Sensation Blend' and Lobelia 'Cambridge Blue' planted March 8th. 

Winter sown Nicotiana sylvestris 'Indian Peace Pipe' also planted March 8th.

Winter sown Aquilegia 'Yellow Spotlight'  Hard to see I know, but there are quite a few there. Started January 29th.

The winter sown hollyhocks, cosmos and two types of larkspur continue to look good.  I'm wondering when it will be time to plant them in the ground.
Finally a Sweet Pea.  I've planted them two times already, now that I see one I think more should be showing up soon.  

Sugar snap peas are starting, so are the bush peas.

Baby Carrot 'Little Finger'.  'Purple Haze' is taking it's time.

Heirloom Lettuce 'Merveille de Quatre Saisons' that I won from Garden Girl is sprouting too.

We also have Romaine and 'Buttercrunch' lettuce growing.  The red onions are looking good also.
Here is my 'Great Wall of China' tomato thanks to Matron.  One of the four seeds germinated, but that's better than none!

Doesn't this look like I took it in for a fancy portrait sitting?

Finally my biggest seedlings just keep getting bigger.  Soon they will probably have to be moved up to another pot.  Tomato 'Brandywine'

The other seeds I started indoors are all doing great too.  The zucchini is huge and I can't pull the flowers off fast enough.  The basil is quite tall as well.
I see flowers and vegetables in my future!
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  1. Hi Catherine,
    It's always a delight no matter how many seedlings show up --- just to see that sprout of green is so energizing. You have quite the out-cropping and variety... it's going to be very pretty around there soon. Once those first shoots show up it doesn't take long with a little bit of warmth in the soil. Happy Easter.
    Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

  2. Everything looks like it is about to reward you and your patience. I am going to try winter sowing next year and am stocking up on gallon distilled water jugs from the dental office I work for. Cleaning milk out of the ones from home grosses me out. I will be ready when the time is right. You are going to be busy in a good way when planting time comes. I can't wait to see how they all do!

  3. Hooray for Spring! My flowers and trees are starting to grow and bloom. I've also got some lettuce seedlings sprouting. I sat out in the sun yesterday till it burnt me (I know it's bad, but after 4 months of snow and fog I couldn't help myself!)

  4. Oh girl, I feel your joy!!! Wonderful time of the year, sow and reap!! Can't wait to see it all in the ground growing beautiful lushness!

  5. Everything is looking good! Lots of seeds for sure. I need to go re-pot some tomatoes too. There's always a lot to do this time of year isn't there?

  6. It is so exciting to see the green babies popping up! mine aren't quite big enough to plant yet. They soon will be! It is amazing to watch it grow. Atleast you got one out of four...so like you said....one is better than none!

  7. Catherine
    Love the Fancy Portrait sitting.

    Don't you just love those free seedlings but isn't it hard to decide what to nurture and what to get rid of.

  8. Once you discover that people will send you seeds in exchange for some of your own, there's just not stopping. Almost all of mine came from trades. Gardenweb has a great forum.

  9. Hi Catherine

    Looks like everything is progressing nicely. The stuff I sowed back at the very end of Feb is almost ready to plant out. Our last frost date (ever a moveable feast) is end of next week and I'm having trouble waiting for it before setting the seedlings out.

    When's your last frost date?


  10. Your tomatoe seedlings are already big! I just started mine 5 different kinds - we'll see how it goes.

  11. Wow, Catherine, you're having great success with seeds! Makes you feel good, doesn't it?

    Happy Easter!

  12. It's so exciting seeing all the new life come out in our gardens! I'm right there with you with feeling this way.

  13. I'm so excited for you. Can I share in your excitement? I'm giving up on all mine. They have one more chance when I throw what I have left outside to start. Seeds and me just weren't to be. LOL Yours are looking sooooo good. I'll definitely be checking back to keep an eye on everything! Dang! I just remembered I was feeling so great about planting seeds I went and bought about 12 more packets. hehe o'well.

  14. Meems - I can't wait to have them all planted in the garden, if I can find room for them!

    Heather - You're funny! I just got the foil lasagna pans, and I can use them again next year. I wouldn't have anywhere to store gallon jugs.

    Lee - I know what you mean about sitting out there and just soaking up the sun. Isn't it great to see everything starting to grow. Lettuce will be a great one to have!

    Darla - Yes, it will be great to see them in the ground. Just need the sun to come back for awhile!

    Dave - There sure is a lot to do now. Everything starts to grow so fast, I love it!

    Dirt Princess - Won't it be nice to see our little seedlings with flowers or vegies on them?

    Joanne - I hate to get rid of any, but I know they need to get thinned out at some point. Maybe I'll be able to save some of the ones I thin.

