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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter eggs in the garden.

 Look at the pretty eggs my girls decorated!  I thought they looked so pretty tucked into the foliage and flowers in the garden.
Heuchera 'Green Spice'

Stachys byzantina (Lamb's ears)

Alchellmia mollis (Lady's Mantle)

Daylily (hemerocallis)

Polemonium (Jacob's ladder)

Erysimum (Variegated Wallflower)


Tete-a-tete daffodils


Sweet Woodruff (galium odoratum)

It's rainy this morning and that seems to be the usual for Easter here.  Good thing the Easter bunny hid the plastic, candy filled eggs inside.  Happy Easter!  I hope you have a great spring day!
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  1. Such a pretty display of colorful eggs with your spring plants - how very clever to showcase both! So nice to visit your blog today and I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter.

  2. How clever to place the eggs in your plants Catherine! I am sad we didn't decorate any now. This is the first year we haven't in SO long. I will be sure to do it next Easter. The colors on that last egg are really pretty. Have a wonderful Easter with your family.

  3. Those eggs do look so pretty amongst all that foliage. Happy Easter!

  4. Great idea putting them in your flowers. You matched them up so well. Tell the girls they did a very good job dying and decorating the eggs! Nice Post.

  5. The color of the eggs are so enhanced by the greens and grays of your garden. You are so far ahead of us in you garden season and I assume it will last much longer too. I am jealous. Great photos.

  6. How beautiful! They do indeed look great in the plants. And a Happy Easter to you and the family.

  7. How wonderful and sweet the Easter eggs look in your garden. Great photography.


  8. Lovely pairings, lovely pairings indeed. Happy Easter! Looking forward to the sun coming later this week.

  9. cute, cute, cute!!! The first eggs looks almost as if it were lit up!!! Great color splash!

  10. I'm glad you guys got outside and those color combos are amazing! Makes me want to hide the eggs all over again the next dry day... I think the purple egg in the grape hyacinths was my favorite although they're all lovely. :) The only dry/sunny Easter I can remember in the past 6 years was 2004, immortalized for me b.c. it was my daughter's first easter and she actually got to hunt for eggs outside, which hasn't happened since!?! Hope you guys had a fun day.

  11. They look lovely - the first one looks luminous, as if it has a light inside!

  12. How perfect! Now I wish I'd died some eggs myself.

  13. Your eggs are beautiful all nestled into the greenery like that. I miss my daughter wanting to hunt eggs. 13 is too embarrassed to do it now. Maybe I should hid money in them, that ought to work.

  14. Mildred - Thanks! My girls had more dye on their hands than the eggs. Lots of fun though!

    Kathleen - I think I'll be decorating eggs for a very long time since my youngest is 2. It's a lot of fun for them. I love the last one too, almost tie dyed looking.

    Susie - Thanks, I thought it just made the colors pop out.

    Rain Gardener - I did tell them and they were happy to hear that people enjoyed their eggs :)

    Rob - Happy Easter to you too!

    L.D. - Thanks. Our growing season is pretty long, but our summers don't really get that hot. It usually is beautiful here though in the summer from all the rain we get in the spring.

    Tina - Thanks, and I hope you had fun with your family!

    Flower Lady - Thanks, all these spring colors are just so cheerful to me.

    Lanny - Thank you! I see the sun is supposed to come back in a few days, Yeah!!

    Dirt Princess - It does look lit up, I never thought about it until you mentioned it. The sun must've popped out for a few minutes when I took that picture.

    Karen - Yes, wet as usual here on Easter. I do remember 2004 too, because our neighbors had a big egg hunt. We always end up hiding eggs inside. Hope your little girl had fun this year!

    Phoenix - It does have a glow to it, I really hadn't noticed that. Sometimes it's hard to catch the true color in pictures, that one had been dyed in pink and purple.

    Town Mouse - It's fun doing these types of things to let the kid in you be creative. I always like helping them.

    Heather - I think money would work, although she'd probably be more into paper money at her age. Right now my 10 year old just wants the candy :)

  15. Hi Catherine. First time here, but I want to thank you for joining my blog and I am so thrilled with what I have seen of yours from what I have seen. I am hoping to look at more of your posts in the future. You have a beautiful garden, I love the crazy paving. I used to have that when we lived in England. I really love the eggs that your girls decorated and they look so beautiful adorning the vegetation. Looking forward to coming back for a visit. Thank you for your kind remarks on my blog. They have been very much appreciated. I do try and respond there, BTW.
    Hope you are having a great Easter.
    Best wishes! Pauline

  16. what a lovely way to show off your lovely eggs amongst your beautiful foliage.

  17. Beautiful eggs- and a perfect backdrop for them :) I hope you had a blessed Easter!

  18. What a lovely idea and well colour cordinated with your lovely plants. It's good you put the names on I don't always but even so have to grab a garden book or catalogue to be sure of the spelling. Still it all adds to the fun.

  19. I too enjoyed the brightly colored eggs amongst my gardens!!

  20. Pauline - Thank you so much for all your nice comments about my blog! Thank you also for joining my blog, I really enjoy yours and all your beautiful roses!

    Marmee - Thank you, it was fun "matching" them up.

    Tessa - Thanks, we did have a nice Easter. Hope you a nice one as well.

    Joanne - I'm always checking the spelling, and for a lot of these the latin names as well. I know a good amount of them, but I've learned a lot more since I started trying to add them to my blog.

    Darla - Hope you had a great Easter with all your family!

  21. They look like they are part of the plant - very pretty!

  22. Your wallflowers are blooming??? Ours haven't decided if they are coming back or not this season! Loved the pic of sweet woodruff! Wing Nut was trying to show me pics of it in a book, but they were not very good pics and I just couldn't see why she was so excited about it. From your pic I can see it is really a sweet little plant. I like the leaf structure.

  23. I love, love, love your photos, Catherine. They brought back that childhood elation of finding the hidden egg, remember? Sadly, it gets smothered by adult pursuits so it's nice to have it return if only for an instant. My youngest is 16 now so methinks the egg hunt ritual is behind us until grandkids, which won't be for several more years, I hope.

    Thank you for the sweet comments. I think you and I garden very similarly. I am drawn like a magnet to your garden photos--the use of hardscape juxtaposing the softer look of blousy plants. Your naturalistic pond with its unobtrusive, tasteful embellishments. I love how you involve your daughters, doing your part in the creation of the next generation of plant people. My teenagers/adult kids still enjoy meandering the garden but they're more interested in the fauna than the flora. Frogs, bees, etc. I'm not going to complain. Whatever gets them out there. :)

  24. Now that is smart and I love the presentation.

  25. Phillip - Thank you. I actually found one that I left outside today, it really did blend in.

    Curmudgeon - No, this wallflower I just planted. I had to replace them this year, I didn't notice our neighbors blooming yet, but I think they will be soon. The sweet woodruff also gets little white sweet smelling flowers. I think you can make tea from them.

    Grace - Thanks. I'm glad I have my little one, I get to hold onto some of those little traditions for longer this way. My older one loves to go along with it, especially since she gets candy.
    I agree with you. I do think we have similar gardening styles. Thank you for your nice comments :) I'm glad my girls like being out there with me, it sure makes it more fun than if it felt like I was making them. My friend has a gorgeous one acre yard and her daughter has no interest in doing anything outside.

    Anna - Thank you very much!

  26. Catherine, What a cute way to feature not only the egg hunt but the plants that are looking so wonderful. (Did you color-code the eggs to match the plants and blossoms?) :-)


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