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Saturday, January 17, 2009

A colorful visitor today!

Well, this is my first time catching one of these cheerful visitors on camera.  I know it's not the greatest quality, but how often do I actually have my camera on the ready for an "action shot" like this?  Hummingbirds are my absolute favorite.  I remember hanging the first feeder and anxiously waiting for one to appear.  I know there are different schools of thought on keeping feeders up in the winter.  I actually see the birds even when we don't have a feeder.  I have planted a lot of hummingbird attractors.  The hardy fuchsia had them visiting right up until they were covered with snow.  After seeing them so frequently during our snow I decided to put up a fresh feeder.
I think it is a female rufous.  Any experts that can tell if I'm correct?
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  1. I've been told we have Anna's hummingbirds year-round in the pacific northwest. I had a pair of them visit the feeder during the coldest, snowiest days last month. They are the sweetest little birds.
    Hope your fuchsia made it thru the cold.

  2. This is the first year that I put out a nectar feeder for the hummers. It took awhile for them to find it, but once they did I was so excited! I never did get a good photo of them, they were way too skittish, but I snapped several through the window and screen. The best of the lot can be found on my August 24 post on my blog, where I actually snapped one at rest. Maybe next summer they will get more used to me, and allow me to take their photo more close up. Ha!

  3. Yes, Anna's is what I think they are. We continue to have a pair this winter. I've read that they eat a lot of bugs and sap, but will use a feeder to help fill in as needed. Our feeder is just outside the kitchen window. They seem to get used to our movements inside the house.

  4. Aerie-el and Petunia, I think you're right. Probably an Anna's. It sounds like Rufous usually don't overwinter here. Must be what I'm usually seeing.

    Msrobin-I saw your picture. That's a great one sitting and resting on the fence. These guys are fast!

  5. I can't believe I missed this! I'm so glad you got a shot of him- good job!

  6. Tessa - thanks. They have really been around a lot here this winter. Do you have them there?

  7. Catherine,

    Forgot to tell you- I have gotten really good shots of the Anna's Hummingbird (which is what yours is) after purchasing the Hummzinger! Check out the label 'birds' to see the shots- and I don't even have a great camera (certainly not a SLR...sigh!) Get a Hummzinger!


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