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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Watch out!

Now that things are beginning to really come out of the ground I feel like I'm continually telling everyone to watch where they're walking.  So many perennials and bulbs are just emerging and I want to make sure we can enjoy the blooms later this spring and summer.   Standing and looking at the big picture a lot of people don't notice the small details (unless you're a gardener) until they really look.
Just look what might get stepped on if they're not paying attention:

Blue Lady Hellebore.  I just planted her, and she's already showing a flower bud.
The flowers look similar to a primula, but I don't remember it's name.  
When I pulled away the dead foliage I could see several babies nearby.
Chelone (turtlehead)
Lot's of tulips are finally beginning to show.
The oriental lilies got pretty beat up last year.  I've moved most of them, but I guess I forgot this one.  I think I'll let it bloom and then move it later.
I'm glad to see that this heucherella returned.  I transplanted it during the summer and it didn't look very happy.  I'm glad to see it survived the move.
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  1. Oh, am I ready for Spring! There are just a few little brave leaves poking through, but it's really not safe for awhile, yet. I like your walkway!! :-)

  2. It's wonderful to see signs of life in the garden, and you've got some beauties! I had chelone, but planted it in an area where I didn't realize it flooded every winter, so it didn't make it. So sad.

  3. Oh you have some wonderful plants popping up. Isn't that exciting? Well maybe only for gardeners, other people might think us a little crazy! lol)

    I love the look of your backyard with that wonderful path. It just beckons one to keep on walking to see what lies ahead.

  4. We sure do have to look out in the garden. I love that turtlehead showing its color and the aconitum. It's so excited seeing all this new growth!

  5. What wonderful signs of spring growth you have. Aconitum is a favourite. I planted a Chelone 'Black Ace' last year, very dark foliage... they too make me smile. Enjoy your spring!

  6. Shady Gardener - Your path is looking great too. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

    Aerie-el - I know chelone likes it moist but I guess flooding is a little too wet :) You've got some signs of spring too. It really is close now!

    Susie - I know, us gardeners get excited about funny stuff. New leaves, compost, yard work, etc :)

    Tina - I know that I feel like a mother bear protecting her babies from getting smooshed.

    Teza- Last year was the best the acontium ever looked for me, I'm looking forward to seeing it better than ever this year. I love the color of the flowers.

  7. I just realized I was still signed in as my Daughter.
    All of Sweet Peas comments are from me :)

  8. Catherine you have so many great things peeking out. Love the path you showed in the picture. I went to another page too and saw more of what's coming up - the one with the little Junko sitting there (Feb.7). It's all just too exciting! Thanks for stopping by today too. Linda

  9. Catherine,

    I am looking forward to seeing your Hellebore. I purchased some seeds for these and I will start them in Nov.- they need to be started 15 or more weeks before last frost! We'll see how it goes! Anyway, I can't wait to see yours. Happy gardening.

  10. Thanks for stopping by Keewee's Garden.
    Spring finds me continually looking closely at my garden, to see what plants are emerging from the soil. Last year, a friend gave me some Hellebore,and I am delighted to see all the lovely flowers emerging.

  11. Linda - Yes, there sure is a lot coming up. I love it! I started my seed test today, I'll let you know how it turns out.

    Tessa - I hope you have great luck with the hellebores. I've had some reseed, so hopefully once yours are established you'll get even more. I was surprised to see the flower bud. I didn't notice one when I planted it.

  12. I can relate to you on this one. My beds are tightly planted, and I don't like others walking in them, but my husband does at times, and does not have the gardener's eye, and has stepped on plants. Our son likes to look for critters in the window wells. I have a small stepping stone for him, but still am not tickled when he does that.

    Lovely pics and new growth! How exciting!

  13. Keewee - Aren't hellebores wonderful. They are such a welcome sight in the winter! It seems there is something new every time I'm in the garden! I enjoyed your post today too :)

    Sue - I know I'm always following close behind my kids. My girls never stay on the stepping stones either. They're too distracted by all the fun they're having. If the plants can get just tall enough that they have to step over them, they're usually safe :)

  14. Lots of wonderful things coming up in your garden. I think I bought a 'Blue Lady' today. Can't remember and it's too dark to go outside and check now! Did you get some gardening in today?

  15. Hi Catherine

    It's so exciting spotting new growth. I often wonder whether a plant is OK and then following a spell of mild weather I get the answer


  16. I know what you mean, about watch where you step for sure! Love seeing the new re-growth.

  17. Melanthia - I did get some clean up done yesterday. It was a great day for it. I wonder how bluish the flowers are going to end up on Blue Lady? I hope it's one you got, it's supposed to be pretty.

    Rob- I'm happy when I see one of my transplants survives. Almost everything looks as if it survived the winter.

    Darla - I feel like I walk looking down the whole time I'm out there. I don't want to step on anything and you find some nice surprise that way too!

  18. That Blue Lady hellebore looks like it will be beautiful. Your garden is so much further ahead than mine but it's great to see a preview of what's to come here! Hope you're having a great weekend.

  19. Catherine, you are so lucky to have these lovely things popping up! I had to put some edging (about a foot high) around my garden areas in the back yard, because my standard poodle has a way of 'accidentally' destroying things! What I used is a bronze metal almost like wiring but very see-through; it's hard to explain but it's from Lowes's and not an eye-sore or anything. Guess what? After I went out and purchased a ton of spring bulbs, tubers, and even plants to put in this weekend, it has been snow and sleet non-stop! More will come today and tomorrow!! It's a bit late-it was supposed to come in Jan and Feb...I think the weather is quite confused this year:-) Have a great Sunday!

  20. Kathleen - After our surprise snow a few days ago it's been very mild and everything is just growing so quickly. Hope you have a great rest of the weekend!

    Jan - I think I know what you are talking about. I have something similar to that by the pond. How frustrating that you can't plant your new bulbs and plants. It has been a strange winter here too. We had snow just a few days ago. I hope your weather changes soon so you can get out and get planting. I bet it's going to look beautiful when you get it finished! :)

  21. Lol.... I too went around and took pictures of my little plants popping up. I have not downloaded them yet. It's it funny how excited we all are, it is better than Christmas.

    Things are looking great in your garden, cant wait to see more this spring.


  22. Awesome point.....watch where you are stepping please....the future is depending on it. You have a very good variety. I don't have any of these plants. My garden is only one season old. I left very mature gardens that I had slaved over just like you. I nearly had a nervous breakdown leaving them.


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