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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Veggie garden update.

I thought I would do a quick veggie garden update.  One reason it's quick is because there aren't a whole lot of veggies growing.  Tomatoes and potatoes seem to be the easiest for me, and since I moved the blueberry bushes to this area there just isn't as much space for vegetables.  There is quite a bit of fruit growing here.  The 'Desert King' Fig tree is covered in figs, the strawberries are on a break right now, and of course lots of blueberries.
Here are some of the veggies:

'Anna Russian' tomatoes given to me by Molly at the only SAGBUTT (Seattle Garden Bloggers United to Talk) meeting that I made it to so far.

The one and only Jalepeno.  I had one year where we got tons of peppers, never since have we had that many.  I'll let my husband enjoy it, since it was something he asked me to grow.

'Brandywine' Tomatoes I started from seed are getting huge.  I gave my Mom and sister each a plant and they said they're practically taking over the garden.

Red Onions are blooming, the honey bees have been all over these.

Bush Zucchinis have the starts of some small zucchinis.  I'm afraid the aphids are going to take over, I'll need to try some soap spray.

The first of the red potatoes with some of our rosemary made delicious oven roasted potatoes.  We always add lots of garlic too!

Our one and only head of broccoli so far.  Some years we have great luck, but I think it's just been too hot for it this year.

Tomatoes in our garden aren't usually ready until further into August, although with the heat we've had maybe some will be ready earlier.  Besides the two I showed I have Grape tomatoes and Great Wall of China.  I don't think we can ever have too many tomatoes.  I've also got one pumpkin vine that so far has no sign of a pumpkin, it's produced flowers but that's it so far.  I guess we'll be buying those this fall.
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  1. Catherine, I get the same thing with peppers. It's all or nothing... I'm ok with tomatoes, too. I harvested my 150 lbs of potatoes in April and they are still keeping well (same with my onions).
    Broccoli, too hot here as well.
    I had tons of pumpkin last year, and none this year! I do have watermelon, though.

  2. Your veggies look terrific. I am so impatient to get a ripe tomato in my containers ;-)

  3. Looking good, Catherine. I haven't grown any cool season crops for several years but I bet you're right about our weather throwing them off. Last year my sister who lives in Baker City, Oregon, had snow in June. And this seems to be the year of the heat.

    Your potatoes look outstanding!

    I hope the soap and water was lethal to the aphids.

    Stay cool.

  4. YUM! These all look great! Ever tried stuffed (with cheese)zucchini blossoms? My tomatoes are also still very green! Dreaded deer came through and ate every stem off the pole beans..arghh!!

  5. They all look mighty good! The broccoli is hanging tough huh? Those potatoes looks too too good!

  6. Yum on those red potatoes Catherine. Your veggies look much better than mine! I'm doubting I even get a tomato which is a bummer since this was my first year doing a veggie garden in quite a while. I caught up on some of your posts I missed. Your pond looks so beautiful. My pink pickerel weed is blooming too. I wish a water lily would pop open or a water hyacinth. That is gorgeous. Thank you too for remembering that I wanted some of those fabulous frilly pink columbine. I would be thrilled to get a few seeds. Should I e-mail you my address? or do you want to send them for my gardening by letter month?? Either way, I'll be a happy girl! :-)

  7. Those potatoes look so good. I bet they smell heavenly cooking too. Looks like you'll have lots of zuchinni too.

  8. Things are looking good there. If you're only getting 1 broccoli so far, it's nice to have such a pretty one. Do you cook your potatoes on the stove or in the microwave before roasting them? They sure look yummy! I like rosemary with mine, too.

  9. Your photos are so luscious I had to go back to read the text! You make me want to put in a veggie garden, but I know it won't be as gorgeous as yours!

  10. Yummmm-my!
    I can't wait to taste fresh potatoes!
    We are just getting our blossoms on our tomatoes now...so we are wayyyyy behind you.

  11. I've been out inspecting the veggie garden too, and lots of goodies are out there. We've already been eating green beans, zucchini and cucumbers, with tomatoes a few weeks away yet.

  12. Pumpkins can be finicky, there are male flowers and female flowers, and sometimes they need a matchmaker! If the bees and moths are not getting the job done you may need to help. The male flowers grow up high on the plant and the females grow down by the ground. Just run your finger around the inside of the male flower to gather some pollen, then transfer it to the inside of the female flower. The best time is in the morning before the flowers close up. Good Luck!

  13. We have actually eaten 4 of our Brandywine tomatoes. They were delish! Now I guess we'll have to wait cause there ain't none to be seen. We are receiving lots of rain this evening so hopefully that will help jumpstart some.

  14. I think I'll plant some red onions to get the pretty blooms. The red potatoes look so delish.

  15. Last year I had the hugest crop of broccoli! It was broccoli insanity!

    I just love looking at all your blog photo's. The buzzy bee pics are always some of my favs!

  16. Your veggies look great! I will definitely have to try the Brandywine toms next year. They look huge! Your broccoli looks fantastic too.

  17. I have grown chilli peppers for the first time this year and like you I have one large pepper. I have just read that the first pepper should be picked off because they naturally grow one jumbo pepper and put all the plants energy into the one. If you pick it off then the plant goes for lots of smaller ones. But I think mine, like yours, may have gone too far to pick off now! What do you think? Could this article be right, it was by a professional gardener that grows lots (I mean hundreds) of chillies, so it probably is.

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)

  18. Lynn - The stuffed zucchini blossoms sound fun. I've never tried them before, but I have heard of it.

    Lee - Thanks for the advice. I just might try that so we can at least get one pumpkin.

    Sylvia - I've never heard that before, but it does make sense. I'm afraid to pick it now, because it's the only one there. Next summer it would be a good experiment.


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