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Monday, July 20, 2009

Hard work rewarded.

This past weekend was anything but relaxing, but we worked very hard on an area that we will soon be able to relax on.  I learned how to use 3 new power tools:  Sawzall (can cut through anything), palm sander and belt sander.  Sweet Pea also did lots of sanding, but the majority of the sanding and work was done by "the muscle".  We removed deck railings, sanded the whole huge deck and then stained it.  We're leaving the railings off since the deck is only one step up, and it really made the yard feel bigger.  It looks great, and once it's all put back together I'll share some pictures.  Until then I'm tired just thinking about it!
After we finally finished I went to the front yard to water and check out the flowers, and I felt as if I had my energy renewed as I looked around to see some new flowers blooming.

This Oriental Lily came in a mixed bag and I couldn't seem to match it to any of the pictures.  It is just beautiful and blooming in the shade of the Dogwood tree.

Echinacea 'Tiki Torch' is one that I bought awhile ago at a two for one sale.  This flower practically glows, I just love it.

Rose 'Julia Child' is new to the yard and has a cluster of delicious smelling flowers.

Hydrangea 'Preziosa' continues with it's neat color changes.

Phlox 'David' with it's pure white flowers blooms across from my 'Iceberg' rose.  This one reseeds a lot in my yard.  Does it do that for anyone else?

More of the wintersown Cosmos are beginning to bloom.

One of the new lavenders 'Old English' is covered in bees.

Hens and Chicks has it's first flower, they really are pretty.

Today will much more of a fun day, now that the hard work is finished.  I can't wait to "decorate" by adding some planters with flowers and then just sit and relax for awhile.
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  1. That lily looks just like mine. It is so great they bloom in the shade. Your garden sure looks lovely for all that hard work.

  2. The sweet Hens & Chicks blooming looks just like a fuzzy little passion flower. That pink lilly is glorious! Your photos are so sharp and I love seeing the bees hard at work. - Bonnie

  3. I'm always amazed at the projects you do! Your flowers look beautiful, too! How fun that your hens and chicks are in bloom. Mine haven't blossomed yet. BTW, did I tell you that I changed the name of my blog? I'm now a dot com and am at www.GardeningWithMissDaisy.com. I'm heading on vacation, but will visit your blog again when I return!

  4. Hi Catherine, I can't wait to see photos of your deck. I bet you're having fun "decorating."

    I wonder if your O. lily is 'Stargazer.' Looks like it to me. I can never leave mine on the plant. The fragrance "forces" me to snip the stem and bring it indoors. Your shot is outstanding! Kudos to the new camera, eh?

    'Tiki Torch' where do they come up with these names? LOL. Love it.

    Julia is looking ravishing. Did you see that Meryl Streep will be playing Julia in a movie? [Can't recall the title but I thought she looked perfect for the role.]

    I'm loving my 'Preziosa' too. Finding the balance between sun and shade can be a bit tricky. Yours looks fabulous.

    'David' doesn't seed for me but I've found that if I dig and move [I do this a lot]a clump I invariably leave root that the following year will be as big as the clump I left. At first this annoyed me but then it's like, duh, I love this plant. The more the better. LOL

    Planted near 'Iceberg' sounds genius! Stay cool.

  5. I am trying to visualize the final look of the renewed deck. I am sure "the muscle" will flex everything into something decent and relaxing...

    Lets wait and see...
    ~ bangchik

  6. Your yellow rose is just so pretty. I hope it stays yellow ;-) The cosmos picture is beautiful. Mine may bloom before winter.

  7. Your Julia Child is a much richer color than mine. I wonder if it's a difference in climate, or my Julia, isn't?

    I posted Julia and Sunny Knockout together. Sunny KO fades to almost white, but I like a pale yellow, so it's okay.

  8. Hi Catherine, your flowers are beautiful. Love the color on the rose. I have David Phlox and it never seeds, wish it did. This is the first year for cosmos in my garden and I love them. I have the same color with some darker wine here and there. I'll make sure to have them every year.

  9. Every day is Bloom Day in your garden! We missed you at Daniel's but sounds like your weekend of hard work was worth it. We have a deck that is too small to relax on, and we are always putting of dealing with all the things that you just did. Nice that your daughter could help - that makes a long job a lot easier. Can't wait to see it! I am going to look for that coneflower, I'd like some in different colors next year besides the usual pinkish purple.

