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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The pond in June.

I took yesterday off from the garden.  Mostly because I didn't really have time to do anything, every so often I do need to get some housework and grocery shopping done.  The further into summer it gets, the more I put off the inside "work" for the outside "fun".  
I thought I'd share some newer pictures of the pond.  I've added a couple of new plants recently and a floating piece of art as well.

For some reason I seemed to be leaning when I took this picture.  I can't believe how big the hostas have gotten.  So big they are overtaking the astillbes between them.  There is a slight crack in the cement over there so those plants get a light flow of fish fertilized water all of the time.  I really see a huge difference in how those plants grow versus the ones not near the crack.  Looks like I'll have lots of dividing to do this fall!

This is a newer plant below the waterfall called Mare's Tail (Hippuris vulgaris).  I've had it before and like how it grows up from the water.  I think I may have to go back for another!

Another newer plant is Pickeral Weed (Pontederia cordata).  This one I haven't grown before.  It's supposed to get 3 1/2 feet tall and have violet-blue flowers.  I sure hope it will bloom for me.  Next to it is a blown glass float.  We went to a flea market in Seattle Sunday where a lot of artists sell their art.  This was made by a glass artist from Eugene, Oregon.  I think it looks really pretty floating amongst the plants and lily pads.  The fish followed it around when I first put it in.

There are several water lilies blooming now, and I saw quite a few buds coming up.  The pond is so relaxing on busy days.  Just to sit and watch the fish swim around is great.  The fish have now equated us with food, so as soon as we're by the pond they all come over to see if we have anything for them.
Today we are going shopping for Father's Day gifts, birthday gifts, teacher gifts and then hopefully some garden time.  Hope you all have chance to get outside and have some fun!
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  1. I never stop drooling at your beautiful photos! I am taking today off too...huge storms rolled in last night and it is far to wet to garden today...lol....not only that...my kids are going to be naked and hungry if I don't! lol

  2. I suffer greatly from the same inside work vs outside work. It really wouldn't be a problem I suppose if no one went inside or needed feedin!

    I love the glass ball and you may have single handedly solved my Father's Day gifting, Dirt is rather attached to his new pond and a few pond "toys" would be perfect! Happy shopping!

  3. Your pond is so attractive. I too love the relaxing affect it has on me.

  4. My outside fun is about to end for a while as well. Not because I don't want to, but it is WAY to hot during the day here to work out in the yard. I will have to work early in the morning or late afternoon. It has been dreadfully hot and humid here...most days are 100% humidity. ENough about how hot it is.....the pond is so nice. I really want to add one soon. I will look to you for pointers when I get ready

  5. Very nice art for the pond! I love those floating glass balls. Funny the fish followed it around. I can't blame you for not working inside. It is hard for me but lately I've been taking a lot of days off. Today is one of them (papers to write). Have fun shopping!

  6. The development of this pond is remarkable. I like the way it looks too.

  7. your pond is just gorgeous..and very inspirational!!

  8. It's beautiful Catherine. and it never fails to inspire me. I wonder how long the fish have to be in the pond to become acclimated & unafraid? I added five goldfish a couple weeks ago and we hardly ever see them. They prefer to remain hidden in the cinder block hole. Darn it all. That's not why I bought them! I bought one of those pickeral weeds too this spring. It's supposed to have a pink bloom but it hasn't done anything yet. I love the floating glass ball ~ I might have to copy you and put one in mine!

  9. The pond is so attractive and what unique plants you have added. I love the glass float and this is the first that I've seen. My girlfriend is making a pond for her mom and I'll tell her about the glass float!

  10. Your garden looks beautiful, and I love the glass float!

  11. Who declared this inside day? I have been sweeping, mopping, dusting, laundry and such. It is suppose to get about 100 degrees all week though. Love your pond!!

  12. Ooh, I covet a pond and yours is just beautiful.

  13. You have an gorgeous beautiful garden and very nicely done pictures. You get an A+ from me. Keep up the beautiful work. I also have a blog which I am still learning how to add different features for my site, Have a great day

  14. Good afternoon Catherine. Your pond plants are doing so well. I love the hosta and my how they have grown. I'm sure the fish water is good for them.

  15. It is very attractive and it looks like a wonderful place to relax and unwind.

  16. Hi Catherine! Beautiful, beautiful pond. Worry not about the Mare's Tale, a year from now you will be in there with a shovel trying to dethatch it!! It will fill in, no doubts there. Looking really good around the place!! Brava! Bonnie

  17. I love your pond Catherine. And I adore the glass bubble/sphere...it looks very intriguing.Is it thick glass?Id hate for it to shatter but I'd like to see the effect of it dancing about under the stream of a fountain :-)

  18. Ponds are fun and relaxing aren't they? Our fish equate us with food also. Your pond looks beautiful!

  19. Tootsie - It's easy to get distracted with gardening until you realized your kids are digging through the laundry basket for clothes :)

    Lanny - Yes, if they would just all stay outside they wouldn't get it dirty inside either :) or notice we're out of milk.
    I bet your husband would like one of these floats. I thought it was very inexpensive too.

    Donna - Thanks. Just to be able to relax by it makes the work worth it.

    Dirt Princess - That does sound hot and the humidity makes it worse. We're lucky it really doesn't get all that humid here. Hope it cools down a bit.

