"One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it brings."

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Good enough to eat.

The majority of my yard is filled with things that flower.  Everything from the groundcovers up to the trees bloom.  That's usually why I plant something, so we can enjoy the colorful flowers.  But every year as the raised beds fill in, I like to stand and look at how pretty they look.  I think the fruits and vegetables are as pretty as the rest of the yard.  I love seeing how full and lush all the beds get.
I've mentioned before that my husband built these beds for me quite a few years ago.   

The closest bed is Sweet Pea's square foot garden.  Blueberries, herbs, tomatoes, peppers and more fill the rest.

These are some of the Bush Peas.  Sweet Pea and the littlest gardener have been snacking on these while they play.

One of the red onions starting to bloom.  I think they look really neat.

I think the flowers from the 'Brandywine' tomatoes are really pretty.  These are the ones I started from seed this year.

Even better than the flowers is the first 'Brandywine' tomato.  I know I've never seen tomatoes this early before.  I'm not sure if it's because they were started from seed early or because of all the warm weather we've had.

Another pretty sight are the Jalepeno pepper flowers.

The fingerling potatoes are blooming.  I wouldn't expect a potato plant to have such a pretty pink flower.

'Wilder Red' Currants are juicy and red.  The Chickadees have found these, which is fine with us.  We've all sampled them and decided they are just too bitter.  They look good though.

Even though my husband very rarely reads this blog I want to thank him for being the best Dad to our girls.  He does so much for us.  From working very hard so I can be home with them, to building and making things for our garden and home, to playing sports and reading them stories, and just being there to give advice or support.
My Dad did these same types of things for my sisters and I as we grew up and now for all of his grandchildren.  It's his birthday today too.
My girls and I are all lucky to have such great men in our lives.
Happy Father's Day!
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  1. Hi Catherine~~ Aren't we blessed to have good husbands!

    It's so true, vegetable flowers can be just as beautiful as the ornamentals, if we take the time to look--and photograph as you so did so remarkably. The onion is my favorite but I like them all.

  2. Hi Catherine, You and your girls are very blessed indeed and a happy birthday to your dad.

    The vegetable photos are amazingly colorful and pretty. Surprising just how lovely some of the blooms are.

    Enjoy your day and thanks for sharing your garden with us.

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  4. Your veggie gardens are really pretty - I love the onion it looks like it has a fine netting around it and the fingerling potatoes with a nice colored bloom.
    Also a nice tribute to your husband and Dad. Sounds like they are both great guys and happy birthday to your Dad too.

  5. Your veggie plants are beautiful! I am SO jealous, I just don't have any luck with vegetables. I didn't know vegetable plants could be so pretty. I really enjoy your blog, thanks so much for sharing.


  6. I'm with you, Catherine. The vegetable plants, blooms, fruits, flowers are all as intriguing as the rest of the garden. Every time I see your raised beds I think about how perfect they are... thanks to your hubby he must've known what he was doing.

    Your veggies are coming along very nicely. I know you are excited about that first tomato with many more to come. My garden is winding down and yours is cranking up... just goes to show how very different our climates are.
    I join you in wishing Happy Father's Day to your husband and H. B. to your Dad... so nice you can say you had a good father and your husband is a good dad too... what a blessing. (being a stay-at-home mom is the best!IMHO)
    Enjoy them today. Meems

  7. Happy Father's Day! It makes the world of difference to have a good dad, and Im sure both you and your daughters realise how lucky you are ;-) We've been celebrating Dad-ness too ;-)

    The vegetables are lovely-my favourite is the onion flower,and when grew them I always loved to watch delighted bees pollinating board beans!

  8. All the veggies look great. Happy Father's Day to you and your family.

  9. Your photographs are so great. I didn't get any brandywine tomatos planted this year, yours are going to be great. Your season is a month ahead of us as my plants are just now blooming. Husbands like to be told that they are doing a good job. I can tell your guy is a great guy, the first time I saw his picture in the big hole he was digging for you. Your garden is looking very impressive.

