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Friday, July 24, 2009

Fertilizer Friday - Front yard flowers.

Yesterday didn't end up being very sunny or warm so the trip to the beach was postponed, instead we had a fun day at the park.  Because it was overcast some of my pictures don't seem very bright, but that's okay, the flowers were bright in person.
For this Fertilizer Friday I thought I would show some of what's happening in the front yard.

Cosmos 'Bright Lights' has it's first bloom.  I got this packet of seeds for free, and it's so pretty I'll be glad to buy them next year.  Bachelor Buttons and Coreopsis are blooming behind them.

Pretty pink Mallow that came free with an order years ago.  I used to have it spread around, but instead moved it all in a group a couple of years ago.  I like how it looks much better this way.  Dahlias and Liatris are blooming behind them.

One of the many unknown phlox in the garden.  This is blooming by more Liatris and Scabiosa 'Butterfly Blue'.

More unknown phlox, it could be 'Bright Eyes'.  The flowers are so heavy it's falling over, guess I need to stake it up.

Fuchsia 'Pink Marshmallow' has giant blooms on it.  I have it in a planter with other shade plants, but think next year it needs to be in a hanging basket by itself.

Hydrangea 'Preziosa' again, look at all the different colors on one shrub.

A quick view of the butterfly garden.  It's looking so pretty and really filling in.  Can you spot Echinacea 'Tiki Torch'?  It's the bright orangish one on the right.

Echinacea 'Tiki Torch' up close and all the way open.  I really hope this one comes back, it really makes quite an impact even for a new plant.

Echinacea 'Big Sky Sundown' is starting to bloom.  I'd read that some of these weren't very winter hardy, but this one made it through a very cold one.  I even moved it to this spot in the Spring.

Rose 'Kimberlina' suffered through the dry hot weather she was planted in and is now looking great.  I really had to keep it watered and deadheaded and I think that dose of fertilizer a few weeks ago really helped.  'Gertrude Jekyll' is looking stressed now, but I'm hoping if I give it the same care I gave this one it should pull through.

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  1. You have such beautiful flowers!
    I love the Tiki Torch but here in Illinois they don't seem to live for more than 2 years but they sure know how to put on a show! Happy FF!


  2. I am such a fan of phlox and I love yours. Also that pink mallow!! I must try that!I got a couple of new cones this year but not a Tiki. That has a wonderful color.

  3. I love your photos ...

    I'm asking for a new camera for my B Day ... I'll go check yours out ...

    Supposed to get hot today and the weekend ...

  4. Beautiful! I love your butterfly garden. It's so different from any of my gardens...there are no weeds to be seen in yours! :)
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Catherine, because I always enjoy your phlox so much, I decided to plant my own. I have tiny seedlings now. It is an African phlox, so I think it might do ok in Bermuda. Tiki Torch is outstanding. But it's the wide shot of your butterfly garden that I find most exceptional.

  6. Those colors are definitely bright and so beautiful. Next year you will not have to plant Bright lights, just collect the seed to be sure they come back but it will also self seed. I did see Tiki Torch. Lovely orange in there! I also noticed the rock steps across the way in this picture? Very nice!

  7. The malva is just gorgeous with the white phlox. I love your Hydrangea too.

  8. I love that Tiki Torch! I hope I can find one at my local garden center.


  9. you sure have some beautiful flowers to flaunt...wow...and your hydrangea...I am jealous of for sure!
    Thanks for flaunting with me this week...such eye candy is always a treat!

  10. I bought lots of little bulbs of Liatris to plant along the pergola and didn't. I wasn't sur how they would work but I put that down to inexperiece. So, now whenever I see Liatris in a post, I tend to think, 'I should have put those in'.

    Your front yard looks lovely. 'I should have put some of those in'.

  11. That is a lovely rose Catherine and you fuschia, too. A dainty color of pink. The three different shades on blooms on your hydrangea is so pretty.
    You have a great variety of phlox. My pink Adonis sag down when it rains and the blooms get heavy.
    You know I am not crazy much on orange colors but I am liking the Tiki Torch, it really stands out in your butterfly bed.