    Tina - I think the fish will follow anything they think has food. Not good for when raccoons visit.
    Hope you get your inside work done soon so you can get back out where it's fun :)

    Abe Lincoln - Thanks! I'm always doing something to change it around.

    Cat - Thanks :)

    Kathleen - Our fish did that for awhile too. Now when we do add new ones they just follow the rest around and don't hide. They'll get used to it and then come looking for you.
    I can't wait to see yours bloom pink. I love the the leaves on it and already think it needs to be moved to a bigger pot.

    Mildred - Isn't the float pretty? I've seen them before at blown glass art studios, but never have bought one. Now I might have to add another one or two.

    sweet bay - Thanks, I think the float blends in perfectly.

    Darla - Well, we won't feel so bad if we know we're all inside working :) Maybe it'll cool down so you can work on your new bed.

    Jacki - Thanks, it's been great to have.

    Oge - Thanks, I'll come and visit. I've still been figuring out how to add and changes things up a bit.

    Ana-Maria - Thank you!!

    Becca - The hostas there are huge. Sometimes I use the pond water to water other plants for an added boost :)

    Phillip - Thanks. I love to sit out there when I have time and watch the birds and fish in the pond.

    Bonnie - Well, maybe I won't buy another then ;) I'll just wait to divide it. I wanted Parrot's Feather but it sounds like it's worse for spreading.

    Julie - I think I'll take it out in the winter so it doesn't freeze. It seems to be fairly thick. It would look petty near a fountain, great idea!

  20. Kim and Victoria - I really would love to see more of your pond. The fish are practically like dogs begging for food :)

  21. What a lovely pond. So full of life (and glass artwork!). Do you have trouble with algae? I have an ultraviolent lamp and still have problems with my water.

  22. I love your pond - it's a good sized one too. I especially like the glass ball - how neat is that.
    Funny how we have to finally buy food so that we can eat. But housework? I don't think so. Joking! sort of. ;-)

  23. Your pond looks great! I tend to neglect the inside for the outside this time of year as well. Too much fun to be had outdoors!

  24. Beautiful pond.. wonderful photos!

  25. Hi Catherine~~ Delightful post as always. Your pond is fabulous. I love how the still water reflects the sky above with a hint of fish life below. Your hostas are the perfect shoreline complement. One semi-serious caution: perhaps you could hold off on the purchase of another Mare's Tail. I bought one last summer and although it hasn't chewed up and spit out the pond yet, it's well on its way to domination. :) A fantastic plant, in moderation.

    If it's any consolation my house is a testament to the skeleton crew. I'd rather sweep a porch than a kitchen anyday.

  26. I just love your pond Catherine. It is so gorgeous. I would love to sit out by it and have a cup of morning coffee. I can only imagine how nice that would be.

  27. Hi Catherine thanks for the comment and stopping by. My pond is about 25 ftl long and roughly 12 ft. wide. Its my sanctuary.

  28. Your backyard, and particularly the pond area, look SO relaxing!

  29. Prospero - I do have string algae in there now, it seems to be worse as the weather is changing from cool to warm. Usually there is an algae bloom too, but so far this spring there hasn't been one. It seems to clear on it's own though. I think because it's not in full sun it's not as bad.

    garden girl - Thank you!

    Linda - The food does come before cleaning, unless I can order pizza. I could live off of pizza and cereal if it meant I didn't have to cook.

    Dave - Definitely more fun outside! Especially when you have little kids.

    Barbie Phobia - Thanks, it was full of birds today.

    Grace - Thanks for the warning on Mare's Tail. I hope keeping it contained in a pot helps. I'll just stick to one for now I guess.

    Susie - I need to sit and there with my coffee in the morning more often. Maybe once school is out and we have more relaxed mornings I'll do that more often.

    Oge - I thought your pond looked big. I my pond is my favorite part of our yard.

    Ginger - It sure is. I wish I could just sit out there more often. Half the time I get up and start doing more yard work because I see weeds or something that needs doing.

  30. This is me, envying your garden and pond....I would LOVE to have a pond to put water flowers in...only if our growing season would be longer!
    Just beautiful! I don't know HOW you find the time to tend to your huge gardens!

  31. The pond looks so nice! I love the floating art, very classy and colorful. Funny that the fish fertilizer makes the hosta so happy.

  32. It's all beautiful, Catherine. I love the blown glass float, too.

  33. Wow! Your yard and pond is beautiful! You definitely have a touch! I put your blog in my blog roll and I will be back to gleen from your expertise!

  34. The Retired One - My gardens really aren't huge, but I use every inch I can and am already trying to figure out where to put in another bed. Most of my plants are lower maintenence. The pond isn't that much work either.

    Heather - It's built in fertilizer. Just scoop up a bucket when I need some water.

    Miss Daisy - Thank you very much :) I'll be by to visit your blog.

  35. Goodness, it looks so pleasing to the eye and soothing to the soul. I like the floating ball. Your pond sure makes me want to have one.

  36. Keep an eye on the pickerel weed. Beautiful blue flowers. Lovely leaves. And when you blink it has taken over the pond. Have hacked ours back into 2 small pots. It is an invasive alien here. But somewhere the young pike like it, hence the name. Glass float is an utter delight!


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