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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Flowers and sun.

It sure was hot again yesterday, it hit 89 degrees.  I saw on the news that we actually are breaking heat records here for this time of year.  Yesterday the littlest gardener and I spent lots of time watering the garden, and she had a great time surprising me by watering me!   She thought it was hilarious that she soaked my pants.  We found strawberries on the Ornamental Strawberries (fragaria ananassa) that I've shown in other posts.  We ate them all before I could get a picture.  They are very small, but very sweet.  

When I was little I always imagined that fuchsia flowers were ballerinas.  They still look like that to me.

A perfect pink rosebud.   Once these fully open the petals fall off in a few days, but it does have the best fragrance. 

My first peony bloom this year, it will open a little further and have a dark pink edge along the inner petals.

White Lupine with yellow daylilies.

World's smallest Asiatic Lily.  I have no idea why it's so small, but you can see in comparison with Alyssum 'Tiny Tim' just how small it is!

Meadow Rue (thalictrum) looks like little spiders to me.  There is actually a spider hiding in there that you can see if you enlarge the picture.

A new water lily.  I just love these.

Day 2 of 'Sioux', it's starting to take on a pinkish hue, it may be difficult to notice in the picture though.

The littlest gardener and I are going plant shopping with my Mom and hopefully my sister and baby nephew today.  The weather is supposed to cool down a bit this weekend so it will be perfect for planting.
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  1. Ballerinas! I like it. And what a lovely water lily.

  2. You've made me like fushia...and lupine...and I already loved peonies...and I love that I'm not the only one that gets soaked by her children :)

  3. Everyday you have something new to share, I love it!! It's raining again here.. Actually my Husband phoned and said a tornado ripped the roof off of the elementary school where they have been working for two years. He is a construction superintendent and was in his job trailer when he saw it rip the roof off, he said all he could do was pray that it went away. then it just went right back into the sky. He said it's a mad house over there right now. Praise God no one was hurt!!!!

  4. It's hot over here, too, which is pushing my roses and delphiniums into early bloom. So no complaints about that! One of my fall-planted flowering cherries is suffering, though; it would have preferred cooler temps to keep growing roots. But I'm watering more and keeping my fingers crossed! Your water lilies are beautiful.

  5. Sioux is looking nice in the pink shading. I can see it. Your pink rose is so pretty. I just love roses - all of them. Why I don't have any I don't know. I will have to do something about that.

  6. Fuchsia blooms do look like a frilly little tootoo don't they. Don't have a clue how to spell tootoo. LOL
    I love Peonies - our deep rose one is in full bloom (for 2 minutes) but haven't seen any sign of our light pink one. Not so sure my new one I planted last fall will bloom. I'm still hoping!
    Your water lilies are very pretty. As usual everything looks great in your gardens.

  7. Now that is seriously hot Catherine - too hot for a girl to do much gardening. Hope that once the watering is done that you get a chance to sit in the shade with a cool drink and enjoy those beautiful blooms. It has been warm on this side of the pond. We are predicted a much cooler and showery weekend so planting at the allotment is on the agenda for me :)

  8. That's a lovely hot temperature! We've been chilly again today, just as I was getting used to the sunshine!

    I love the idea of fuschias as ballerinas!

  9. Yes they make me think of ballerinas but perhaps that's because I had one called that.

    All the flowers are looking lovely. I hope you enjoyed your shopping spree.

  10. I am just in love with your garden and the plants you chose. I think we have the same taste, wow.... I could spend hours looking at your borders. I am so happy to visit...lol. hugs....Brooke

  11. They are all so beautiful...I couldn't pick a favorite out of those!

  12. I love your thalictrum:I found some blooming in my garden this afternoon.-I had them years ago when I grew some from seed and cant believe these have survived years of neglect.

    Watering is a chore turned into fun with small people about.My son and I have always had fun with it: he gets drenched every evening..poor soul..but he still turns up every evening to do it regular as clockwork so I suppose he must love it really ;-0

  13. Beautiful pictures. I can imagine getting shocked with the water hose from your little gardener! oooohhhhh

  14. Beautiful peony and lupines. I love seeing the wild lupines in Northern Minnesota. We are just to cold to get them through the winter. Great pictures.

  15. Catherine, hope you had much success on your nursery outing today! What goodies came home? Your white lupines are wonderful! And what is the name of the yellow daylilies behind it? Great combo.
    Btw, I used Picasa 3 for my collage and it did the same..really messed my photo files and I had such a hard time editing in Picasa..so it took forever!

