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Monday, April 6, 2009

A little sun goes a long way.

The weather forecast was right again, and I'm sure it was in the low 60's.  I got quite a bit accomplished yesterday.  It's amazing what I can get accomplished on a few sunny days in a row.  I spread 10 bags of topsoil and 10 bags of compost around the pond and path area.  Cleaned out the filter in the pond.  I remembered to get the grids for the peonies to grow through. And I managed to get rid of all the old fencing material through Craig's List.
Look what else I found enjoying the sun:

Camellia japonica 'Marie Bracey'
Several buds are finally beginning to open!

Viola odorata
Several large groups are blooming around the yard.

Ribes sanguineum 'Pink Flowering Currant'
Very close to being in full bloom.

Clematis armandii
It's usually in full bloom by now.

Anemone blanda
They've really spread around the front, and do they look happy to have sun!

Pieris japonica 'Purity'
Very close to blooming.

I'm not sure what this bulb is, can anyone identify it?

We're supposed to have another day of sun and 60's today.  I can't wait to get out and enjoy the sun again!   
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  1. Everything looks beautiful. The blooms are just about to pop open, aren't they? Wishing you a great week and a blessed Easter.

  2. So refreshing, Catherine. My mood lifted up after seeing such wonderful blooms. I love the Anemone - looks bright and refreshing and so's the Pink Flowering Currant! I hope today would be an awesome day at office. Thank you for the treat!

  3. Wonderful blooms.Your mystery bulb is Leucojum - Snowdrop.
    Bloom time late spring
    height 16"
    Full Sun/Partial Shade
    Naturalizes flowers year after year.

  4. Love those armandii buds! I tried this here one year and it perished:( Sorry I can't help you with the last flower. Have a good day!

  5. I need your mailing address..rusdar@hotmail.com

  6. Looks like snowflakes, as opposed to the larger snowdrops. I love them!

  7. Oh your pictures of your flowers are gorgeous (okay I have to get the thesarus out cause right now everything is gorgeous) they are truly. And I cannot wait for the sun again today, enjoying looking out this morning with the birds singing, I broke a sweat (from the heat) yesterday hoping for the same today!

  8. Love the anemone. I love purple flowers. I can't wait to see your clematis. I love them.

  9. You sure got a lot done. My goodness are you sore? Your bloomers are doing nicely and looking good in the garden. 60 is perfect mulch spreading weather.

  10. Love the photos. I like the Pink Flowering Currant and the Blue Anemone. They are so fine. Enjoy your gorgeous day and just get down and dirty. The soil smells good. Nice day.

  11. Looks like a snowdrop, enjoy the weather.

  12. Difficult to say a type of snowdrop but if it is about 15/20 cms then it is a Leucojum as Darla says.

    Your flowers are similar to mine so I guess we must be a similar temperature zone.
    Joanne Surrey UK

  13. Wow, I thought the same thing as Anna ~ are you sore?!!!! 20 bags of compost and soil is a LOT. I dumped five or six around my pond area and was ready for a break! Maybe I'm wimpy?!! I looked up clematis armandii because you showed one (at a nursery maybe???) before and I thought it was so attractive. It's going to really be stunning very soon. I hope that sunshine moves my way! Enjoy the warmth.

  14. Catherine you have the most beautiful flowers. The pink currant is lovely as are all the rest of your blooms.

  15. Mildred - They sure are close! I hope you have a nice Easter with your family too!

    Chandramouli - I'm glad I could brighten your day :)

    Darla - I think you're right. I planted them years ago, and I think this is the first time one has bloomed. I completely forgot what they were!

    Tina - They are pretty, I think they may actually bloom in the next week or so. They smell good!

    Ginger - I will look up the snowflakes too and see which they might be. Thanks for your help!

    Lanny - I feel the same way. I'm running out of words! It's been nice to feel the sun's heat hasn't it?

    Dirt Princess - The anemones have been here for years, but this year I'm finding them everywhere. I really like them too.

    Anna - I wasn't sore, but tired. I don't mind being tired from that kind of work. I don't feel so bad eating chocolate if I do a little work :)

    Becca - It does smell good out in the sun. I can smell grass and all that compost I just spread. The currant had a hummingbird in it today.

    Rob - Thanks, I'm thinking that's it too. I forgot they were there.

    Joanne - I've heard that a lot of the UK has similar weather as Washington. There's quite a bit just beginning to bloom now.

    Kathleen - I really wasn't too sore. Maybe carrying a 2 year old around helps keep my arms strong. The clematis really is pretty and has a nice fragrance as well.

    Susie - Thanks. The currant is really a favorite, it is so colorful right now.

  16. Glad to hear you're getting more camellia buds, and the anemone is a wonderful color. The sun was fabulous today. I planted a bunch of things I've bought in the last couple weeks. It felt lovely!

  17. Catherine, I love that Anemone! Just beautiful! Looks like you are enjoying the sun as well :)

  18. Being new to this area and climate, do you have any tips for helping a new Pacific Northwesterner, fertilize, etc. What's your thoughts on Epsom Salt?

  19. All the flowers look so lovely. And don't you just love Craigslist--as both a way to get rid of things and find that special thing!

  20. Melanthia - Wasn't it great? A perfect gardening day. MY other camellia just still has that one flower, at least the other one is blooming.

    Tessa - I hope it's sunny there too. I wish I could capture the real purple of the anemone, it's much darker. New camera time.

    Katie - Hi! Well, I'm not a big fertilizer user. I sometimes use Miracle grow or Osmocote in my container plants. In the rest of the garden I try to put new compost down every year and that seems to help a lot with keeping the plants healthy and growing well. I've never tried epsom salts, where do you use them? I try to find plants that I know will be hardy in my yard. Try to visit local gardens and parks and see what grows there is another great way to see what will grow around here. I tend to like lower maintenence plants since I have kids. I hope you love living here. It's a great area.

    Monica - Thanks! Craig's list is the best. I can't believe how much we've used it to give away things that I just know someone craftier than me can use. The man who took the fence boards was going to build a covered wagon with it!

  21. I love all your blooms, and my guess for the bulb was snowdrop. I think we are about to get some spring weather, and am so excited! In a few weeks, we should be where you are now.

  22. Oooh, that currant flower is so pretty! You have tons of blooms, Catherine! We had a perfect day on Sunday for gardening but I was stuck indoors all afternoon (for a wedding reception)...would have preferred doing what you were doing..playing in the dirt :)

  23. Spring is really popping in your garden. You have a nice variety, several of which I'd love to add to my garden - anemone blanda, pieris, and the Clematis amandii for starters.
    I'd guess your white flower is a snowflake. The blossoms are a bell shape as opposed to snowdrop blossoms having 3 sections and a center piece. Hard to explain, but google 'snowflake flower' and click on images and then do the same for snowdrops. That should give you your answer. Snowflakes will grow in warmer climates, like Texas, whereas snowdrops won't.
    Thanks for visiting :) Our daffs (and us) are still waiting for that warm-up! More snow flurries and frigid winds today. Brrr!
    You've been busy there and getting lots done. Lucky you to have good weather. Our turn will come!


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