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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's time for us to say goodbye to Bilbo.

It's time for us in the Seattle area to say goodbye to Bilbo.  We enjoyed his visit, but we know it's time for him to visit someone else.  First he had to make the rounds to say goodbye to all the friends he's made here.

Some of the pond fish came to say "Bon Voyage".

One of the garden gnomes wished him well.

The fairies enjoyed having someone to water their plants for them.

My oldest daughter drew the name of his next destination.  He's on his way to England to visit Julie of My English Country Garden.  She's promised him tea and scones.  I only wish I could go with him to see her beautiful gardens in person.  He's getting his passport ready and will be departing in a couple of days.
Even a bee said goodbye while it worked in the Catmint (nepeta).

Once he arrives there you'll be able to see his visit in her gardens and enter to have him come and visit yours.  
If you haven't visited her blog yet I highly recommend you do.
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  1. Good thing we went ahead and got him a passport! He loves to travel. Can't wait to see him at Julie's.

  2. Hello Catherine,
    I love your blog and have updated SparkleMirror to show “A Gardener in Progress” in the “Sparkling Gems of Delight” section on the sidebar (favorite blogs). Each time you post, yours will appear beautifully at the top of that list. Thanks for providing such interesting content for my friends and me…

  3. Too funny! And the garden shots are great too! Good thing he has his passport. I'd love to have him visit Southern CA.

  4. I love to see pics of your fish! Very cute and a great idea to connect people. Our sunny weather has now left us- it's back to a more normal May for us :(. You never know though- it could change any minute! In any case, it's perfect weather to plant stuff out in the garden :)

  5. What a sweet post and thank you for introducing me to Julie's English Garden.

  6. Great photos. I know it was fun to participate in Bilbo's travels. Keeping my fingers crossed that he makes it to the Capitol of Florida.
    The pool photos on my sidebar...taken yesterday...three of the four sets of legs belong to us. We do have 5 children total..ages 24,22,11,13,14.....all girls except the 22 year old. The boy and girl in the black and white photo on my side bar are mine, the other three are my husbands. Both our spouses are deceased. We have a GREAT blended family!!

  7. I bet Bilbo has a great time in England at Julie's. I know you hate to say goodbye.

  8. I SO want Bilbo to come and visit me whilst he's in England! I'm off to Julie's site to put in my bid.....!:)

  9. Such a unique idea, and a good way to draw interest in everyone's gardens.


  10. This is a cute post and an interesting way to see the "world."

  11. Bon Voyage Bilbo! Now I'm off to check out Julie's blog..

  12. Awww, I'm sure he's sad to leave your beautiful garden Catherine. I think you showed him a great time while he stayed with you. Happy travels to Bilbo as he moves on to England. Wish I could go with him!

  13. Bon Voyage to Bilblo!

    PS - I have an award for you on my blog.


  14. Dirt Princess - I just wish I could squeeze in the box with him.

    David - Thank you! I will be over to visit soon.

    Susie - Once he makes it to England you'll have to enter to get him for a visit.

    Tessa - The fish are already coming to the side of the pond every time we're out there looking for food.

    Joanne - Thanks, doesn't she have a nice blog?

    Darla - It does sound like you have a great family! Lots of kids = lots of fun!

    Becca - I'm sure he will!

    Nutty Gnome - Maybe he can make the rounds of some English blogs while he's there. He may even help on your pond!

    Carol - It really is a fun idea.

    Ginger - Thanks, it was fun to do :)

    Mildred - Wouldn't it be fun if it was that easy for us to travel?

    sweet bay - I'm sure you'll enjoy it, she has lots of roses in bloom.

    Kathleen - It was fun while it lasted, I'm just glad he wasn't broken by my little one. I was guarding him with my life :)

    Jackie - How nice of you, I'll be over to visit!

  15. Well,Im awaiting his visit with some trepidation.....I didn't realise Bilbo had not been outside of North America before....Oh, I do hope he's not too homesick. We have no gnomes here,( jsut like Chelsea!) but we do have some heraldic piglets...Im sure he will make friends with them ;-)

  16. Julie - I think he'll be just fine in your garden. Can't wait to see the piglets :) I'm sending him out today.

  17. Adios Bilbo- Hope your time in England is as nice as it was in Washington!


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