  16. Town Mouse - I guess I have a good imagination :)

    Carla - Thanks :)

    allenaim - I love both fuchsias and lupines, they both are such unusual flowers. Isn't it fun gardening with kids? They sure keep life fun!

    Darla - I'm so glad to hear your husband is okay. That must've been a really scary situation.

    VW - I bet it's even hotter there. I hope your cherry tree will be okay. Watering becomes a full time job on these hot days. We aren't supposed to see rain again until Tuesday!

    Becca - I think you should add a rose. It looks like you would have room for a nice big rambling rose. I like to have a few, if I had more space I'd have lots of them.

    Linda - I hope your other peony shows up! This might be the first time mine has bloomed and not gotten rained on right away!
    I can't believe how hot it is, it's 90 here right now.

    Anna - Hot again today, too hot to stay outside even. I think it should start to cool back down tomorrow.

    Phoenix - It's usually cool and wet here in June, and who knows it could be that way next week and then we'll all complain about that :)

    Joanne - I should see if I can find Ballerina. I've just always thought of them like that.

    Brooke - Thanks! I've noticed that we have quite a few of the same flowers. It would be fun to visit each others gardens.

    The Retired One - Thanks!

    Julie - They seem to be a pretty tough plant. One that is blooming I don't even remember seeing last year.
    My oldest daughter is out "watering" right now, she also comes in wet. Something about water and kids, they just love it.

    Mildred - I think she learned about spraying people with the hose from her big sister. It sure was cold even though it was hot outside.

    L.D. Burgus - Thanks! We have wild lupines that seem to grow around here too, they bloom a little later. They aren't too long lived in gardens around here, but I still like to have them.

    Lynn - The daylily was here when we bought the house. I just keep dividing them and moving them around. They are such a pretty yellow. I was good today, just one plant. It was too hot to walk around for very long.

  17. Oh, I am so going to plant white lupine among my yellow daylilies. Thanks for the idea. Have fun in the garden with your muscle, little gardeners and even the little white dog. Cute family!

  18. I love the combination of the white lupines and the day lilies - I would have never thought of putting them together. And the water lily is so gorgeous! -Jackie

  19. We have had to pay attention to the weather reports to see what to wear lately, because the temps are all over the place.

    I enjoyed your post, and especially love the yellow and white. I have a bed that was kind of thrown together a few years ago, that I've been wanting to change. Things have gotten big now, so I'm not sure if I'm going to redo the whole thing, but just yesterday, I was thinking I'd add more white flowers and aim for having mostly yellow and white. After seeing yours, I really like that idea. You sure got a good photo, too. My camera doesn't like yellow or white so well, but maybe I'm trying the wrong times of the day.

    I hope your weather cools off soon, but not too much.

  20. Watering the garden is a great way to cool off Catherine. I usually spray myself a bit if my daughter isn't around to do it! I can't believe it's so hot there (and so cold here!) We are below average on temperatures. Funny on your asiatic lily ~ I just photographed one in my garden (lollipop) that I thought was supposed to be tall too and it's only about a foot high (if that). I wonder what's up with them? I don't believe I've ever seen a white lupine before?? It's beautiful. Have fun shopping too!

  21. I guess i didn't know there was white lupine. How pretty is that? I especially love it in front of the yellow daylilies. My neices love to water too, always cracks me up how much water they wear instead of put on plants.

  22. Donna - It ended up being a good combination didn't it. That was one of those unplanned good combinations. We've been having fun in the sun :)

    Jackie - I've had lupine there before but a different color. I really didn't realize how good the white and yellow would end up looking until I was taking pictures.

    Sue - Our weather is going to begin to cool down here but a good amount. I've had to buy summer clothes for my girls since usually it's not hot this early in the year. Yellow and white do look pretty together. My camera has a hard time with white too, it won't focus on it.

    Kathleen - It was over 90 again yesterday, but today it's supposed to go back to the 70's. That lily was short last year, but not that short. It'll look funny in bloom. I've heard of lollipop before. I'll have to see your pictures to remember what it looks like though.

    Heather - Water is great in the summer free and it doesn't ruin clothes. My little one has a water table that she plays with and dumps water from it in all the containers on the deck.

  23. I especially love the picture of the lupines with the daylilies. Just beautiful!

  24. Gorgeous blooms, Catherine! Ahhh! Thank you so much for treating us with these lily shots! I've been waiting for these for aeons I guess. LOL!


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