"One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it brings."

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Reminding me of what's to come.

Just a few pictures of the back yard pond area from the last summer.  I can't believe how much the apple tree has grown since this was taken.  It's a 5 way grafted semi-dwarf tree.   After several years of kids playing around it, all the tags have come off the branches and we no longer know what's what.  I'm a little frustrated with myself for not keeping better track.  Now we just take guesses on what type it might be.  I've since moved the lilies because they got so tall you couldn't get around the tree, not to mention the dog and kids stepping on them.  I'm a chronic plant rearranger and am always digging and moving things around.  I keep reminding myself some plants will never have a chance to mature if I keep doing this!

I've never been really happy with the waterfall.  I've tried fixing it every year and just can't get it right.  I think it will involve some major reconstruction, and that's something my husband may not be willing to do this year.  I already have several projects lined up!

Anyway it sure is fun to go back and see how my yard will look when it's gets sunny again, can't wait.  It's just how many months til then?                                                                                               

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  1. I just know the feeling....
    Lovely pond! /Helen

  2. I'm a plant mover, too. But tell yourself this: maybe the plant is happier in its new location, too!
    Love your waterfall!
    Thanks for visiting Our Little Acre!

  3. What beautiful gardens you have! And your husband must enjoy gardening, too? I love what you're doing with your water features!!

  4. Waterfalls are hard. That rock the water falls off of is crucial. Beautiful garden! Seattle is botanical paradise.

  5. Nice pond. I need to add some rocks to the edges our ours. SInce we've lived here, it has been the debate to work with it as is or start over to get it like we like. THen 1 or 2 frogs have moved in so now I cannot bring myself to starting over! Such a paradise you have there!

  6. Thanks for the compliments. My husband does like doing some gardening, he likes certain plants, etc. He does a lot of the hard work :)

  7. Nice looking pond! Waterfalls can be tricky to get right. We had a garden pond at our old house and like you, were never really satisfied with the water fall. I would have to re-build it every year!


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