    Tom - Gardenweb is great isn't it? That's where I've learned a lot, and most of what I learned about winter sowing. I may have to try the seed trading next year.

    Rob - Our frost date is April 8th, but I usually wait at least a week after since we still can get more cold weather. It doesn't stay consistently warm here until May.

    Ewa- Oh how fun to have 5 different kinds! I wish I had room to try more varieties. I hope yours do great!

    Kylee - It really does. This is the most I've tried this early before. Usually I just do some easy ones outside later in the spring. It's fun to see how well I did this year.

    Tina - Right now everyday makes a difference doesn't it? It's great!

    Rain Gardener - Of course you can. As you can see it doesn't take much for me :) Quite a few of my other seeds outside haven't done anything yet either, so I'm not sure if I'll see them or not. I'm not giving up yet! 12 more packets!! I hope you have luck with them!!

  15. Isn't it fun to plant new things? That is my very favorite part of gardening and I love when they bloom too.

  16. What great success you are having. Can't wait to see it all take off!

  17. You've had great luck with the winter sowing. It's exciting to see those first tiny green shoots emerge, isn't it?
    I have lots of seeds started under lights upstairs. I always get carried away. I just love to see them growing.
    Happy Easter Catherine!

  18. I am so impressed with the potted tomato plants. Mine have done well and are the size of your one plant in the peat moss container.

  19. I think your seedlings are doing great Catherine and it seems like you have lots to me! Love that fancy photo shot!! You asked me what kind of camera I have ~ it's a DSLR ~ Canon 20D. I've had it for four years now and it's been a really good camera. There have been so many improvements to this series that you could get that model for pretty cheap now (or just move up to one of the newer ones). Good luck making your selection. I need to get my annuals seeds started now ~ I have to practically sit on my hands so I don't start them too soon, but I think now is good! Happy Easter weekend. Have fun with your girls!

  20. Debbie - Yes, I love the planting. I can't wait to see them bloom!

    Mildred - I can't wait to be sharing the pictures of them in bloom. I'll also be sharing the plants with my Mom and sister.

    Kerri - It is fun to see those green sprouts and then you know you've had success.

    L.D. - That's great that yours are doing so well. This is my first year growing tomatoes from seed. I always thought it would be much more difficult. I can't wait to be eating the tomatoes. They are so much better from the garden aren't they?

    Kathleen - Thanks :) Thanks also for the info on the camera. Yours does seem like a nice one. I think my sister might have the same one and she loves it. I can't wait to have a good camera, although I know there is a lot of skill involved in photography as well as a nice camera.

  21. I too do the same, Catherine. Check on my seedling and take a picture of them every day! If I go water my plans twice a day, I click them twice. [laugh] You always feel a warmth spreading in your when you see those baby leaves, isn't it? Ah! Good luck with your babies.

  22. Nice looking seedlings. Love the tomato 'portrait'! I see you also have some nice green moss growing in your containers, like I do. :-)

  23. tons of seedlings! Good for you. I'm still dragging my feet on starting more seeds. I also just read that tomatoes shouldn't be moved outside permanently for another month. Yikes! I have at least plants and nowhere to put them!

  24. Wonderful!! It all looks wonderful. Thank you for the link. I'm about ready to thin some of mine out. I didn't plant many in the ground because the chipmunks nibble them down to nothing. I have to wait until they are just about the size of your tomatoes before I put them out.

    Do you have any containers for food left-overs? I used all mine for plants!

  25. It is just so exciting to see little seedlings coming up this time of year. Every day brings something new. Good to see one of your Great Wall of China has come up. You can see a photo of the finished product if you do a word search on my blog.

  26. I so love looking at seedlings and watching the plants grow! Yours look very organized too - I never know what mine are!!

  27. Chandramouli - I laugh at myself taking seedling pictures, but you know it is pretty amazing to see a seed sprout and grow!

    Connie - Oh yes, lots of moss right now! Those wintersown containers are covered. Isn't that tomato portrait funny? For some reason it looks like I spent time setting up lighting, etc. Really just a lucky shot.

    Melanthia - I know those tomatoes have a while before they can go out. I'm glad I don't have more because I don't have any room left.

    Anna - I've use all my food containers. Hopefully that means I won't have to cook either now. I'm going to wait to put mine in the ground too, mostly because it's still cool here. I hope the chipmunks leave your plants alone after all your work!

    Matoron - I'm glad you saw that the one grew. It will be fun to have a new type of tomato. I will go look to see what they look like. Thanks again!

    Phoenix - I'm only organized with these ones. The seeds in the flower beds are just tossed so I never remember where I planted them until I see the sprouts appearing.

  28. Yes, I was impressed with the tomato photo as soon as my eyes landed on it, and before reading what you wrote. I enjoyed seeing all of your little seedlings.

    Happy Easter!



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