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Sunday, June 14, 2009

A new rose, a new face and a lot of watering.

I've been doing some rearranging in the front garden.  Lots of digging, moving, rearranging and giving away of plants.  I had wanted to add a new rose to the area I've been working on, so I was very happy to have my gift card to spend.  I took my girls and we had lots of fun wandering through the nursery.  It was close to 80 and almost too hot for my little one to stay very long, but we did manage to find a nice new rose and a pretty face for the garden.

This is 'Kimberlina' a new Jackson and Perkins rose that was the 2009 floribunda of the year.  The scent is not very strong, but it's near a lot of other fragrant flowers so I don't mind.  It gets to be about 4 feet high which will be perfect for where I have it.  I haven't been able to find much out about it, so hopefully it will perform well.  Am I the only one that comes home and does internet searches on new plants?  I usually look more information up before I plant them to find out anything that might be helpful that wasn't on the tag.
When I get finished where I'm working I'll share some pictures.  I think it's going to look much better.  There are times when certain areas need an overhaul, and it was time for this part of the border.   

I thought this sweet garden fairy face would be perfect at the beginning of the stone path.  She just seemed to have the woodland feel about her.  She's even looking down the path.

After watching the weather the other night I see that we are days away from setting a record for the longest time without rain in spring.  Some of my plants are actually looking crisp.  There is no sign of rain for at least the next 5 days.  My friend's husband reminded me today that we called last June "Juneuary" because it was so cold and rainy.  I'm much happier with warm and dry, if only I didn't have to keep watering.
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  1. Kimberlina is beautiful - ya done good! I also come home and look up plants for the same reason. But I still lose 'em. LOL At least I give it my best shot!
    Love the garden fairy on your tree - she has such a realistic face or is that just my imagination going berzerk! Sure wish I was closer for that giveaway line!

  2. Beautiful Rose! Did your daughter pick this one too? :)

    We have rain predicted for Tuesday through Friday here- one day would be nice, but FOUR???

  3. I agree about the dry weather,Catherine. We have had two and a half summers of almost constant rain. The garden is now really full and blooming as a result,but its so lovely this year to be able to enjoy the flowers , for the rain is being nicely separated by a few fine days. Fingers crossed you get some rain soon- preferrably at night and the sort that clears by 8 a.m. :-)

  4. Such a pretty rose! The head on it is so large!!!! Reminds me of the original "wild rose"...

  5. Lucky you...sunshine !!
    The rose looks lovely and I agree about doing a overhaul.
    Sometimes it's just for corrections, othertimes you need to start all over again.

  6. There was a time when my husband said the plants cringed when I came home (we were trucking then), because I'd be out there moving them around. It's beautiful.


  7. I love the new rose; what a delicate color. That's a nice garden fairy too. I hope you get some much needed rain SOON.

  8. Hi! I saw your inquiry on the Blogger Help page. I have the same problem--I no longer appear on my followers' reading lists, and I appear on their blogrolls, but only with a post from 4 weeks ago. If you find out how to fix this problem, will you please contact me? I'll do the same. Thanks, and you're site is beautiful!

  9. It's a bad sign when the NW doesn't get rain for such an extended time. I've never been but been told it rains every day-good for gardening. Here's hoping you get some soon.

    The rose is such a lovely shade of pink. I do like the floribundas. I've been reworking a border too. What a job! Gardens are so changeable that it seems I do it all the time.

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  11. I'm lovin' your garden fairy face and 'Kimberlina' ain't bad either. Sorry about your lack of rain there. How is that possible in the Pacific Northwest?

  12. What a beauty! It looks so pretty in my Feedly reader because I set the colors to an antique pink- your rose looks good with it :)! I do that too- look up plants online, but usually after I've looked in my Sunset book and hopefully before I've purchased it ;)

  13. I've actually bought plants then came home to look them up on the internet because I really had no clue what they were -- I just liked the foliage!

  14. Linda - I wish you could take some of these plants too. I keep calling my sister to see if she wants some. The fairies face is realistic looking, but not in a creepy way :)

    Laura - She did help choose this one too. She went around and smelled as many roses as she could to see which she liked best.

    Julie - That is the perfect time for rain :) While we sleep and then the sun can return when we wake! It was much cooler today and overcast so I took the day off of watering.

