"One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it brings."

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our own private fireworks.

No special occasion for the fireworks, sometimes you just have to celebrate life! I thought some of these flowers had the look of fireworks in different stages of "exploding" (not sure of the technical word).

"Lazy Gardener" Dahlias 'Arabian Night' just about to pop open.

Monarda, possibly 'Coral Reef'.

Cleome 'Rose Queen'

Persian Cornflower (cenataurea dealbata) and Coreopsis 'Moonbeam'.

Another Peony Poppy, more are still ready to open.

Another Echinacea 'Magnus'. I really think these are my favorite, but don't hold me to it.

Another variety of lazy dahlia. That means I don't dig up the tubers, yet they still come back!

And another favorite, a Zinnia.

I'm hoping to start the area where 'Gertrude Jekyll' will finally get planted. I've been thinking and rethinking starting a new bed, and have decided I'll just expand the existing front bed for now. I did ask "the Muscle" if he would help me with a garden project next weekend. When he asked a little nervously what it was, I told him I hadn't decided yet.
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  1. hehehe I'll bet he got even more nervous with that answer! LOL
    They do look like they are exploding. Wow you've got dahlias blooming already. I wish I didn't have to dig mine up but I lost every last one of them last year.
    I can't believe how many buds are ready to open on that Cleome 'Rose Queen' it's absolutely beautiful - even the buds the way they are arranged are beautiful.
    I didn't realize that Magnus was that deep rich color. Better put it on my wish list!
    Everything is so gorgeous in your garden!!!

  2. Your flowers certainly do resemble fireworks!

    To answer your question, Chelsea was grown when we adopted her. We're told she's Corgi/Husky and she sure looks the part. She's been a great dog.

  3. Very colorful blooms - I love the dahlias.

  4. Hi Catherine

    Vivid colours indeed.

    I love the Cleome. I grew Rose Queen last year. This year I'm growing Violet Queen and can reccommend it.


  5. What a beautiful display of 100% eco-friendly fireworks - Only these explode slowly, but that's alright - 'tis worth the wait.
    LOL! Muscle as a reason to be nervous. :)) Your projects are so big and of course, so wonderfully superb!

  6. Your garden fireworks are very pretty. Lovin' your dahlias. I have some white dahlias growing in a container but their not quite blooming yet.

  7. "Exploding" sounds good! Beautiful flowers to celebrate!

  8. Hi Catherine~~ You're so right. Your flowers do look like fireworks in the process of "detonating" is it? Or maybe it was the early fireworks designers that took cues from the flowers.

    I leave my dahlias in the ground too. Aren't we blessed/spoiled? The gardening capitol of the world, I've heard fellow PNWers say. So true.

  9. I love this fireworks display!! Your photos are amazing Catherine. I love the nervous response...my husband's voice shakes sometimes when I ask for help in the gardens too.

  10. What pretty color in your flower beds. I love the dahlia yet to open - can't wait to see it. The peony is such a bright color.

  11. These are beautiful!! Love the theme of your post. I agree...these beauties explode like fireworks. I love the cleome!

  12. Ha -- they do look like fireworks!! :) Lovely flowers!

  13. Fireworks for sure!! ;-) We are going to enjoy another fireworks display this weekend, as the SE Iowa Symphany plays before the display on the first Saturday After the 4th of July. (Yea!)

  14. A very nice display of flowery firework.., such a creative effort. I love the look of your lazy dahlia.., almost like the mouth with sharp teeth of Jaws the Shark!!

    ~ bangchik

  15. outstanding!!! better than the real thing...they last longer!

  16. Great flowers !
    Oh soooo pretty.

    Have to admit...I was testing myself...
    looking at the flower first and then IDing it before I read your description. Got them all right.

  17. I like these fireworks so much better than the other kind.

  18. Who needs a fireworks show when you have these beauties in your own yard! Just beautiful Catherine!

  19. Cleome is my favorite and it is hard to find just seed in QUEEN WHITE. LOVE your photo layout. I am inspired to just share a bunch of my blooms in photos tomorrow for FERTILIZE FRIDAY!

  20. Now that you say it, they do remind me of fireworks! Clever of you to see it. I was just reading somewhere that Seattle has some of the best 4th of July fireworks in the country & best viewed by boat! Wouldn't I love to see those? But the fireworks in your garden are quite fantastic too. My dahlias so very slow this year ~ another thing I'm blaming on the weather! Your answer probably didn't reassure your husband in the least ~ probably has him more worried! Does he read your blog?
    Also, a big thank you for your nice comment on adding fish to my pond. I appreciate all your insight since your pond seems to be so healthy. The five fish I originally bought were all feeder fish (I figured it was best to start cheap!) ~ I'll have to think where I can quarantine new ones...

  21. Maybe THAT is why I love fireworks..they look like flowers. ha
    Nice photos and beautiful flowers, as usual!

  22. What a good desciption of your lovely flowers.

  23. My favorite is the Echinacea Magnus but the zinnia is a close 2nd... hmmm actually I love the all! :) -Jackie

  24. All of the 'fireworks' are fantastic but my current obsession is monarda for sure. I have them in my garden for the first time and every time one blooms I get excited to see what color it is! Fun fireworks for a great day!


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