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Saturday, January 24, 2009

My try at macro, indoor flowers.

I have been experimenting with my camera the last few days.  After seeing so many beautiful pictures on the many garden blogs I follow, I thought I might see what I could do.  I've really never been very good about taking pictures of my garden in full bloom.  This year though, I'm going to see if I can do a better job, especially of individual flowers. 
So, since it's been so cold the last several days and there are hardly any flowers to practice on I had to work with what I had inside.
The first is a pink hyacinth.  Since we hadn't planted any outside, I wanted to enjoy it's scent inside.
These African Violets turned out pretty well I thought.  They have lots of sparkle to them.
Another close up.
I probably had 6 blurry shots to every clear one I was able to get.  I'm beginning to understand how my camera works a little better.  Another fun hobby to add to my growing list.
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  1. Macro photography is very difficult but well worth it. A tripod is a good investment along with using the timer function or remote trigger as then you reduce camera shake, Although I'm quite bad at following these rules as I find it such a faff to get the tripod out.

  2. Really good job Catherine. I have yet to read my camera's owner's manual, but I hear that is the best way to truly learn. My camera's kind of old but I may just one day find that owner's manual around here somewhere....:)

  3. I had to laugh when I read about you deleting a bunch of pics for each one kept. That's me, too. I was wondering what you do differently from what I do do get such great African violet pics. I either have a glare from my flash or they don't turn out crisp like yours. I need to try different lighting, maybe.

    I haven't tried a tripod yet, and I still need to finish reading my manual, as well. It's not an easy read.

  4. Your pictures are lovely and I love the sparkle on your African Violet. You are going to love using the macro capability of your camera. I'm still learning with mine also. It's the main reason I got my new camera, I wanted really detailed close-ups of flowers. I have not been disappointed. I do have to read my manual more to see what all it can do. I love all the detail that a macro lens shows and am amazed at what all we are missing with just our normal vision.

    I have pictures that are no good also. Most times I can go outside and try again. Not so with critters that you want to capture though, hummingbirds, butterflies and other birds as well.

    Have fun ~ FlowerLady

  5. Isn't it fun to play around with your camera? The close-up photographs are make your flowers look edible! :-)

  6. Rhiannon - yes, a tripod would be helpful, my hands getting shaky trying to hold still and focus.
    Tina - this camera is about 5 years old, and after digging out the owners manual last night I found it did all sorts of things that I never knew.
    Sue - yes, I spent more time deleting pictures than taking them. I found that if the plant was under direct light and I left the flash on I got much more sparkly clear photos.
    FlowerLady- Wouldn't it be nice if birds and butterflies would hold still while we get up close and focused?
    Shady Gardener - my daughter's comment was that they looked like they had sugar on them.

  7. I'm a huge fan of macro photography where the garden is concerned! There's no better place to use it. You've done well, especially capturing the sparkle in the AVs petals!

  8. Looking good Catherine- looks like you're getting the hang of that camera! The sparkles are beautiful! I look forward to seeing more this year. I can't wait to someday get a really good camera- SLR here I come!

  9. Awesome job with African Violet, Catherine! The focus on the Pink Hyacinth was on the leaves. I'm sure you'd get better at it with time. I know it's great fun! Go Crazy!

  10. I forgot to ask Santa for a new camera for Xmas this year, now I might have to go get one myself. :) Love the close-ups, it's fun to play with that. I'm way to lazy to use a tripod, though!!

  11. Since I started blogging I've started to play around with my camera. I'd never bothered with anything more than 'auto focus' before.

    Looks like your getting the hang of it. I'll tune in for more.

  12. Lovely color and detail -- You know with today's cameras it's getting easier to do macro shots - so many have image stabilization. I loooove doing macro shots and then zooming in on the images on my computer monitor to explore the tiny details made big!

  13. Catherine, Oh, your pictures turned out so pretty. Don't you just love the sparkles that show up in the violets. I love your burgundy colored violet.We are learning this macro photography and it is so fun to see what shows up.

  14. Thanks for all the compliments. I've always pretty much used the auto focus too until I found the instructions to this camera. Now I see why people spend lots of money on camera's and lens'.
    I know the hyacinth isn't the best on focus, but I actually thought it was neat to see how pretty the green of the leaves are.

  15. These look great! I love the sparkle on the african violet..it looks like sugar, as if you could eat it;) My hubby was getting me a new macro lens for my birthday, which is in March. Well, I accidentally got it a little early--the FedEx package came to the door and I opened it. Ooops! I haven't posted anything yet...I'm too busy trying to figure out what to do next with the photos I already have;O

    Seems every blog I go to now has people getting a macro lens. I can't wait to start using mine!!! And seeing more of yours, too;)

  16. Jan - Oh, what a nice surprise! I just have a digital camera and tried the macro settings. I can't even imagine being able to have a camera to have separate lenses for. Hmmm, my birthday is in June. Guess I could start hinting now!


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