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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Frosty morning birds.

As is my usual ritual every morning I looked out all the windows to see what was happening outside.  My first check is always on the pond.  Many mornings I see that the raccoons have been here by the wet footprints and plants that have been knocked in.  I think it was too cold for them today.  Many of my plants that looked so good a few days ago are weighted down with frost.  I worry that their flower buds will freeze and not bloom this spring. 
These bushtits greeted me on our suet feeder this morning.  There had been more, but they don't stay on long.  
I love the look on the bird on the lefts face, caught with suet on his beak.
This is some geum growing in our back yard.
A purple heuchera, not sure of the variety.
The berries on the Viburnum 'Spring Bouquet'.
While I was kneeling down taking the previous picture, this hummingbird kept coming and landing on the feeder, I tried to get a good shot, but this was the best I could do.
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  1. I can't believe you managed to get shots of the Bushtits! I can never get good ones- very nice. I had a plan this year to make my own suet and suet holder, I'm just afraid it will attract those awful house sparrows- and I really don't want that. Are you seeing the house population go up at all?

  2. Tessa - we don't get a lot of house sparrows. When I lived in the city we had tons at our feeders. Maybe they don't like the 'burbs...
    These guys are awfully cute though, and regulars.

  3. I'd love to see a hummingbird here in January! Even a blurry one:) Our climates are quite different...but your garden looks wonderful, even with a little frost.

  4. Nice photos. I love those little bushtits. They come through my garden in a modest flock and cheep, cheep and then they're gone. At least I think they're bushtits. I used to think they were finches because they're so tiny but I was set straight. I think. Nice post.

  5. What a variety of photos! Thank you for sharing birds that must be native to your area... as we'd never see them here! Your frosted geum and heuchera are beautiful. Will the birds eat your viburnum berries?

  6. That bird looked cute, yes. Hummingbirds are such a treat, aren't they, to your garden! I've never one in live though :(. Berries on Spring Bouquet looks beautiful - red stems and blue berries! What a taste Mother Nature has! No one can be a better artist!

  7. Jan - thanks! That hummingbird hung around all day, I love seeing them each time they visit.
    Grace - They fly through here in flocks too. They are so small, I have a great bird book that I used to identify them.
    Shady Gardener - I've never seen the birds eat the berries, but apparently they do.
    Chandramouli - hummingbirds are always a treat, lucky you get to have parrots though!

  8. I have no clue that humming birds were around when it snowed. They don't here in NC. Nice that you feed them and have a nice fat suet loaf for his friends. I'm sure they are telling all the other birds about what good treats you have for them.

  9. Hi Catherine, thanks for the cheering photos of the sweet feathered friends, I too love the beak bearing suet. He was hungry! I am interested in your geum, they are new to me as of last year and seem to have wintered over fine. There are some ratty leaves but the center looks good. Do you know of any special needs they have? Good drainage, more moisture kind of things?


  10. It is so cool that you have hummingbirds during the winter!

  11. What? Bushtits? Such a funny name. They are cuties. I've never seen them around here...

  12. fairegarden - the geum seem to like regular water. I remembered the name of this variety finally 'Cooky' very pretty light orange flowers.
    Robin-the hummingbirds have been around a lot this winter. I see them everyday at one of the feeders we have out.
    lili - it is a funny name, I agree. They aren't much bigger than the hummingbirds here.


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