  10. Oh, your husband was sweet to build you that bed and what great veggies you grow in it!
    Look at the 'Tatoes! Onions! Peas! OMG!I'm sure the veggies are as tasty as they look!

  11. Our husbands must be twins but are keeping that a secret from us...because mine sounds an awful lot like yours;-) I enjoyed your post very much. I hope those tomatoes taste great! They do have a lovely bloom...much nicer than the typical ones I see everywhere! I have a favor: I seem to have LOST your address! I want to mail your pkg. tomorrow, but now I'm unable to unless you send it to me once more. I guess I must have written it down, and then deleted it from the email. Why don't you just leave it in a comment on my blog...I'll delete it. Now, if you plan to write anything in 'addition' to your address, please leave me a different comment so I can save that one!! he he!! Hope to hear from you tonight!

  12. What a great Father's Day tribute!
    Your veg garden looks fantastic!

  13. Grace - We sure are!
    I think the onion is my favorite too, although the tomato flower is pretty cool.

    Mildred - The potato flowers surprised me the most. Such a pretty pink.

    Barbie Phobia - Thanks, you never know where you might find a pretty flower.

    Linda - The onion is really neat. I'm glad I noticed that one. Usually I'm looking for tomato flowers because I know tomatoes will follow.

    Deb - Thanks! I wish I had more space for veggies, I love seeing the big vegetable gardens some people have.

    Meems - I think your vegetable garden is one of the prettiest I've seen. It is interesting to see what others have been harvesting already and we've just barely started.
    I agree, and I'm so lucky I can stay home with my girls. I know not everyone is able to, but I'm sure glad I can.

    Julie - I never know what countries celebrate which holidays and when. I'm glad we're all celebrating our great dads!
    The bees do love the veggie flowers!

    Tina - Thanks! I hope you're all enjoying Father's Day too :)

    L.D. Burgus - He is a great guy and would do anything for us. I agree anyone who would dig a hole like that is special.
    This is my first try with 'Brandywine' I can't wait to eat some.

    Chandramouli - He is a sweet guy :)
    The peas and strawberries are good, looking forward to trying the rest.

  14. Jan - I guess we're both very lucky then :)
    These 'Brandywine' ones seem to be more "fluffy" than most of the other tomatoes I've seen.
    I'll send you my address :)

    Kim and Victoria - Thank you :)
    I really do stand and look at it. I hope I'm not the only one that does that :)

  15. I like the big pictures. All of them are beautiful.

    The beds your hubby built for you still look new and filled in quite a bit huh? I'm happy for you that you had a good father and now a sweet husband. There isn't a greater joy.

  16. Love the picture of the onion flower -- beautiful!

  17. I'm growing Brandywine tomatoes too Catherine. They are the nicest, strongest looking tomatoes I have. One of mine is also producing some fruit. I grew mine from seed and will definitely do that again next year.

  18. Anna - Thanks! It's fun having them bigger, I feel like I can actually see them now. The beds really have filled in, I like looking at the pictures from a couple of months ago to compare.

    sweet bay - It really is cool looking.

    Susie - I can't wait to see how yours turn out. They are supposed to get pretty big too. I wonder if starting them early from seed gets them producing fruit earlier.

  19. I can't believe how decorative your veggie flowers are.

    That's a great shot of the currants

  20. Who would have "thunk" that veggie blooms could be so beautiful. Obviously not me because I don't grow vegetables except for the one lonely tomato plant (that's doing quite well). Your photos blew me away and made me very hungry.

  21. It all looks so wonderful. Isn't it nice to get fruit from a tiny seed you planted? Happy Fathers Day and have a good week!

  22. I am ever delighted and amazed at the stunning beauty you capture, Catherine... every time I visit, I feel a strong desire to go out and garden... this time is no exception, even though I spent 3 hours out there yesterday.
    PS -- That blooming onion is something, isn't it!?

  23. The Red currant photo is really stunning!

  24. I feel the same way about the veggie garden...it's just as pretty to look at as the flowers! This was my very first year growing any kind of vegetables, and wow what a learning experience. But even if I don't get a darn thing from the plants, it has been rewarding just to watch them grow and learn all about them.


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