  12. What a lovely selection of photos today Catherine. I especially love the "pink marshmallow." Your butterfly garden is so colorful and full - I love it! Hope you have a good weekend.

  13. Wonderful photos and the buterfly bed is doing well

  14. well I totally lost track of what I was going to say...I noticed while scrolling down that JC's cat in the profile pic looks just like KIKI!!! Crazy....

    Oh yeah....the hydrangea.....wow! That one is truly beautiful with all the purples and pinks....stunning!

    I can't wait to see what you and the girls get into this weekend!

    FYI...someone showed up in North Carolina!

  15. All your flowers are so lovely, and I especially like the fuschia and hydrangea

  16. Wow! That tiki torch coneflower is amazing! Very nice blog.
    GartenGrl at
    Planning Plants to Plant

  17. My goodness, but your hydrangea is gorgeous! I just planted Big Sky Sundown too, and I hope it does turn out to be winter hardy. I guess I'd better mulch it heavy this fall. I'm addicted to coneflowers lately, now I think I need Tiki Torch too!

  18. Hi! Your butterfly garden is very pretty. The yellow cosmos is a wild flower here, in my part of the world.They self-seed and show up at all the nooks and crannies of my garden.

  19. That Tiki Torch is so beautiful and I love your hydrangea. I have never had the mallows in my garden. I will have to look for those. They are really nice. You may have had dull skies but your photos are great!

  20. Beautiful Catherine. Save your seeds from the Tiki Torch and the others to make sure you have more next year.

  21. I can't pick just one picture or flower that is my favorite of yours. They are all wonderful.
    The tiki torch and the pink marshmallow fuchsia are new to me and I would buy them up in a minute if I saw them at the garden center.
    I look forward to touring the rest of your gardens through your blog!

  22. Your Mallow is lovely - I lost mine this winter but heard they don't have a long life - is yours very old?
    Your pink fuchsia does look like a pink marshmellow.
    Oh to have Phlox I have to stake. My new one is suppose to get tall but the other 2 are short.
    Everything looks wonderful!

  23. Hi Catherine, This is Sue from A Corner Garden. I can't sign in on blogspot this morning, because it says I have the wrong password. I may just click on the "forget your password?" spot, but thought I'd try leaving a comment as anonymous and see if anyone else is having trouble this morning.

    Your flowers are spectacular! I love that dahlia!

  24. Thanks everyone for visiting and the nice comments!

  25. Hi Catherine~~

    Thank you! I have been looking for a way to place two pots of Sidalcea [Malva]. Planted with the deep maroon dahlia--stunning! Now I need to go buy a deep maroon dahlia. LOL.

    My Phlox are similar in that they all seem to blend and I can't recall which is which. But who's complaining? :)

    Isn't H. 'Preziosa' a winner? So pretty I could almost eat it.

    A friend of mine had several of the 'Big Sky' Echinaceas. None survived the winter. I'm glad to hear yours did. Maybe they need a bit more protection.

    'Kimberlina' is absolutely pristine!

    Beautiful as always, Catherine!

  26. Your flowers are looking amazing! Wow!

    I usually grow Bright Lights and have always liked it.

    Your pink mallow is just lovely.

    The phlox, I just got some 'David', and have a few others, mostly pink ones.

    I really need that preziosa hydrangea; wonder how it would do in a tub???

    My Big Sky echinacea didn't come back, but maybe I'll try some other colors, that Tiki Torch is gorgeous!

  27. The "Pink Marshmallow" Fuschia is just exquisite. When I'm experiencing zone envy, the fuschias are one of the first plants I long for. I agree that it needs its own place of honor next summer!

  28. Love the hydrangea photo, and the pink mallow. My endless summer hydrangeas have just a couple of blooms each, but one of my blushing brides is putting out a decent show (the other one has never bloomed).

  29. I thought I'd left a comment here, but have trouble remembering things. I love that mallow. I got some seeds for them from my husband's aunt a number of years ago, and they did well for a few years, but ended up not surviving a winter.

    You have a beautiful front yard! LIatris is one of my favorites to grow.


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