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Monday, January 26, 2009

Mt. Rainier this morning.

Several years ago, the school behind us moved some of their portable classrooms, and took down a few dangerous trees.  When that happened we discovered something.  We now had a view.  And not just any view, but one of Mt. Rainier.  This gorgeous mountain is almost a trademark for Washington state.  We see it's image on everything, including for a time a beer named after it.
Many mornings I stand and look at the beautiful colors around it as the sun rises.  This morning was one of the most clear views we've had for awhile.
Mt. Rainier is a sort of active volcano.  The last time it erupted was  somewhere between 1820-1894.  It is pretty well accepted that it will erupt again sometime in the future.  It's about 500,000 years old, 14,410 feet high and located about 54 miles south east of Seattle.  
Mt. Rainier is known for many things, climbing, recreation and it's fields of wildflowers.   July through August is the peak time to see them in bloom.  We've been there once during the spring and I think it was a bit early to really see the flowers in their glory.  I'm hoping we can try this summer.  It's a rather long and nerve wracking drive up there.  Beautiful yes, but those mountain roads make me nervous!!  I learned some of this information from the National Park Services website.
The top photo is the actual view, the bottom one is telephoto.
As you can also see, the school replanted some new trees, and I think one day our view won't be as nice.  We'll just have to enjoy it for as long as we can, or add a second story.  Hey I think I like that idea!
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  1. i love the pictures.


  2. What a wonderful view! I hope you are able to enjoy it for many more years.


  3. I never tire of seeing that mountain...beautiful. You have a gorgeous view.
    Those were fun commercials weren't they?

  4. Brian - thanks for stopping by, I'll come and visit your blog

    Yes, it is a gorgeous view, we lived here quite a few years before we could see the mountain. Worth the wait. Wait until you see it on a clear blue sky day!

    Aerie-el - Raaaaainniieeeeerrrrr beeeerrrrr :) Yes those were great commercials.

  5. I didn't realise Mt Rainier was so high. Not a bad view eh!!!

  6. Lovely view - I look out on our hills but they are nothing compared to your mountain

  7. Hello Neighbor (kinda) - I just had a similar happy thing happen - as of just a few days ago, our Olympic Range view improved dramatically! Thanks to the loggers working in the tree farm nearby. I'm so happy!! Check out the "before and after" at my blog:


    Always wonderful to "meet" another Puget area gardener. When we get the house finished, I'll get back to blogging more about the great garden potential we have at our place. Have a great day!! Bonnie

  8. Hi Catherine, what a pleasant surprise and a breathtaking view. The colors are wonderful and it is probably different every day. I know what you mean about those scary drives up mountains, sometimes I just have to close my eyes, good thing I'm not the driver! HA

  9. Nice photos. It's great that mountain recreation is just a few miles away. I would be nervous about the roads too, especially in winter. Mt. Jefferson is to the east of us. On clear days its upper half is visible.

  10. Rob - not bad, didn't even have to pay for it!

    patientgardener - one thing I love about Washington are our mountain ranges.

    Bonnie Story - I will go check out your before and afters. Isn't it a nice surprise to find?! I've found quite a few other Puget Sound and Pacific Northwest bloggers, it's fun to see how things grow in other peoples gardens around here.

    Frances - On a clear, blue sky day with fresh snow is the best! I can't drive on those roads, I'm too busy looking over the edge.

    Grace - Lucky you get to have a mountain view too. We sure are lucky with all the mountains around here. Too bad we don't ski!

  11. I don't like to drive in the mountains either. Or ride. I get a little carsick sometimes. It's nice to have a view that changes colors. Mine is almost always the same.


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