"One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it brings."

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A spring like day.

I know spring is a couple of months away, but today sure felt like it!  Blue sky, sun and mild temperatures made it the perfect day to get out and get a little clean up done.
The pond was like a mirror, and the fish were out and swimming.  I saw new leaves coming from the water lilies.
 The winter hazel 'Buttercup' is beginning to leaf out.  It is in my woodland area, and blooms bright, fragrant, yellow blossoms late winter to early spring.  It's hardy in USDA zones 6a-7b.  I really like how it looks even bare.
The camellia japonica 'Marie Bracey' is filled with growing flower buds.  It's another early spring bloomer.  Medium pink colored, full flowers on this type.  I almost gave up on this one, but it redeemed itself last year by putting out lots of flowers.
The bleeding hearts are showing signs of life.  Here's one in my woodland area.  This one gets the common pink and white heart shaped flowers.  It comes back bigger and better every year.  The foliage is very pretty and lasts most of the summer once the flowers are finished.  I love how the flowers look in a spring bouquet, just draping over the side of a pitcher or vase.
I did a little work on the new flower bed I'm adding on the "side yard".  I plan to grow sweet peas along the tall fence.  The dried stick is actually a variegated hydrangea.  Think I need to put some evergreen perennials mixed in with some annuals.  I plan to make it a sort of cutting garden.
Before I know spring really will be here, can't wait!
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  1. Looks like your garden would come to life in no time before spring! I'll be waiting to see how your annuals and cuttings fill the area around the bench and grow with the kid's watering and under the pup's care.

  2. Winter chores give us hope don't they? I love your picket fence.

  3. oh, I love your water feature! Is it high maintenance?

  4. Chandramouli - I hope it will come to life there, not much happening so far in that spot.
    flowergardengirl - I agree with the winter chores, a good time to plan. I'm hoping to put a picket fence around our front yard too.
    Tessa - our pond isn't hight maintenance. I really need to clean it this spring. I think some people get a lot more into the water quality and all that, but ours is pretty basic. The fish keep growing and reproducing and the plants are growing too. I love it.

  5. I was thinking of putting a water feature in my yard- but was afraid with the amount of rain we get here that it would be to high maintenance. Now I know where to go to get advice when I'm ready to dive in- he he

  6. What a lovely spot! It was a pleasure nosing around your garden blog. Look forward to more.

  7. Tessa - feel free to ask, and I'll be doing the same with the greenhouse questions.
    Gardeness - thanks for visiting!

  8. Wow you are so lucky. Here in New Hampshire we are under mountains of snow and it was 12 below a few nights ago. At least the snow protects the little plants.

  9. Wow! Your pond was a lot bigger than I had imagined, judging by the pictures from the previous posts in Jan '09. Ours isn't as big, and I know it's a pain to keep clean. Hopefully yours is easier!


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