"One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it brings."

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Winter is a time to dream...

This is how our pond looked a week or so ago.  At first I thought isn't that cool, you can hardly see it, or know that 2 feet of water is below all that snow.  Then I worried that our little white dog would walk across and fall in.  She has walked across the frozen pond other winters and and I think how would I rescue her?  It's usually dark and maybe I won't get her in time.  Then the snow on the pond starts to irritate me, now I have to stand guard every time she walks out.  But then the snow melts and I see the fish swimming again and I realize that I should just enjoy winter and the time I have to dream about my next project.  I wander through the yard or stand and stare out the window, envisioning how I would like it to look and what I could do differently.  Then I call out to my husband,  "I have this great idea..." and he looks worried.  He has helped me with many ideas, and I always say, "what if I married someone that wasn't as strong as you?"   So, now I already have ideas in mind for spring and summer.
1.  Finish the front porch
2.  Tear out the grass in the front part of our yard, and put in a flagstone "courtyard"
3.  A picket fence in the front
Now I know I can't physically do any of those things, this is why I'm so lucky to be married to someone who can and luckily goes along with the majority of my ideas.  Some I'm still working on.  Such as ripping off our back deck.  That may be a few more years.  
So, for now I will dream of how to convince my husband and how pretty it will all look and how our girls will enjoy playing out there.
And I know in not such a long time the pond will look more like this:

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  1. You guys sound like fun! I would totally wonder about a dog on thin ice too.


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