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Friday, June 19, 2009

Fertilizer Friday - Roses

I thought this week for Fertilizer Friday I would fertilize the roses, something I rarely remember to do.
I bought some new organic rose and flower food to try.  Normally I should've fertilized after pruning the roses, but I forgot to do that this year.  Fertilizing should also be done when the first flush of flowers is fading.  That is about now for most of my roses.  I followed all of the directions since this was a new one for me to use.  I gave them all a good watering and am hoping to see if it makes a difference.  

Pink 'Flower Carpet Rose' and a little pollinator pal.

The unknown pink, came with the house, rose.

'Honey Perfume' has several buds now.

'Abraham Darby' is getting ready to put on a second show.

'Iceberg' has been so full of flowers I needed to stake it up.

Somehow while I went out only to fertilize the roses I ended up transplanting three plants that had nothing to do with fertilizer or roses.  I don't think I ever go out to do just one thing and not end up doing several other things as well.
It's the last day of school here today, so there is one happy kid in our house this morning!  

To see more beautiful flowers visit Tootsie Time, who hosts Fertilizer Friday every Friday.
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  1. Catherine, your photography this morning of your roses is stunning. I want to lean over and inhale the sweet perfume!
    Happy summer to your daughter who gets out of school today!

  2. Just gorgeous!!! love the shot of the bee!!! thanks for joining to share with us!!!
    I am a rose bush novice...hope I can get some great blooms next year too!

  3. Amazing blooms and Photos!
    Happy FF!


  4. Roses are one plant that I've had problems growing. The only one that comes back for me is a dark pink Flower Carpet Rose in my front landscape.

    Yours look beautiful!

  5. Beautiful photography.Congratulations!

  6. It's hard to focus on doing just one thing in the gardens. Your roses are beautiful.

  7. i can just smell their fragrance through my screen....YUM!

  8. Hi Catherine

    Beautiful roses.

    It's not been a good year for the roses over here, May was too dry.
    Last year was exceptional, a colder winter, wet spring and a warm June proved perfect coditions.

    Have a good weekend, enjoy your blooms


  9. Catherine your roses look beautiful. Nice bee shot too. Now what I want to know is . . . if your roses look this great how will you know if the new fertilizer is any good - they couldn't look any better could they?
    I'll bet your daughter is happy - I know I was always pumped on the last day of school! Weren't we all?

  10. Awww! That little bee is adorable! Great shots ^.^

  11. So jealous..you make me want to start a Rose Garden. Thanks for reminding me about fertilizer. My sister is cleaning out her chicken pen and I need to go get some for my citrus trees.


  12. LOL, I do the same thing when I go out in the yard to do "one" thing. I forgot to plant okra and corn this year - wanted to try them but had no good sunny spot left. Well I ended up losing a plant which took up a lot of room so decided to throw some seed down yesterday and see what happened! Kinda late, but we've got plenty of summer to come yet, so we'll see.

    Thing is when I got to planting, I had gone outside to do "one" thing and that wasn't it!!!

    Your roses are beautiful. I normally bucket water and fertilize my roses but this year I've been doing them along with all the other flowers on FF. So far so good, but I think they're about ready for a dose of some good rose fertilizer about now - after I go out and trim them that is!!

  13. I find myself going out to do one specific task and two hours later, I still may not have the task done. A camera person could have fun watching me wander from one thing to another. You have a great place to grow such beautiful roses. Great photos, flower envy, all over the place. I need to fertilize but you just reminded me that I am need to get the fruit trees sprayed and we keep having rain.

  14. I love bee pictures, bees, butterflies & dragonflies. Great shots, and beautiful roses. Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. Each rose looks great. You sure seem to have a knack to grow them. I'm really happy to hear that you are using organic fertilizer.

    School is out. I thought it would never get here.

  16. My son still has two weeks to go before the end of term, poor chap.My daughter had her prom last night and only has Head Girl duties to perform....so I know how your daughter feels!LOL
    I adore the rose/bee shot ! Fabulous. And the Unknown Rose is a beauty ;-)

  17. Those are the most Beautiful pictures!! good JOB!

  18. Mildred - The lighting was perfect yesterday when I took them, which helps a lot.

    Tootsie - The bees are all over the flowers now, hard not to catch one in a picture. I've got lots to learn about roses myself.

    Cathy - Thanks!

    Laura - The Flower Carpet are the easiest I've ever had. I just wish they had a scent. I hope you have some pictures of yours to share too.

    Ana-Maria - Thank you :)

    Darla - I definitely am all over the place in the garden, too much to do all the time.

    Joan - Now that they're this big I almost feel like I could. Thanks again!!

    Rob - It's amazing how much the preceding weather affects the flowers. I think our cold wet winter is making most everything better this year.

    Linda - I'm hoping for more flowers :) I want to have them all be so full I have to stake them up :)
    I think I'm just as happy as her to have no schedule other than her soccer. Plus she's lots of fun to have around and her little sister idolizes her.

    Barbie Phobia - It was just taking it's time waiting to have it's picture taken.

    sweet bay - It's such a pretty one, it would be fun to know what it was.

    Carol - Free fertilizer, lucky you! I bet your garden loves it.

    Mary - Maybe all of us gardeners are easily diverted by another garden project. I guess it all gets done eventually.

    L.D. Burgus - That would be fun to see, starting to do one thing leads to another thing which takes you to another part of the yard. I usually have tools spread all over the yard from all of my projects.

    Dirt Princess - Thanks! Hope yours is great also.

    Tina - Thanks, and it rained today so things should be looking even better.

    Prospero - I'm trying to do mostly organic, especially the stuff I'm putting directly into the ground.

    Julie - How long is the summer break there? Maybe they go back later than us. She's very happy although she really does like school and seeing her friends everyday. I just like the relaxed feeling of not worrying about her getting homework done.

  19. What amazing photos...and that bee...I can't believe it...its wonderful...

  20. Good thing you bought rose and flower food! All the nitrogen from the manure we spread, plus a gardener who was a bit too enthusiastic with 10-10-10 miracle grow this spring, have left some of my roses with a lot of floppy green growthf. I'm changing my ways, though, and bought some fertilizer specifically for roses with a lower percentage of N and more P and K. Hopefully I'll get better results next year!

  21. Those roses are stunning! I couldn't pick a favorite.

  22. I hope the fertilizer does the trick for you Catherine although they are all really beautiful right now. I love your photos in a larger format too (or is that just my imagination)? It is like we can lean forward and sniff.
    and yay for school being out! The end of school is always a happy day at our house too!

  23. Simply beautiful as usual, Catherine!
    I like the change in the blog as well!

  24. Thoughtfully blended hearts - Isn't that bee in the rose cute. I just loving seeing those bumblebees in flowers.

    VW - I usually do fertilize the roses with rose food, although this year I'm trying the organic route. I'm usually a little hesitant with fertilizer anyway because I'm afraid I'll over do it.
    I bet your roses still look good!

    Susie - They are all different, it is hard to chose a favorite, although 'Abraham Darby' really is beautiful.

    Kathleen - I learned how to do this a couple of days ago. They are quite a bit bigger. Now I'll have to be sure to take good pictures since you can really see every detail.

    Tessa - Thanks! I learned how to do this a few days ago, and I like how it turned out.

  25. I love the unknown pink rose but they all look lovely.

  26. I love roses and the pictures are sooooooo beautiful. You have a wonderful garden with beautiful flowers and you are good at taking stunning pictures and your blog is simply fantastic. I use the Epsom salt for my roses and it helps.


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