  10. Sounds like you were very busy in all of this horrible hot weather. Can't wait to see the deck.
    Your lily looks like my stargazer. Does it smell heavenly? I always have yellow on my nose from sniffing mine.
    Your white Phlox is gorgeous. Is it a really tall one? Diane bought a huge one at Flower World and I forgot to take a picture of it and get the name. I'm still kicking myself for not getting one. And it kept the car filled with heavenly fragrance all the way home that day!
    Are you ready for 3 digit temperatures? I'm a bit worried myself. Think I'll move to the river for the week!

  11. What great rewards after so much hard work. Can't wait to see your deck. It's so much fun when the family works together on a project. Your flowers are stunning as usual. I have come to expect nothing but the best when I visit here. Phlox-- I have to get some.

  12. Flowers always cheer me up too! I love the bloom on the Hen and Chicks. I can't wait to see the deck project. -Jackie

  13. Catherine,

    That deck is going to be beautiful, I bet, just like your garden- that first photo of the lily is almost shockingly beautiful!

  14. Hooray for the blooms on your hens and chicks. Mine had oodles of flowers this year. I want white phlox like yours. Love them. Taking the railing off the deck sounds like a good idea and will make it so easy to walk out into the gardens and yard.

  15. Love all the colors !!
    Like to have your coneflowers.
    The color of the Julia Child rose is awesome....has to be a favorite of mine.

  16. Hard work but lovely reward seeing all those lovely flowers and enjoying their perfumes.

  17. Hi Catherine

    Relax a bit!

    Beautiful blooms.

    The Rose 'Julia Child' has been launched in the UK under the name 'Absolutely Fabulous'.
    A bit of useless info, but that aside it's a beautiful colour.


  18. I love the Hens & Chicks! What a beautiful flower it has! It was 67 degrees here this morning!!! Major change for us! I LOVE this kind of weather!

  19. Oh Catherine, I think you are the rock star of gardening, everything just looks so lovely. Have a great day hun.

  20. I don't know if I have ever seen a hen's and chicks bloom before. It is quite pretty. I like that tiki torch echinacea alot too!

  21. Your blooms are amazing! I love that Tiki Torch Echinacea~ Can't wait to see picures of the deck!

  22. Hi everyone, I've been out trying to put things back on the deck and add other "finishing touches" I love how it turned out.

    Grace and Linda - Maybe it is a Stargazer, I know I planted some. I have more opening and then I'll have a better idea of what it is. I'm out there sniffing it every time I walk by.

    LInda - I just heard how hot is supposed to get and I'm not looking forward to it either, we are supposed to go camping.
    This phlox is close to 4 feet tall, and just the most pure white flowers, smells good too. I don't think there are too many white phlox so it may be what your friend got.

  23. you've been a busy girl! Your flowers look lovely as usuual...I love seeing the blooms you share!

  24. Darling,

    How typically modest of you to claim your reward is in the blooms!

    I think you need some time in your newly decorated deck with a long cool drink, viewing all you have worked so hard to perfect!

    Power tools have transformed my life! I ador them.My cordless screw driver is worth its weight in gold !


  25. Beautiful flowers, as usual. Your hard work shows its dividends. 'Hens and chicks' is a new flower for me. Do they come in other colours too?

  26. I had just been reading about Julia Child Rose on transatlanticplantsman.typepad.com
    It has launched here under the name Absolutely Fabulous ('Wekvossutono') The bit in bracket tells us it is the same rose! Now I know why roses have these trade names.

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)

  27. Lotus Leaf - Hens and Chicks are Sempervivums and would do great in your rock garden. Most of the ones I've seen have this pinkish flower, but there could be others.

  28. Your pictures are always so bright and cheerful. I love the Hen and Chicks flower.

    I have 'David' it hasn't seeded in my garden. It doesn't produce very many seeds at all.

  29. You and your family have done tons of work on your property! It is rewarding to see the results of what you've done. I am excited to see what your deck area looks like when it's done.

    I enjoyed seeing your blooms.

  30. Catherine, What a treat it's been to stop by and see your beautiful flowers! I can't possibly choose a favorite...yes David reseeds in my garden, but I can't figure out how the seeds have gotten clear across the drive! gail


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