"One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it brings."

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A perfect kind of snowy day!

To me a perfect snowy day involves:
  1. Snow falling all day while I can watch it.
  2. Snow only sticks to trees, grass and plants.
  3. I don't have to go anywhere.
When we woke up this morning we were treated to a light dusting of snow across our yard.  As the day has gone on, it has continued to snow.  The "chance of flurries" that the weatherman predicted is turning into more than just flurries.  Of course my daughter is already hoping school will be closed tomorrow.  So far it's only accumulating on the grass, but the temperature is hovering at 34 degrees, and getting colder.
This is our Japanese Maple.  It is the most beautiful tree in our yard.  It always looks good to me, but a little snow makes it's graceful shape standout.

My trusty hellebores, they hold up through all kinds of weather.
One single snowflake that my daughter found.
Bluebells have started reaching out of the ground all through the gardens.
Lavender has held up well too, considering all the snow that we've had.
A bright pansy face.
Sword fern beneath the cedar tree.
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  1. Can you believe it's snowing again??? It was nice to watch it from inside. I have to drive somewhere tonight, alas, so I hope the roads aren't slippery! Nice photos, I especially like the maple and the single snowflake.

  2. Hi Catherine, I am trying very, very hard to imagine a mom of two cranking up the radio and listening to hip hop LOUD in the car. Ha! Be careful you don't get a ticket as music tends to make the foot sink lower on the gas pedal, I learned this the hard way.

    I have to agree with you on the snow. Only if I am not going anywhere can it snow, snow, snow. Stay warm.

  3. Hi Catherine, the snow is making everything look beautiful, those hellebores are just loaded with buds. The pansies and ferns and maple, all magical, with or without the snow. I love the snowflake! Tina is right about music causing the foot to stomp the gas pedal a little too hard, but in my case it was the Beach Boys song, She'll Have Fun Fun Fun 'til Her Daddy Takes The T-bird Away! ( I drove my daddy's t-bird in high school, and had fun fun fun) HA

  4. Karen - Glad it stopped! hope you made where you were going safely.
    Tina - It's rare I get to be in anywhere alone, so I have to make the most of it. You're right though, does make me go a bit faster.
    Frances - Riding in a T-bird with the Beach Boys playing sounds like a perfect summer day!

  5. Catherine- did you just love the snow or what! I was delightfully surprised this morning! Love the photos!

  6. Catherine, I love your photos and envy you the snow! The sword fern is fantastic.
    Meatloaf - Bat out of Hell is great for long journeys but it definately makes me drive faster if I'm not careful!

  7. Oh my gosh ~ just beautiful. I love the snowflake your daughter found, incredible, and the pansy and everything else not only surviving but thriving. They all know that spring is just around the corner.


  8. Catherine, you took some lovely photos of your garden in snow...wish we had some so I could share it, too! We are expecting some type of storm later this evening into tomorrow, so we're hoping some snow will fall--my 12 yr old son would love to sled. We've had it every other year, but so far this year has been snow-free:(
    How did you capture that amazing snowflake? Was it visible to the eye or did you use a macro lens? It's fascinating how they have so many intriguing shapes!

    Enjoy your winter garden with your kiddos!

  9. Tessa - it was fun too see! It's still on the grass here, and really cold. Did you get much down there?

    Nutty gnome - Meatloaf, will have to keep that one mind! He's still around, I see him pop up once in awhile on tv.

    Flower Lady - It's pretty amazing how these plants can look so pretty when it's so cold.

    Jan - I hope you do get some snow. It's fun to get a bit at least once a winter. My daughter called me out, she saw that single snowflake on the deck railing. She's really got an eye! I couldn't see any single snowflakes when I had been out earlier. I did have it on macro, but it still couldn't capture how intricate it's shape was. Maybe you'll have a chance to catch one today. I'd love to see how yours turned out, you take such beautiful pictures.

  10. thanks for visiting my blog as well! Love your winter pics. Especially the snowflake.

  11. Great closeups of your icy snow cover! Can't believe there are flowers out there!!! :-)


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