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Thursday, July 30, 2009


There are certain plants that sometimes just don't make it my garden, usually it's because they just don't perform or are too picky, so those are the ones that move out to someone else's garden.  Then there are the ones that I would never get rid of because they show they tolerate just about any conditions.  
I found after yesterday's heat, a record breaking 106 degrees here (and the hottest day ever recorded in Seattle), that some plants barely flinched, where as others are brown and laying wilted on the ground no matter how much water they were given.  I know the climate is changing here and more and more of these tough plants will need to be added.  
Here are some definite keepers:

Hollyhock 'Queeny Mix' which I started by winter sowing this year.  Hollyhocks do not normally bloom the first year, and this was a wonderful surprise.  It just looks so fresh, you'd never know it's handled record breaking dry and hot weather here.

Spiraea 'Magic Carpet' in it's second bloom.  I followed Frances' advice on pruning it right after it bloomed and now it's covered in fresh pink flowers.

Rose 'Abraham Darby' disease free and producing several new buds.

Unknown Hydrangea given to me by my husband many years ago.  It was the type that came in a florist's pot from the grocery store.  I planted it in the ground on a whim and now it it's about 3 feet high.

Of course the Echinaceas are doing great, but I just had to take more pictures of them.  
This is 'Double Decker' which should have petals coming from the center as well.  I still like the double layer of petals around the center even if it's not quite what I was expecting.

'Green Envy' has lots of flowers.

'Big Sky Sundown'

This is a baby of 'Magnus' although I've now found 3 like this one.  Much smaller petals and yellow around the center.  It almost looks like it was crossed with a Zinnia.  Could that be possible?

I haven't gone to the backyard yet, and I'm heading out to water it.  Hopefully my wilted plants of yesterday will have been refreshed by the cooler temperature of 85 during the night.  This should be the last day of 100 + weather.  
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  1. Talk about survival.... living and blooming through the heat.
    happy gardening,
    ~ bangchik

  2. I do hope the ones you are worried about have perked up overnight. These sure are pretty photos you have shared today.

  3. I've been wondering how plants that are usually not subjected to such heat are coping. Any idea when the heat wave will break?

  4. Hi Catherine, this heat is brutal for us and our lovely plants. I noticed a couple of my Astilbes were looking a little sad, I hope they will be OK.
    Everything else seems to be surviving as I have my watering system set to come on early in the morning then again mid afternoon.

  5. I feel for you. Every day they talk of the heat out there but to have the hottest day ever in Seattle! That is hot!!

  6. That's a nice list of flowers for full sun! Gotta love those echinaceas!

    I think the hottest we've been at night is around 75 - 85 at night is just so miserable. And like most people here, we have AC, but unlike most people, we don't use ours. So yeah, we're sweating right along with you.

    Hang in there, fall is just around the corner. ;-]

  7. I can't believe that hydrangea came from a florist pot. I truthfully didn't think those would survive if planted in the ground.

  8. tough and beautiful!!! a perfect combination!

  9. It really amazes me how something so delicate can remain so fresh-looking in that baking heat you're enduring right now. I hope your heat wave ends soon...

  10. Beautiful photos, I especially like the hydrangea one and the story behind it.

  11. Isn't it great when you have plants that are tough and beautiful? Some things just love the heat.

    106?! Ugh! It's good to hear the 100+ temps are ending at least. The hottest day recorded in Raleigh NC I believe was 103 or 105, with a heat index of 115-120. It's just too humid here for the temps to get very much over 100.

  12. Hear you on this one for sure. The only things that I have been watering regularly are my containers and that is a daily thing and my veggies about weekly. But as for the perennials, they get very little water mostly accidental because they are near containers and veggies and then a fairly good soaking two days ago in anticipation of yesterday. If you're ugly, mean or time consuming and your not a human, you most likely find yourself in the freezer or compost heap.

  13. I really love that 'Big Sky Sundown'- just beautiful! I don't know about you, but I was glad it was cooler today. It was so hot and breezy yesterday!

  14. That's seriously hot Catherine. Water, mulch, mulch, water!!!

    'Abraham Darby' is looking healthy.

    I like your spirea.

  15. Your Abraham Darby is looking so much better in Seattle then it is up her in the cold north of Norway :)

  16. Do you have any yellow cone flowers? I have one clump of a dozen or more and they are tangled with some clump grass. I suspect the blades of grass are deforming the petals of the plant with their sawtooth blades. Anyway the petals of those in or near the grass are partially brown. Those far away are yellow and look good. The clumping grass is a problem I never anticipated when I planted so many different kinds so close to perennial flowers.

    I will have to put some of the yellow ones on my blog about flowers but don't have any there yet.

  17. Definitely keepers! It sounds like we've got your weather here in TN. 80's and raining, all the time! Please take some of it back. My tomatoes are fading fast!

  18. Thank you everyone for visiting! It's cool this morning and it's great! :)

    Abraham Lincoln - I don't have a yellow coneflower, but would love to find one. I'll be looking for pictures of yours, I'm sure they're really pretty.

  19. Catherine,
    We certainly feel for you, having that kind of heat. We're a bit more prepared for it, here in Texas, though. Hope this is just a fluke, and you don't have more of it.
    Love that hollyhock. Beautiful.

  20. I can see why those are keepers! They are beautiful. I love Cone Flowers. You have some beautiful ones!

  21. I love the Green Envy, but I'm a sucker for green flowers. Can't get enough green!

  22. I give you credit for going out to water your garden in that awful heat....I would not have your fortitude and just sacrifice the garden and stay indoors in the shade. And I LOVE flowers...I just don't think I could handle that high heat.

  23. A lovely hollyhock -- I'll keep my eyes out for that one. All keepers, for sure.


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