    The Retired One - It is, and it does remind me of wild ones too. I think that's why I liked it.

    Patsi - Everything looks refreshed getting trimmed back and thinned out. I can see each plant instead of one big mass.

    Carol - That's funny! My plants probably do the same thing. Part of the fun isn't it?!

    Mildred - Thanks! It looks like we might get some Weds. now. I hope a good downpour comes and then the sun can come back.

    Vegas Linda Lou - I found that the problem I was having awhile ago was to do with my feed. Knock on wood it's okay now. Hope you can figure yours out.

    Tina - It does rain quite a bit usually, but then we do have dry times. Just not usually for a month at a time. I think the plants and us don't know what to do without it.
    I was back outside today working. It's fun work though isn't it?

    BarbiePhobia - It's just really a pretty pink, just pink enough to stand out but not be overpowering.

    Donna - Thanks. It is weird here. Every so often we have a dry hot summer, it's gets pretty brown here which we aren't used to.

    Tessa - I do a little of both. Before and after buying. Occasionally I look it up when I get home and regret my purchase.

    Sylvana - Glad I'm not the only one that does that :)

  15. looks very pretty...can't wait for more!!!
    I have to water every day...even if it rains a bit...the pots don't ever get enough from the rain

  16. Hi Catherine

    That fairy is incredible.

    The face is so angelic!

  17. You are not alone on your internet searches for more info on your plant purchases. Don't know much about roses other than they are pretty and smell divine. Your new one is beautiful. I love the new face on your tree. We have the old eyes, nose and mouth one. It glows in the dark!

  18. Catherine, I have the exact oposite problem..my garden is drowning in daily rain! Root rot is getting to be a problem! Your new rose is sooo pretty! We share 'Honey Perfume' in common but my mail order bareroot is just sprouting leaves so don't know if it'll bloom this year :(

  19. Kimberlina is a beauty and I hope she does very well for you. Yes, I look up plants all the time online to see what is required of them, zones, etc.

    Enjoy your new rose and your wonderful gardens.


  20. Kimberlina is lovely.

    Yes, I do internet searches on plants all of the time! helpmefind has a lot of information.

  21. You're not the only one doing internet searches on individual plants. I do searches all the time. In fact, I believe that is how I came across your blog.

    I have been loving this dry weather so much, but it has left me a bit concerned that we've had this long of a dry spell. I find myself wondering if we'll run into water shortages later on, or if we'll have another very harsh winter. Only time will tell. For now, I'm enjoying the weather and spending lots of time outside.

  22. Tootsie - You have a lot of pots too! I guess it's all part of having pretty flowers, gotta keep watering.

    Rob - Thanks, I think she'd look pretty in a place where vines would sort of grow around her too, but I don't have any place like that for now...

    Darla - My friend has those on a tree. I think they are cute.

    Lynn - Sorry to hear about of all your rain. It seems to be too little or too much this time of year. Hope you get flowers from 'Honey Bouquet'.

    Flower Lady - There's always a lot more info online, I like finding reviews from other gardeners too, sometimes it's more accurate than the tag.

    Sweet bay - Sometimes the info online conflicts with the plant tag, but it can help decide where to plant it or the true color from a sun faded tag.

  23. Renee- Compared to last June it has been great hasn't it? I just hope it's not like this all summer too. We've had some strange weather this last year.

  24. We have all your rain in Colorado Catherine and we don't like it! We're not used to it raining every single day. I hope things will switch back to normal soon for both of us. Your new rose is beautiful ~ you surprised me tho ~ for some reason I thought you would pick a yellow one?? That little fairy is perfect for your garden ~ she can watch over the little houses your daughters create.

  25. Hi Catherine I can again comment on your blog. I think blogger did something today at 12 so perhaps that sorted things.
    I have a bit to catch up on but another day. The rose is delightful. The Fairy looks as though she knows something she is keeping secret.

  26. This spring is freaky, just like the winter that preceded it. I noticed my red twig dogwood is starting to have its leaves turn yellow, it's a plant I have never watered before in 4 years but I had to today. Nutty! Nice that you can take your kids plant shopping - I usually do that one solo these days, to cut have longer to ponder and also more space on the cart. :) Lovely roses and fairy face!


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